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  1. Lol, don’t you have like 10 kids. You broke her.
  2. Ambi, what are you paying for property taxes?
  3. I call Sparky to see if his sling shot is available
  4. I’m about to redo a lot of my flowers. My daughter is getting married next May and I have been giving my marching orders to get the place looking good. I actually enjoy it.
  5. No, I stayed local in the river
  6. Who does
  7. We wouldn’t want those people Goya > cinco de mayo> Kentucky Derby
  8. Saint Thomas
  9. Eff you
  10. Where’s the OP?
  11. I’ve heard you are known as the Chameleon
  12. Thankfully he had his floatie
  13. Why does P10 hate whitey