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  1. Did anyone see the CNN interview with Tammy Baldwin? After saying her opinion on the W.H. handling of these young kids at the border, She was asked by host Brooke Baldwin if She was just as outspoken (not the exact words) about this when Obama was in office. Shocker....question dodged. So the host asked again, shocker.....she dodged it again lol. I have seen Brooke Baldwin push people from both sides for the answer to the question asked before. Only semi respectable person on CNN in my opinion.
  2. Maybe if the Dems would come to the table, this would stand a better chance OF getting solved. Where were they for DACA? Instead of sitting in front of the camera complaining, they should sit down and try to come to an agreement. Nah, they would rather let people/kids suffer so they have something to lie about for the midterm elections. It is a joke down there, on both sides, but the Dems are really bad.
  3. If you were really as smart as you think/say you are, or as honest as you say you are, you would see that there is a difference between "Leaning on the podium" because you can't stand up. and resting/sitting your hands on it as you talk. You are a joke lol. Sad, very sad indeed.
  4. Wasn't this all known this past Election? Psssst.....He won anyway. I think he is making a mistake with parting the kids with the parents right now, but let's see how bad that hurts him and other GOP people.
  5. You need to read that again, but slower this time so you really understand what is written. Your blinders are putting stuff in there that are not there. Note, I think he is a jerk, but I'm not reading stuff into this that isn't there. So he got the money when he turned 30, big deal. You act like it was a silver spoon given to him. Note, he is a jerk.
  6. And now after that NJ shooting, he said he wants MORE gun control.
  7. Why do people need to have a car/truck that is able to go over the speed limit? There are a lot of whys that could be asked about a lot of things. Do you know how fast you can change out a magazine and start shooting again? Nothing but a "feel good" law to maybe collect some more money. Uneducated dolts buy into this stuff.
  8. 1: It is the law 2: Obama did it also, no tears shed then. 3: As the POTUS, Trump could stop it.....and should.
  9. Depending on how thick, good cold chisel and hammer.
  10. I didn't know the final deal was done and signed. They must know something we don't lol. What did We risk/loose by the temporary ending of the joint Military games? He plain out said, they can be started at any time if the little bridge troll does something wrong.
  11. Only part of it was directed at him, most is for anyone that can't understand, or admit that there are good things happening right now. For People that can't understand the Tariff issue and such. It's for the "party line" people here. Don't need no aspirin lol. I WISH people here could discuss topics w/o the Trump level comments. If some would take a step back and look, they are as bad, and some worst then Trump lol.
  12. Trade war lol. Don't understand why people don't want equal tariffs? That is what he is trying to do, plain and simple. Impeach? For what lol. Tweeting like a kindergarten punk? So what, results are what I am looking for. He is getting some, but the Libby media will NEVER show that. Complaining about some Republicans voting against Trump for some of the stuff he wants to do.....I would think people would be happy with that. It shows that they don't just vote along the Party line, and vote maybe for what is best for the people that elected them. Horrible thought! How dare they vote for what may be best for their District. It is a shame the some Dems won't vote in favor of something because it's all about the Party, not what may be good for the Folks back home. And again, a certain Someone wants to cry like a biatch because he claims people don't answer the question....the King of doing what he complains about....again lol. Sad. Calling people ankle biting Trolls instead of answering questions. Credibility=zero. You are what you complain about lol. Sad, very sad. Trump may be a jerk, wife cheater, childish tweeter and some more, don't care for it, but things are better now than when they were when the economy took a dump. Numbers/stats prove that. They were slowly getting better under Obama, but are moving faster now. (Home sales, price of existing homes going up, new home sales up, business expansions and adding the need for workers, Consumer confidence getting higher and higher, just to name a few)
  13. Maybe the Caps "CHOOSE" made me think you were a little tight lol. Seems I was wrong.
  14. Wow, you need to medicate. There seems to be several people here on this forum like that lol.
  15. You know if you Google her name, there is all kinds of sites that have question and answer sessions with her, you can see what she ran on. I don't like the black power fist, but educate yourself on what her platform she ran on was.