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  1. Only 11 #'s
  2. It may have weighed more then you
  3. Duce was promoted to asst coach
  4. Tom you know the story on that fluke? They deep dropping out there?
  5. Ok jimmy!
  6. I think my team went full blown tom
  7. Here are the conditions 2018 conditional 4th round pick* 2019 conditional 3rd round pick** *Conditions: If Flyers make playoffs and Mrazek wins 5 games regular season games, the 2018 4th becomes a 3rd round pick. If Philadelphia advances to Conference Finals, and Mrazek wins six playoff games, the 2018 3rd becomes a 2nd round pick. **If Flyers re-sign Mrazek, Philadelphia receives Red Wings 2019 3rd. If they do not re-sign him, no pick is exchanged. Detroit retains half his salary
  8. I think they ****ed themselves but that's just me
  9. Lockeroom cancer though. They could have gotten better and paid alittle more. At this point they don't have a goalie that's going to carry them past the first round. Stolarz came off IR, see how fast he gets back
  10. Nice attempted troll jackass
  11. 3 of us coming plus the one in the oven. Put us down for the condiments and napkins
  12. Getting close
  13. ‪#Flyers say they’ve acquired Petr Mrazek from Detroit for a conditional 4th round pick (2018) and a conditional 3rd round pick (2019). ‬
  14. I looked and you're right. You really suck