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  1. Tomorrow, Saturday, May 19 is the fly fishing portion of the Cinder Worm Workshop. We meet at the end of the old air strip anytime after 4:00pm. Everyone is welcome to join us regardless if you signed up or not. There is no limitation on space. Plenty of good locations to fish for everyone. Regardless of the rain, we still meet, as long as there is no lightning.
  2. How many here mark their fishing rods with their ID? I bet there aren't many? The cost to replace top of the line equipment is extremely high so to me, it's worth the effort. There are some honest people out there that would return a lost system if they knew who it belongs too. Best way I found to do this is mailing labels. They are small, easy to attach, clearly shows your name and address. Cover them with clear tape makes them last longer.
  3. Thanks Jack. Here's a nice note one of the table mentors got from a family that attended both tying sessions. This is what volunteering and help educate new individuals means to most of us. That's the blessing! Hey Guys, Got this today. The last night, a family got there late and there were no instructors left, but someone helped them out. They had 3 young boys who seemed to be losing interest fast. I had made up last year, 5 cinders on foam. I gave each boy 5 flies, the OLD Teacher in me.. Nice thank you note from dad, although oldest boy came over and thanked me. Just thought I would share this with you both...........To me, it was the best tie yet, people wise, interest, and some tying skills too. Ron G. Hi, Ron - I am the father of the three boys to whom you gave cinder worm flies last week. I did not get a chance to thank you in person for that act of kindness, but I want to tel you I appreciated it very much - and so did they. Getting a gift like that will help us instill a passion fly fishing and nature in them. So thanks very much - and see you on the water Best, Jon Gibbs Jonathan G
  4. It could be? We had a US Fish and Wildlife official from MA attend both fly tying sessions and he express interest in starting one there in Sudbury. I would agree to have him copy our course syllabus to get him started.
  5. Splashed the boat for the first time yesterday. Fished upper Narragansett Bay, RI. We had surface stripers for two hours feasting on small silversides. A cold front came through at noon, and lowered the temps by 10 degrees and everything disappeared. Our best was 24 inches. It seem like two different schools of bass. We caught many in the 12 inch range. Not many boats out so we had the action to ourselves. Later we dredged a few more bass casting randomly over some shore structure. It was very calm, a great day to christen the boat for the new season. I will give do credit to Rich (albacized) for the topic title. Thanks!
  6. Just as quick, a cold front came in around noon. Air temp seemed to have dropped ten degrees. All the surface action halted.
  7. We had some good surface action for schoolies for almost two hours on tiny silversides in the upper bay. Largest was 24 inches. Seem like there were two distinct schools judging from the sizes of the fish.
  8. Just a reminder ..... Tonight, Tuesday, May 8th second night of fly tying, 6:30 to 8:30pm.
  9. I'm on the salt all the time fly fishing for stripers, bluefish, albies. I can't remember using a 5/0 hook? Most will agree .... the most common size for saltwater use is a 1/0. Easily managed and good to cast. Most vise will easily engage that hook size. Save yourself $175.00. No need for the Big Game Jaws, unless you are tying trebles for plugs.
  10. Did it squirt any ink on you?
  11. Maybe not true .... 59,000 ? You may think so, but these licenses pad are printed in sequential numbering system, just like raffle tickets. One shop may get a pad of 50. Suppose he sells only one, 49 licenses goes unused. Now you have the last book printed, you have the highest numbers, but all stores, shops, and town offices don't sell their allotment. Money generated would be a more accurate thermometer.
  12. 1st night of tying cinder worm patterns. What a crowd, 60 plus of all ages. Good to see so many new faces. The energy was so good.
  13. Mike, The only time you see me at Ninigret is during the fly fishing segment of the Cinder Worm Workshop that Saturday. My time there is occupied, stringing fly rods, teaching casting instructions with beginners, getting them started. I have yet to float a line on my own. I've never taken not one client there, so there is no diss, no self promotion from the program. The great aspect of the Worm Program with it's many great tiers, and skilled fly fishermen who volunteer is that none of us have a dog in the fight, gain no financial gain whatsoever. Just pure giving with the satisfaction that we may have help others venture into a new interest. Our adult students are hardly Orvis chaps. lol
  14. I find tying blood knots or barrel knots on leader material of major different size diameters have failed for me, especially true with a mono/flouro combination. Using that same leader materials as mentioned on light trout leaders is deadly too. The flouro seems to cut into mono to easily. Best knot I've used to tie different diameters is a two twist surgeon knot. I've had several problems tying improved clinch knots on heavy flouro in the spring when the water temps are cold. Just doesn't want to seat due to stiffer, less limpness. In that case I pull it hard quickly to create a little more friction and heat and put a great deal of load on the hook. It's nice to have the hook bend anchored somewhere when doing that.
  15. The worm swarm activities in the salt ponds in itself is it's own enigma. Don't expect frantic striped bass fishing to happen in the salt ponds. Truth be told, you can catch more and bigger stripers fishing around the bay in early May. Lately most all stripers on the worm swarm have been on the small side. Years ago you had a chance to catch bigger fish. Those are not present anymore. It is though unique. If you like quite times and safe wading conditions it is a pristine place to be with children or older adults. If you like pure fly fishing, the experience is wonderful. Decades ago I coined the phrase, The closest experience to saltwater dry fly fishing. Unfortunately, I hear that same phrase copied by others with no do credit. Would you do a pay charter? Maybe once, than you soon see there is little return for your money. Hundreds of cast yield few hook-ups and smaller fish. You soon learn you can do it on your own by wading or having a kayak and have better luck due to your own vision and freedom to paddle anywhere you want. We use the pond to illustrate what the location has to offer to Rhode Islanders. It is a jewel of a place with many interesting sights and sounds. It is a great place to take beginners.