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  1. Great read and the pictures are always top quality. Love reading and hearing about your explorations.
  2. Here Ted! He doesn't have time to respond to personal e-mails. There are just to many. A friend of his has helped him out lately keeping a few abreast of the latest news.
  3. Thanksgiving is only a few days away. Wouldn't it be nice to thanks Lefty on this holiday not only to what he has given to the sport, but to each of us individually? Maybe send your greetings, your favorite story with him, etc. Maybe post a favorite pic with him? He visits this board often. Bet he'd get a kick out of reminiscing old times with us.
  4. Good luck finding them. Years ago there were a few in Salt Pond in the back estuaries and coves in the fall season. I think now it's more a water quality issue of acid rain and run offs that cause their demise.
  5. Tangles? Ever take the back treble off of a walk the dog type plug and attach a short leader with a fly? I would think that would be more attractive and natural, than a wooden egg?
  6. That will work. Lot's of sparkle sure helps.
  7. The weather kept everyone home. We had a banner day today catching jumbos with nobody around. That meant many chances for us with no one putting them down.
  8. Yes! Albie's will still be around. I wouldn't put all my chips on the table for Block Island though? You'd be much better off rolling the dice on the mainland. In a few weeks the water temps should drop ten degrees. The fish will be moving, a little harder to catch, but you still have chances along the Narragansett Shore line from Monahan's Dock, south to Black Point. West Wall, Charlestown, even Quonnie on a flood if they have bait trapped. Fire District Beach in Weekapaug, Newport shoreline along Fort Adam's to Ocean Drive too. Pay attention to the tides and wind direction when selecting a locations. Follow the birds, bring a good set of Binoculars, get the latest intel.
  9. Narrow River Custom Rods 344 Main St. B-103 Wakefield, RI 02879 Email: Phone: (401) 678-0313
  10. Before you invest... Might want to see and try a little casting yourself. Better still with someone knowledgeable to show you. Lot's of guys in the early 90's tried it after the release of the movie, "River Runs Through it" thought it would be great. Never mastered the stroke, had limited success catching fish. Gave it up real quickly.
  11. If you strictly want a shore fishing guide who does nothing else, try Alan Caolo. He lives in the Weekapaug area of South County. There's many of us who do boat.
  12. The way all these local bait shops falling by the weigh side, my question is, How is Amazon going to deliver live bait? I guess by drone. Just have to give them GPS co-ordinance of your local fishing hole.
  13. What Rich says is spot on. Hopefully by next week the seas will lay down and the water will clean up. We are nearing fall, the night time temps will start to drop the water temp especially in the salt ponds. When that starts to happen, bait in the ponds will start to stage and slowly drop out. Albies frequently will head into some breachways on the turn of high tide on the outflow. There are also many overlooks and breakwalls that hold fish this time of year. Wind direction is important where you decide to fish. Baitfish will pocket in certain locations. Stay away from sandy beaches, water usually to dirty from receding wave actions.
  14. If your looking for albies and school bass. launch at the Camp Cronin, East Gap parking lot. It's a short portage to the inside beach. Safe to launch. Paddle out to the outside middle wall. If things get dicey, fish inside the Harbor of Refuge, especially around the passage openings.