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  1. It pairs well with a McRib
  2. I’ll take the mask over sleeping with back tits
  3. Great news. Glad for your family.
  4. Was out of state with the family last week. Daughter got a bug and got dehydrated on the day we were leaving to come home. She fainted in a restaurant at the airport. Rescue arrived and said the paramedics and an ambulance was on the way. I looked at the wife and said, "We're out of network right now." Makes me mad that that thought has to even cross my mind.
  5. MASH. Hawkeye Pierce was a sexual predator. Both the film and TV show. Plus the film had that guy Spearchucker Jones.
  6. Some quality pieces being showcased here. Thanks gents for sharing. Keep 'em coming
  7. I take it reading is not your strong suit.
  8. Ben Moore
  9. Good shoot
  10. Free wings at hooters today!
  11. Louis CK broke rule #1: Never Apologize.
  12. Jesus theyre uniforms are awful.
  13. I’ll keep my eyes open for you
  14. Hi roomie!
  15. And look what my friend found for me! Score!!