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  1. Even though mine was a rust bucket, I miss mine too. I'll never get another one though. They are so overpriced now.
  2. Good thoughts and prayers
  3. Take it on the highway. If I pushed mine above 60 the front end would wobble violently. You'll know if you experience it. Bring a spare clean pair of underwear with you.
  4. I had a '99. Take a nice and hard took at the frame. Take the rugs out and look at the tub. I kept mine until 2016. It was clearly not safe to drive anymore at that point. Engine only had about 150 on it. Still ran great. I could have stopped it like Fred Flintstone though. Also take it on the highway and see if you get the notorious "death wobble."
  5. .
  6. You can actually buy special underwear that masks fart odor.
  7. If it isn't touching the bait, it probably isn't hungry because it is feeding somewhere other than where the trap is. We had a mouse problem a few years ago. Went through the entire house to find what they were eating. Bastards were getting into the very back of a lazy susan in the kitchen and biting open sugar and flour bags. We also emptied every drawer and cabinet in the kitchen. There were mouse droppings everywhere. Friggin nasty. We threw just about everything out and after that everything in the kitchen cabinets got put in tupperware containers. Once they were cut off from the food supply, they began going after the peanut butter in the traps. It was then open season. Haven't had a problem since.
  8. For me it's mostly mental. I've been in a rut for a while. Trying to rewire my brain to view just about everything as a lifestyle choice. Down 16 pounds since Good Friday. Have about 50 more to go but realistically I will be happy dropping another 30-40. 2 mile walks every workday with the dog at 5AM gets the metabolism kick started. Focusing on eating more of the things I should eat and eating a lot less of the things I shouldn't eat. Drinking a lot of water consistently all day long. And I've had maybe 5 beers since Good Friday whereas I was having 2-3 almost every night for quite a while. I can't give things up. I've tried that before and it isn't for me. I'm gonna have a beer or three. I'm gonna have a big plate of fried clams with onion rings. I'm gonna have a fat burger with fries. Just not tonight. Maybe tomorrow. Thinking like this every day has been helping me.
  9. The sanctimonious C+R nazis crack me up. If you're so worried about killing a fish, stop putting hooks in their mouths and dragging them to you.
  10. Good luck tomorrow
  11. Isn't lobstering at night verboten?
  12. Best bet is probably to present your situation to a reputable realtor to see what your options are.
  13. +1 on a hard roll with sauteed onions and brown mustard. Damn I'm hungry now.
  14. Sorry for your loss.
  15. Boy do I miss the old days