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  1. Pretty much what I did, voted against Hillary.
  2. I guess Alex has to know and understand how far he can go with comedy with who he is working with. Would some of those women laughing about it, I'm sure would not want it happening to them. Irony.
  3. I agree with this. Then again, working in blue collarville like I do, I see the women are getting almost as bad as the men.
  4. Have any proof, or this is just another "op-ed" like you put it. Just her opinion, no facts. Elevator camera maybe? Give me something that would prove it.
  5. As brutal as ISIS is/was, doesn't bother me at all.
  6. Now THAT is funny!
  7. And that is why, I can't take this forum serious lol. Why would anyone get wound up on this forum, unless your life is that sad you need to "be the man".lol.
  8. Trump giving his Generals more freedom to win. I can find more if you want, but I feel I wasted time giving proof that gave the Generals more freedom, because some will either not like the source, or some other lame excuse.
  9. Not sure it was a campaign promise, but it was all over the news that he said he was going to let the Generals defeat ISIS after he was elected w/o the Washing interference. The "mandate" was for them to do what they felt needed to be done, w/o interference from Washington. Wasn't that one of the big issues the Military had in Vietnam? Fighting a war with Washington tying their hands behind their backs?
  10. You still don't get the point. The "team" they are talking about, IMO, has nothing to do with Trump. It is about them. I only give Trump credit for "cutting them loose" to do the job. I looks more like an news article to me. People interviewed, quotes given by named people. I will say it again, the ONLY credit I give Trump is for letting the people that are on the field, do what they see is needed. I give Trump no more credit than I did/do Obama for the capture of Saddam. Only thing he did, was OK it.
  11. Trump letting the Generals make the needed decisions to defeat ISIS had no bearing on what has been done the past 9 months or so lol. Pick and pluck from the article what you want, when the whole thing is read, it is clear that the generals being able to do what they felt was needed, is why the situation is where it is today. No trump creds for planing, other than he let THEM do what they felt needed. I don't see this article as one giving Trump the credit, but the Generals being glad their hands were not tied any more. But read it as you like lol.
  12. Your right, I didn't and my fault, but someone else did and I think him for that. I did state in my reply it was on Fox though. I should have posted the link, not someone else to make it easier for you. Chill? I am far from ever getting wound up because of this forum lol. I am not biased. I admit when Trump is a twerp, and when he should get credit for things. Same way for when Obama was in office. Some on this forum can't do that.
  13. I have been following it. Maybe you should. sad. I didn't know the Generals were the biased ones with what they are saying. also sad. What is really sad, I can admit when Trump is a twerp, and when he does stuff that may be ok. You can't. Sad.
  14. “The leadership team that is in place right now has certainly enabled us to succeed,” Brig. Gen. Andrew Croft, the ranking U.S. Air Force officer in Iraq, told Fox News. “I couldn’t ask for a better leadership team to work for, to enable the military to do what it does best.” President Trump gave a free hand to Mattis, who in May stressed military commanders were no longer being slowed by Washington “decision cycles,” or by the White House micromanaging that existed President Obama. As a result of the new approach, the fall of ISIS in Iraq came even more swiftly than hardened U.S. military leaders expected. “It moved more quickly than at least I had anticipated,” Croft said. “We and the Iraqi Security Forces were able to hunt down and target ISIS leadership, target their command and control.” Marine Col. Seth Folsom, who oversaw fighting in Al Qaim near the Syrian border, agreed. He wasn’t expecting his part of the campaign against ISIS to get going until next spring and figured even then, it would then "take six months or more." Looks like they are giving Washington credit to me for letting them fight it their way.
  15. Here is a chance to read what the Generals are saying, unless Fox made it all up and you choose to believe Russia news when it suits you, and maybe give Trump credit for letting the Generals fight the battles. It's not Trumps battles plans, it is the Generals deciding what to do. To give yourselves a little credibility, you could say, "yes, he made a good decision to let the Generals fight the war", but right away, the bias comes out.