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  1. I may have told you that some point. Last 3 months are kind of a blur. No worries though, not even sure what the work schedule looks like around then. Down here now, boats haven't left the inlet the last 2 days. Must be fun to navigate a drift around that ****.
  2. I'm sure at this point anything with vaseline is good for you
  3. Manny, moe and jack?
  4. Good. Down to 8 weeks or 6 or 10. Snuck away for a few days to keep my sanity intact, or what's left of it anyways.
  5. Ohh **** I'm really not in.
  6. Why you giving my spot away? Now I gotta cancel my hotel room
  7. Does your hut even have doors?
  8. Becuase we don't have hoagies. We have subs and ****** rolls. We do have a wawa
  9. Keep them over on your side of the county.
  10. Ttt
  11. Pa stocked tiger trout for a couple years many years ago They abandoned that program because it wasn't cost effective like they thought and are no longer raising it. With that said a guy I work has caught 3 this year in Pa creeks so it's completely possible for one to have made its way into the delaware
  12. In black and white
  13. Haven't even had time for that. Been down to the beach once. Last 2 week's the stripersbave been in. Black drum have been in for about a month. And flounder too
  14. One is natalie and the other is piper