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  1. I need to put up a handrail to my basement. Basement was just refinished. New wall from basement is about 2.5 inches deeper than the existing wall at the top of the stairs. It's like this on both sides. Before the basement was finished there was no wall below the old, existing wall and on the bottom step was a metal newell post drilled into the bottom step holding the end of the rail in place, and it was rickety. Right now I have two 3" brackets on the older wall from home depot and for the time being I put the newell back at the bottom but it is not ideal and I know the inspector is going to laugh at me if I leave it this way, as he should. Not finding any wall brackets long enough online. I thought of a rosette, but that won't be thick enough. Any ideas?
  2. Just a friendly tip: wipe down the couch and the booger wall before you invite her back to your place. Good luck.
  3. Apparently something because his comments are spot-on.
  4. This stuff is awesome. I used it in my basement. And they can pretty much match any color.
  5. Based on this picture I vote not guilty
  6. Right now Im more curious about their roster and staff for next season than I am the schedule
  7. Yep. This decision is going to haunt BB. He most likely doesnt care and I bet he would do it again, but it’s always going to be brought up when discussing his legacy.
  8. From ESPN: "They told me I just had some flu-like symptoms and just needed to rest up a little bit," Butler said after the team's first practice of the week." Maybe I'm reading into this....but I'd be willing to wager that he was out partying and was heavily hung over, which is why he had "flu-like symptoms." I heard that he missed the team flight to MN because of this "illness." Then missing curfew and then having weed on him. Whether one agrees with it or not, it's Belichick's call. I'm not totally surprised that Butler was benched, but I think that at some point Belichick should have put him into the game. If this is what happened, he really sent a strong message to the players on the team about rules. But who knows what the real story is...
  9. Some wesbites reporting Butler missed curfew and smelled like weed.
  10. Congratulations to you Eagle fans.
  11. I would prefer that they allowed each team to broadcast the game with local sportscasters. Let the national broadcasters call the game outside the local markets
  12. Pats secondary has been suspect all season. And yeah, they played a lot of crappy teams. But most of the NFL is crappy.
  13. 4 racks of ribs 8 pound brisket smoked last night.
  14. Jackie vs. Rodney Dangerfield was a great one too. The posh life ruined that show.
  15. Makes you wonder what's in that water bottle they show him sipping the entire game.