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  1. I don't think it is the eyes making the Lure look better to the fish. I think, depending on what eye you choose, it adds more flash/sparkle to get their attention. Half the time I fish, I don't even use painted jigs.
  2. Look it up and get back to me. It was pointed out to me, and I looked it up to learn, you should do the same so you can debate with facts instead of feelings.
  3. I don't think he will run again. He did it for 4 years, it limits his "freedom" to do what he wants and when he wants. Another feather in his cap, and will move on.
  4. And I really did not like Obama, but can give him credit for what I see as credit is due. I call it the way I see/hear it.
  5. I don't think he can ever come off sounding like he has empathy. Some people can, some can't. I give Obama a lot of credit for his speaking ability. If I believe him or not is not the issue, but I think he was a good speaker. I'm sure someone will chime in "unless his teleprompter goes out" lol. Bush Jr., and Trump I don't feel have that good speaking ability.
  6. As far as the non topic debate about popular votes, She only really lost by around 115,000-120,000 votes. If I remember right, that would be roughly the total of her losses in Pa, Wisconsin and Michigan. Who does She blame for that when she spent almost no time in those States.
  7. They (media) help fan the fire, don't they. It's a wonder the NFL doesn't tell the different stations to NOT show the Anthem.
  8. You know what Trump meant with what he said, but want to act like you don't lol. A lot of Companies told their Employees they were NOT to say Merry Christmas anymore. I work for a large printing company and we were corrected if they heard Merry Christmas. They changed the Christmas dinner to the Holiday luncheon when they posted it. Am I offended by that, no, but that is some of the "war on Christians" people talk about. Bibles pulled out of schools, but another Faith is on the shelf, and taught in some classes to be more diverse. Tossing a penalty flag after a high school kid scores a TD, and kneels in the end zone for 3 seconds to thank God. Yes, that is the war on Christians. There are a lot more items ifin you really need to hear them. Do I think a company has the right to tell their employees say like at a retail store to not say Merry Christmas, and tell them to say Happy Holidays......yes I do. If you don't like it, move on. Just like I think the NFL has the right to tell the players to stop this childish "protesting" they are doing. Don't like it, go to Canada and play football there. Myself, I go with say what makes you happy at the Holidays, and I will say what I want. People also need to learn the difference between offended, and preference.
  9. Yes, $30 for 100. Only bad thing is, a lot of times, they are sold out. They have other colors, but I don't use them. Need all you tax stuff to order there. They have Mustad and Gammy hooks in 1000 bulk. Perlon stick leader material, swivels and stuff like that also. Everything is in bulk. Let me know, and I will PM you the name, not sure of the rules for that here on the forum.
  10. Thought the same thing. I am Christian, but don't follow the path of God is leading you with everything. He gave us free will. It's up to us to pick the right path.
  11. I don't think you will get much cheaper than that. I have all my tax numbers, and order direct from a distributor, and I am paying $30 for 4.5-5" glow squids. Glow is the only type I use. During the day, great, at night....not so good for me.
  12. I think you have the right to say you hate a certain race/sex/religion, non religion, whatever when you want as long as all permits are taken care of, and YOU pay for the Police protection. When your hate speech turns to threats or provoking violence, line crossed.
  13. To answer your question, no, he is not when it comes to this topic.
  14. Yep, did not see this lol. But some how, that is Racist. Do we remember when he had a lawsuit to leave minorities become members in his Country club? Shhhh, that doesn't count either. How bout the upper management minorities in his Corp. world. Doesn't count either I guess. I have said this MANY times, Not a Trump fan, but think is funny, to the point it is almost sad, how people lie about this stuff, or just don't do their own research.
  15. Wow, you are REALLY making this WAY to hard to understand. My last effort for you. If anyone/someone is blocking the side walks for any reason that is not legal, (no permit) and it stops me, you, anyone from passing, no one should have to tolerate that. They are forcing, or trying to, their will onto others. I am growing intolerant of trying to explain such a simple thing to someone that wants to just argue, you win, I have nothing else for you lol. It really is just that simple.