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  1. Sucks. When I was a teen we had a house fire and lost everything. We were displaced for about a year. It sucked big time. Only thing I can say is that in the end you’ll wind up with a new home with everything updated. I would definitely get a public adjustor. Hopefully you have pictures of the things you lost. And hopefully the insurance company does right by you. Good luck.
  2. He is an awful judge. Google his name and you’ll see his “work.”
  3. Charlie don’t surf
  4. Thanks for the reminder. I almost forgot to contribute
  5. Repairs to the pier at the Salem Willows are complete
  6. I dont recall the pier being closed for two years. Several years ago it sustained damage i think during Sandy. Can’t remember how long it was closed but I dont think it was 2 years The current fix is a temporary band-aid from what I have been told by one of the city councilors. The pier may be completely redesigned soon to help it survive these crazy storm surges. But that will take years to design, bid, and construct.
  7. This image pops up
  8. Yoko’s video should end with “now is the time on sprockets when we dance”
  9. Repairs to the willows pier have begun.
  10. What squid?
  11. If that were the reg, I’d never pay for a striper charter.
  12. Hardy I think the guy who built your house built my house too
  13. if I could afford to hire someone to do spray foam, sure. But I can’t. This area is an addition. There is no source of heat in this part of the basement and it is closed off from the main basement. The area above it is used which is why I am just insulating between the floor joists
  14. From what Ive read most of what you see on the show is scripted and fake. I read somewhere that Jake Andrersen is only captaining his boat when the cameras are running. May be true, may not be true. Wouldnt doubt it though Edgar Hansen will be on the boat. He just wont be on camera like the third Hansen.