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  1. Buckscorider they have a plan, it's a little piece at a time..seemingly oh so reasonable trust them not
  2. Oddities This C 130 these pics look like artists renderings of a prototype, or a proposed modification never built? the airbus / weird looking
  3. Pictures are from 2009 / 2010, X B 70 supersonic bomber Sequential set of images showing a mid air collision between what I think was a F104 and the X B70 Valkyrie on June 8 1966. I seem to have lost the accident report text file May they all rest in peace
  4. is this the one you were thinking of?
  5. BrianBM The little one is the X-4 Bantam, a single-place, low swept-wing, semi-tailless aircraft, was designed and built by Northrop Aircraft, Inc. a few other images to view of it., I do not have specifications or performance information and I have no idea how many were built.
  6. early B 52 , X, Y, and A
  7. Brian according to the file name, it was Guam, The file names or both B52's are listed below, as originally found. Perhaps some one can shed more light based on their own memory or tail numbers. #1 airplane - B52_ Guam_ Linebacker_II_-_Copia #2 Linebacker II- what 20,000 tons of bombs look like in installments
  8. Don't normally post in this rubber room. But this topic "political correctness" and it's companion "zero tolerance" are two of if not the most dangerous and destructive and evil concepts / ideas to have come down the pike in my life time. They were ill conceived and so poorly thought out that they appear to be a thinly disguised measure to control both the thoughts and behavior of the citizenry of my home land, these united states by the politicians. Like many folks in here I was taught in school as a boy to think things through for myself. I am old enough to do so, and I worry some about the next generation education ability to think for themselves.I am and will remain unreconstructed nuff said Mike
  9. I have the Henry in .357, in the Mare's Leg model, shoots well and is fun to shoot. recoil is minimal. Also have the Henry in .22 frontier model
  10. they have been fixed