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  1. Blackish, Ernie. Slow day, but I have dinner. Nice day on the water.
  2. Your colon thanks you
  3. I had to check on the accommodations. Sparkys bunk is intact. The Billy Bob head is finally back to normal
  4. Ay mami
  5. Is ice picks in the ear an Option?
  6. It all makes sense now, guys been busy
  7. I think it's around 50 now. Downright comfortable
  8. Remind me to revisit this later. Time for good thoughts
  9. And away we go.
  10. I see the old man got into the jug of guinea red last night. I see him sitting there stroking his cats like a snappio Dr. Evil. I also don't see squid
  11. I don't gag
  12. Eff eddy
  13. That was great
  14. Couple more pps, and we'll really wear down