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  1. So I'm not the only one.
  2. Read the first post pin boy
  3. I thought about it but decided to let it float
  4. Hell yes, I can eat mayo right out of the jar
  5. What are we looking at here, Red
  6. Only 2's at this point. Ill update everything tonight after work but you should be good for 2
  7. What's wrong with that? Lay it on
  8. When my youngest was little, she would hit everything in front of her with A1
  9. A girl after my own heart
  10. So far no one is one the wait list. Where is that moose ****er?
  11. I'll put it up in a week once everything is final
  12. Noted. i will let this thread simmer for a week and make the the final count. Money will be requested at that point and boxes will be pulled.
  13. Thank you Mr mayor