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  1. Unfortunately I think sparky is the youngest of the family. But whatever it takes for tog.
  2. KoQs wife makes the cookies
  3. Ha, I bought the Maine visitor a rum bucket on Saturday.
  4. It's buried a few pages back
  5. I'd be in, for sure. Dibs
  6. Lol
  7. That kid makes a guinea t look classy
  8. Mick and Snaps crewing that boat would be hilarious.
  9. Nice, enjoy. Any sea bass in your bag┬┐
  10. Good looking kid. Happy, too.
  11. Get Loots a heating blanket Lol, mutts
  12. Might as well be Chinese arithmetic
  13. Lol
  14. Sorry I'm happy to see local guys make it. I like to see hockey expand, and I like to see it expand in this area. Truth be told, the benefits of that are good for me because my guy gets experience playing against/with these guys in workouts. Last year he skated a few times with the guy who plays in Carolina now. This year he's skating with the guy on the Petes that played 62 games last year. He sees what it takes to rise to the top, both physically and mentally. And not necessarily only in hockey, but in life. I'm sure there was a king basement dweller that helped you along the way. You can relate.