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  1. Lol, donato again. Toto is extra happy with the cali commies
  2. Greenway takes some dumb penalties.
  3. I'm over it
  4. Now she's crying and I feel bad
  5. I thought this was about hiding porn
  6. Yeah, fooled me for sure
  7. Lol, go moops
  8. Only 11.6 lbs. Don't doubt squid in his year
  9. Damn. Didn't look like she was longarming THAT much
  10. This had been evident for a while. Non bar eating notwithstanding.
  11. Those are what I wear cold weather togging
  12. Yeah, no kidding. Feel like bottom until it started shaking its head
  13. Commercial fish..
  14. Yeah, in the Hudson canyon....with a trawl