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  1. Say what you think/want, my comment stands. A crybaby? lol, that would probably be you if someone treated your property like that and laughed about it. Jerk off move there studless.
  2. What a jerk off thing to do. All you people admitting beating the crap out of these rental cars, do you want people to treat your stuff this way? Hope they do, you earned it. Wow.
  3. I have nothing bud good experiences with them.
  4. Didn't read this whole thread, but do you know how much the NRA spends on lobbying Frank? Compared to some other giants like Google and Amazon and the oil companies?
  5. 100% agree with this. And God did not make everyone's brain equal. Don't even know how you can say that with a straight face. That would be like saying God created all people with the same athletic ability, height, weight....all equal, or same potential. I am far from book smart, can't remember names/numbers well. I get by on common sense, trouble shooting skills, and logic. Chem study would be a major flop lol.
  6. So the answer to the question is still 2, or is there more?
  7. So even if you did away with the income tax, you admit they would find other ways. Point is, taxes are needed. We just need to stop the taxing of us, to support other Countries. Then we would have more than enough for our Vets, infrastructure and such. My only point was there needs to be taxes.
  8. Do you really think this Country could get by with no income tax? I agree with everything else, and pulling back our Troops is a big one, but I don't see us not having any income tax at all.
  9. I can't even believe you posted that. How many Trump items have you posted/mentioned/feel about that have zero proof yet? What proof do you have of anything you post about, other than Trump acting like a child the way he Tweets. I will give you that one. It seems to be ok for you to post things with no proof, but anyone else is a snow flake lol.
  10. Money could be better used the V.A. so they get better medical care.
  11. Why even bother lol. He will just say something else stupid to stake his claim lol. He is what he complains about all the time on this forum.
  12. No friends with a metal detector? Rent one maybe to find it
  13. Why do we have to ask? What are these "tactics" you speak of? I think the Market is BIG TIME over valued, but what tactics do you speak of? Many have said the market was being juiced before Trump took office, so the flow valve must really be opened wide now.
  14. I don't think you are getting the point, it doesn't matter what anyone here thinks of this or any poll, the issue is CNN took the poll, and tried to discredit their own findings lol. Can you focus on that and come up with an opinion?
  15. Not saying it was a good shoot, but 99.9% of the time, you do what they say, don 't drive away, and you will not be shot. Good or bad shoot aside, he owns part of the results for driving away several times. What was he doing in the jeep? Weapon/s at all? I may have missed that in the post. Until we know, again, I will hold off on decision.