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  1. Sponging again?
  2. We need a little Conway played on the boat, right after the Little Rascals
  3. Quit yapping and get that piece of chit packed up.
  4. Everything is slower down there
  5. Hell no but I do have borrow a rod from him for Friday.
  6. Yum, I had a fried porgy Sammy yesterday.
  7. Agreed but if you listen to GB and Ringer, he’s teetering on a ledge somewhere
  8. I don’t think Otter left in a snit, he bought a new place That needed some work and I assumed that’s where his time was going.
  9. Nah, than Looney wouldn’t be able to play Little Rascals music for hours.
  10. Lol, as I recall, last year you were non stop tangling up with other people’s lines while a solid bite was going on and gave up early in frustration.
  11. I’m wearing my salt life T
  12. Eebs is almost acting like he’s going on the trip.