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  1. Yeah, the stuff of his I have left I continue to fish. I don’t collect plugs. There were some kids in that room buying stuff who don’t even know who Habs was. It was cool to see JR there, I thought he was out of the game.
  2. I said hello to Jr. at Surf Day. It did not seem like a great day sales wise for him. The prices for the Sr. plugs were quite high. He did a great job honoring his Dad by following in his footsteps.
  3. Tell Mike Dave Collins said hello
  4. Great show, arrived at 0730 was about 150-200 in line. Organizers kept track of the line and had folks prepay the entry which made things very smooth. skipped the GRS line, picked up two Loki’s, a Fixter large pikie and a Surf Asylum needle. Added bonus a t-shirt, Doc Muller book and a fisherman magazine included in the admission along with a door prize chance, gone by noon.
  5. Manhattan Bagel, google says they open at 6am
  6. Thanks, best early or all night pork roll sandwich nearby? I know, technicalities, lol.
  7. Any chance of a vendor floor guide? Might make the flow easier at first for folks who aren't sure which way to go.
  8. Steve Franco's 75 pound baas out of New Haven Harbor.
  9. Which town did he work for?
  10. During our first meeting I just happened to be wearing an AC/DC T-shirt, that didn't go over too well. The ice thawed after my wife started taking me to Brooks Brothers and dressing me up for the trips up 95.
  11. I went to EBHarvey land and got me a Madison girl, she still holds it against me that I brought her back to my hometown.
  12. Alive and well, and Eli is certainly correct. East Haven is Staven. West Haven is Waste Haven.
  13. I will get the word to him, I do not think he is on this message board. Glad you enjoyed the show.