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  1. Anyone ever see the Watersnake 18 lb or 24lb trolling motor in stores on Long Island? Or any other saltwater trolling motor under 30 lbs of thrust? I would order online but this weekend is the only free time I will have that will not be used for fishing considering the weather and I wanted to try to pick one up tomorrow morning.
  2. I'm going to try to make it out Saturday morning on my maiden voyage in the outback. I've had an outback before but it's been about five years since I've had it. Fishing western Long Island sound
  3. I ordered this brand new battery tender and brand new battery . I plugged it into to the battery to make sure it was fully charged and 24 hours later , the red light on the charger just keeps flashing , it never turned green . Is this normal ? I had them in the garage and temps overnight we're about 40° if that matters. I hooked then battery up to the fishfinder and it powered it right up . Any ideas ?
  4. Tsunami Classics are hard to beat for the money and Warranty . I have since graduated to st croix tidemasters for the majority of throwing jigs and plugs but still have a couple of Classics on board for trolling and chunking
  5. Good luck !!! I also just got a 2017. Finishing Rigging her up this week and hopefully have our maiden voyage soon to.
  6. Is there a thing to distinguish the males from the females on tog ? Or just look for a fat belly full of eggs . It would nice to keep the males and release the females if possible
  7. Thank you , I was convinced they were going to open the season for us. Oh well, i would've figured it out when I went to check the regs and didn't see a season listed LOL
  8. It seems that early spring blackfish tend to stay in deeper Waters when temps are this cold, and then move shallow as water temp rise. (From what I hear) Anyone fished the spring run before when it used to be open? Will it be a waste of time to target them in the same shallow waters we do in the fall on the North Shore?
  9. I stand corrected , when I searched tektite light the first ones that came up were the $80 ones , my apoplogies
  10. A little pricey , lots of budget friendly alternatives out there, just look up DIY kayak lights
  11. Just got the same deal , 15% off from REI , free shipping , they only had one color choice, but I saved over $100 on it , So I really don't care what color is at that price ,
  12. So it seems that the Jamaica Bay tournament will not be happening this year ( Was looking forward to Fishing it for the first time ) So, are there any other Saltwater kayak tournaments on Long Island ?
  13. I was going to install a battery in the outback using the hobie battery mount but now that I think about it , I'm storing the kayak outside and would rather not run a cord out to charge it , and unplugging/unstrapping to remove it isn't very practical. So how do you guys charge yours ? A removable water proof box with a quick disconnect plug ? I see a lot of videos on how to make and install those boxes but no one shows if they remove them to charge . If I stored the yak indoors i would just plug it in but that's not an option right now