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  1. Ok, in place of being a piker I will say your Frugal, feel better now, Does ""Driftsun have Decals"" ,Stay Safe out there. Al
  2. Come on Guy, a $ 600.00 rack and a $19.95 cooler, ""Piker"", get a Igloo Marine, put piece of Tyvek under bottom, (Same size as bottom, ) sun heats up metal and transfer heat to cooler. Does not hurt to keep wet white towel on top also ,works for us down here in Fl sun.
  3. Happened to me, although they looked good, inside the black insulation the cable was corroded as hell and drew to much voltage down and at first thought starter was bad ,replaced starter and still would not turn over ,got mad at thing and just laid on key, Nothing, said hell with it and started to walk away looked back and seen little smoke rising , jumped back in and rubber near motor melting WTF, peeled back black rubber and more than foot up line was corroded very bad ,made up some new cables and problem went away so if wiring is few years old take good look at cable ends that are exposed Hap
  4. Hot Damm, RJ didn't learn how to fish in the USMC but he did learn about weapons, well you have to have a little substance to instill some knowledge, GD RJ you was in Fl and didn't say Hello, Kiss my azz or any thing, pizz me off, Al
  5. Just a word of caution ensure the charts have been corrected as per Notice to Mariners, you can ask USCG ,say your chart is 5626 so ask about portfolio 56,USCG should have Notice to Mariners monthly issue on hand, one can probably check charts and update them on line, an up date may be a light is oculating now instead of flashing, light may be out, buoy may be missing
  6. Hotter in FL,it may seem so How ever the Sun's rays are more powerful as FL is closer to equator than Boston, plain to see as one moves N the daily Temp is lower than those in south Yes it is hot standing in same spot for an Hour waiting on a Ride at Disney while paying over 100.00 per person per day, yes it is Hot if you wear a Black Hat or Black T shirt or wear flip flogs/cheap sandals. Might I suggest, Wife kids want to go to Fl, during months July-Sept is Scallop Season on west Coast in Gulf, (Homosassa. Crystal River) many kids that like to swim say this is more fun than Disney ,all that is needed is a mask and snorkel. Family of Four can get a Guide for 1/2 day for 200-??? add another person add 50.00 OH fishing is poor then any way as water temp near 90 and Guides/head boats are 1/2 day as temp of water and heat with fast moving thunder storms rolling in Also most kids enjoy the wild life park which has all animals that are Native to Fl, small villages, from 1100 to 7000 no traffic jams, No real Shopping Meca, few T shirt shop, Historic sections, magnolia trees and sweet tea, it is Bless her heart vice stupid ol Bxxx Just a suggestion for consideration some thing to look into,one will find this avenue far cheaper ,less fast pace, and more relaxing, most kids and parents I have spoken to say the kids forget about Disney, if one wants information send me PM Oh yes West Coast Has large Magnolia tress and Sweet Tea, and Adult Beverages of course Draft at Tiki Bar "The Shed 1.50) Al ,
  7. Off Shore On Shore winds also factor in ,we moved from W Central above Tampa to Mid south, less shade from sun (less Tree lines) open grazing land how ever the breeze Is stronger and humidity lower as such we find it cooler with lower humidity
  8. I can understand Flatlanders not aware of Great Circle sailing or Rhumb line, yes the shortest distance between two points is a straight line Except on a curved surface' Rhumb Line cafe in Camden ME does not exist, Pro Golfers Greg Norman and Adam Scott, caddy Steve Williams do not exist The Naval sea Battle Coral Sea Never happened Why does the Navy have ships Named Coral Sea, Landlubber/Sand Crabs are a motley group at best, stay ashore
  9. IN Federal Waters and FL State waters when fishing for reef Fish (Grouper any species) and Red Snapper with cut bait/live bait it is the Law you must use a Non Stainless Circle Hook, in Federal waters rule was not real specific as to in line or off set, In FL water it was an Inline circle hook,i am sure if Head boat providing tackle they had the correct Gear 8 oz egg sinkers not cheap, digging Grouper from rocks at 100 ft I used 80 lb mono leader with 50 lb mono main line, tug of war to get them out of Rocks, structure Viking fleet was having trips out for Hog Fish which is one Ugly GD fish but great eating Circle hook laws may hanve changed ( In Line//off set
  10. Agree get an appraiser, you know ball park price to update if a buyer wants to dicker, Realtors have customers waiting for specific areas, price range no smoking no pet smell and priced right MLS spreads quickly We listed our house the Monday after Easter this past year, House goes on the Realtors MLS web site, we had a showing on Tuesday morning and an Offer on Wednesday. People that bought our House traveled 150 mile and more less bought on line ,pay realtor Fees and let them earn the commission. All the family does is say Yes No, we will think offer over
  11. Gunner to Sand Crabs(Land Lubbers) they fail to understand Profanity is a Foreign language at least some terms foreign to them Couple other Chief's and myself sitting at Bar in LAX waiting for flight to Anchorage AK,Tokyo, Manila telling lies and BS stories, of course tales were laced with salty profanity, one primp and proper ol Bxxxch said in a huffy tone ,"" Well I Never"" Old Master Chief looked at her and replied ""as ugly as you are I can see why You Never got laid"" I suppose I can change your luck., She left in a Big Hurry after that Phone call or crossing paths with Ol service buddy, conversation,lies,stories ,family just as if it was yesterday
  12. A 22inch Weber Kettle and a Charbroil ""Performance"" gas grill I feel best for the Buck, Lowes has big Grill sale going on now, had this discussion a while back, some said that Weber Gas grill not what one was a few years back and made good score on Craig's list and even curb side throw away How many people, how often,,how much determines which way to go
  13. New To FL, I suggest you find Books published by FL Sportsman on Grouper/Snapper, then Rigs, equipment ,Several Guides offer great suggestions proven facts that are in the Books, observe tackle they have on Boat, Penn Senator, Daiwa Sealine,can often find Books at super Wal Mart fishing dept, , West Marine, book's cost approx. 15,00 and worth every penny, A must have is Towing Insurance, then go from there Safety is most important issue, Buy the best you afford, have all/extra and up date safety equipment, lot of prep work to get ready to go off shore, in interim can always do test runs locally to check equipment, get tackle ready SOL Member Jack Hexter is closer to you and can help you with lot of tackle, bait, Gps and such Going off shore is not just getting in boat and going at least not on my boat it wasn't and with a small tank I did not wander out to far Go Slow, think safety, your boat your rules.
  14. Ran Cooper Tires on 4 Runner for several years, never a problem/heat/rain, they was priced accordingly and often had a Rebate last set 525.oo with 60.00 rebate, if your running I 95 you need left side of road tires the Odd ones, Stop at Pep Boy's they have Odd tires
  15. Need to mow a Bank/Slope. go to Toro Dealer and buy a FLOMO a hover mower of sorts, yes a hover type mower. When in Business all I used was Scag mowers, great equipment