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  1. It had to be said.
  2. Lacking context, that is one creepy post.
  3. Strong, black and bitter.
  4. My neighborhood is 97% white. We’re looking to upgrade to 99.44%.
  5. Yes and you’re welcome. Contact me in a month and we’ll talk about re admitting you to the BST.
  6. This forum is intended for contributing members of SOL so it should be noted that BASSnTreble has not made a substantive post outside of the BST since the first half of 2015, when he first joined. Maybe a month or 6 without BST access could be a gentle nudge in the right direction.
  7. Two steps forward, one step back.
  8. You've embraced your sexuality just enough to start a thread about it, though. You even capitalized penis. Baby steps.