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  1. I was going to install a battery in the outback using the hobie battery mount but now that I think about it , I'm storing the kayak outside and would rather not run a cord out to charge it , and unplugging/unstrapping to remove it isn't very practical. So how do you guys charge yours ? A removable water proof box with a quick disconnect plug ? I see a lot of videos on how to make and install those boxes but no one shows if they remove them to charge . If I stored the yak indoors i would just plug it in but that's not an option right now
  2. Yeah that looks like my only option , just going to cost a little more money that way but it is what it is
  3. I can't seem to find the 1.5 " with the track ball , only the flush mount ball, i see the 1" but not the 1.5" . Am I missing something ? This is a pic of the one inch , want this exact mount in a 1.5
  4. Yes I have the new seat and the Lowrance ready system , the serial number ends in a 17.
  5. I just purchased a 2017 outback from a dealer on Long Island . It was a demo model in really good condition. When I got home I noticed that the Mirage Drive Guide tabs /pins were steered off . Does anyone know if these are there just as guide To help seat the drive in correctly ? Or do they actually have a stability/rigidity function to them? I have a picture, first pic I found online of what it's supposed to look like, and the second picture is of my broken tabs. Is it even worth going back to this place and complaining either way?
  6. I actually just picked up a lighty used outback a couple days ago , thanks for the responses though
  7. I'm looking for a used 2016 or 2017 Hobie Outback in good condition of course. Preferably not yellow or red. But I will consider those colors at the right price.
  8. Tsunami Trophy 12 ft surf
  9. They roll over because the weight isn't centered , if you look at the ones that are semi transparent , you will notice the ones that roll on their side have the weight towards one side or the other of the shad. It seems like they shift during injection, It happens on both storm and tsunamis but there seems to be more quality control issues on the storms. I look at them right out of the package before putting them in my bag and I don't even fish the ones I can tell the weight isn't centered .
  10. I'm convinced they can see it, I've had many a times Chunking for bass, and the only thing hitting was big blues, so I would switch over to wire leader, and not get a single tap, then switch back to mono and get a blue on almost every chunk again. Sounds crazy I know, but they are a visual feeding predator so maybe they can see a lot better than we think,
  11. I use the backpack I posted if I'm going to chunk a particular piece of structure that is a very long walk away. If I want to run and gun and be a little more mobile like you're explaining then a single strap soft cooler is ideal. You can even cut your bunker in chunks and put them in plastic Ziploc's with ice around it and just grab a chunk from the bag kind of like a plug, without even putting the bag down
  12. Soft backpack coolers . Carry 10 + bunker and ice.
  13. The 3 year pass is $195 at $65 a year , am I missing something ? No savings at $205
  14. Bucktails Sluggo tsunami shads SP minnow SS Popper