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  1. If you have Netflix check out "Magic Pill". It follows a bunch of people with medical conditions based around food consumption and they switch them to a Keto diet (High fat, low carb) and all of they vitals improved...lower blood pressure, lower bad cholesterol, higher good cholesterol, weight loss, clearer skin, mental clarity, stopped needing insulin, etc. They encourage the use of butter, lard, and tallow. It also looks at the reasoning behind the suggested nutritional guidelines that the govt has pushed for decades and how much it has to do with the $$$$ and not what is honestly good for us. We have manufactured our health problems with manufactured foods.
  2. I have a Daiwa Ardito-TR Travel Spinning Rod Daiwa Ardito-TR Travel Spinning Rod 7' Medium 7' Medium 3 piece 1/4-3/4oz 6lb -15lb. Excellent condition with carrying case http://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Daiwa_Ardito-TR_Travel_Spinning_Rods/descpage-TOS.html $80 Shipped
  3. I have a Shimano Curado 201 with 30lb suffix that I have used maybe 5 times.
  4. No problem...if you change your mind let me know.
  5. I would let it go for $200 shipped...
  6. I have a Release (earlier seigler before the name change)...left handed..it is not a narrow but I have jigged with it just fine. 65lb metered braid...can not remember what brand. I bought it to use on vacation and have used it 3 times.
  7. Lowest I will go is $150 shipped
  8. These were bought as a gift but I prefer my Rafael's with green lenses since I have a narrow face
  9. I have a brand new pair of Costa Tuna Alley sunglasses with the 580 Glass blue mirrored lenses. These are 100% brand new and only taken out of the box for the pics. These are $250 retail. 100% authentic and brand new...asking $160 shipped.
  10. Shimano Torium makes a lefty now. I am currently using a Truth SG (now Siegler) for bottom fish but is a lever drag not a star. If the Torium would have been out in a lefty I would have bought that
  11. I will go up to $160 shipped as my final offer
  12. Sold to Jimjam2135...pm sent
  13. $160 and we got a deal