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  1. Posted this on an old SOL music thread, might as well repost here. I had posted on here a while back about a Foghat Blues Tribute benefit concert for the NYC public library blues collection, I was there to see Foghat in their heyday, instead I saw a show which I did not appreciate at age 18, too many great bluesmen to count. I can't believe I found a video of the show.
  2. 3:30 to 4:00 epic
  3. Downtown Mystic is worth a couple of hours, also check out Stonington Borough, Dogwatch thereis a good seafood place. Downtown Westerly RI has really become a great place to shop and eat as well , had great Mexican at Amigo's the other night. Many breweries and wineries in the area with Beer'd and Grey Sail being the best for beer. Spend $14 and hit Misquamicut State Beach in Westerly, park at the eastern end of the lot and there are many kid attractions. I keep a camper in North Stonington just because the area is so great, it will become my permanent summer home soon.
  4. Most likely been posted here before, but too good to not post. Larkin Poe
  5. The other reason you should have your name and number somewhere in your kayak is that it will eliminate unfounded rescue searches when someone finds your unoccupied kayak drifting along on it's merry way. In my 32 years of ocean rescue, I can't tell you how many times we wasted time and resources searching for someone who may or may not have fallen out of a drifting boat or yak. Many were caused by kayaks drifting from shore during high moon phase tides. Also if you happen to lose your boat and there is not a name and number attached. Immediately notify the local USCG Station that your boat is adrift with a description. Glad you were able to retrieve your yak without incident and that you were not injured, and thanks for bringing up this subject.
  6. Not “telling” you anything, just asked a question. No reason to be so condescending and defensive, as I said no agenda here. Good luck with your issues.
  7. From the numerous videos I have seen on here, you are usually out front in Jersey, surf launching and landing, I would presume. Also being a yak surfer, I would think you would know the difference between the surf levels mentioned. As an outback owner, I am not keen on surf launches, just wondering if the hull flex and stresses associated with surf launching and landing may have contributed to the issue? Honest question, no agenda here.
  8. Honest question. How many times did you launch and beach that hull in heavy to moderate surf?
  9. Due to a stupid mistake by me in fall of 2016 I allowed my Lowrance HDS5 Generation 2 fishfinder GPS to become submerged in freshwater after leaving my equipment tub outside uncovered. I did not realize my error for 48 hours at least. When I discovered the situation, I picked up the head unit and you could feel water sloshing around inside. I shook as much out as possible, but could still hear water inside. Not having the tools to open the unit, I brought it to a computer repair friend who opened it up, dried it and cleaned all of the connections. We then put the unit back in a bag full of rice for a couple of months to dry some more. After this process, I attempted to power up the unit and was met with nothing on the screen, not even a back light. Tried again in another month with the same result. I did not splash the yak at all last season so had no reason to need the unit. Deciding to get back into the yak this year, I broke out the HDS-5 for one last try before I attempted to return it for some sort of credit to Lowrance. To my surprise, the unit splash screen appeared during power up! But after the splash screen the unit began blinking and not showing any graphics at all for about three minutes. I was just about to give up when the unit restarted itself and began functioning normally.. I ran it through it's paces and it seems to be good to go. Double check those wet electronics before you give them up, you never know, this unit came back from the dead after 18 months!.
  10. Blackfish, green crabs dropped into the rocks.
  11. Sad , but snappers get hit all the time. If that was in WHCT, I think I saw the dead snapper in the road. The pond is loaded with them.
  12. http://ctdeep.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=70d13bc033854b89a87c04b1d11b1a43
  13. Senator Looney (apt name) tried to railroad this one for his NIMBY friends who live near the river and are afraid of the legal pop pop of birdshot from the northeastern side of the river near Middletown Ave. Found a few links where the hunting lobby jumped all over this as well. Hopefully this bill was not called during the recent session which ended yesterday or today. http://www.newhavenindependent.org/index.php/archives/entry/condo_owners_to_duck_hunters_/
  14. The post was honorable,but, there are rules here about mentioning specific spots, especially in CT where access can be an issue. In the future it would be my recommendation to leave specific locations out of any posts.
  15. I was joking, should have added a The OP should just quietly call DEEP rather than announce on here specific locations where people are catching fish. The poachers gather info from these boards too.