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  1. iirc, mortgage rates were close to 20% in the early 80s.
  2. Took me 16. One of the best feelings in life making that last payment.
  3. Crush that mortgage with an extra principal payment or two every year. I used to throw my tax return in, too. Then again, rate on my first house was 11% I’m guessing you’re mortgage is in the mid 3s. That’s a score.
  4. meemz is serious business.
  5. Condolences Mr. Mac.
  6. I think there’s a third choice - Power bottom.
  7. 9915 Whipping the internet into a rabid froth since 1995.
  8. Good on you, DT.
  9. Nothing pleases a woman more than a successful man. Congrats and stay the course.
  10. Just finished ‘Breaking Bad’. Good stuff.