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  1. I am just wondering why you had to replace them?? Salt from Roads or such, the reason i asked is I had 268K on 98 4 Runner and never touced them,not to say they wont go out on any given car/truck,how ever I never drove on salted roads in NE
  2. Last time I looked Baltimore was still in MD with a record number of Homicide in 2017,was thinking some thing went down not long ago in Gaithersburg.
  3. You may not find them in NE how ever in N Calif (Truckee,Quincy & Lodi ) we used Salmon eggs with split shot, come in Jar like Uncle Josh Rinds and also Night crawlers, best time for us was early AM, Most states using Corn Is Illegal as they can not Digest corn ,cant Break down the Hull
  4. Igloo Marine///Not Igloo add the word Marine,in Boat keep up off deck and inch or two (Deck Gets Hot) keep wet white towel on Lid, ok that is a Florida Poor man Yeti, Oh yes Ice from those road side 20# for 2.00 is not frozen solid and useless, get bag from Gas station from Big Ice unit , it is frozen solid ,last much longer. Put wet towel under neath cooler also keeps for sliding around
  5. Told our Realtor about leak, had Good Friend who is Great handyman stop by ,Identified the hole in area and we used some kind of tar substance to seal hole and two foot either side, He stated the Newer particle boad is equal to a sheet of plywood, I do know he is booked out for some time, working alone as he was paying Helper 25.00 an Hour cash money but helper was drunk by Noon , just cant find help ,small town ,notified realtor that for all practical purpose the roof leak identified and corrected,Yes i had to disclose this . Thanks to all who responded Al
  6. Up N of Tampa we have had a couple days with Strong winds , Rain Being blown sideways and heavy downpours , cooler today how ever not as windy, hopefully weather will return to Normal as April & May in Big Bend area dry little if any rain Enjoy Trip, Post Photos and spend some cash local economy needs it Al
  7. I do not know who all is a member, nor if a call went out or not,what i was posting was members must respond as requested to my understanding how ever I did not read entire NATO agreement ,who what where when and why are Media questions as far as i am concerned. IF every one had a need to know then no doubt the word wuld be put out/leaked out Today Iam cleared up to and Including Rumor and i was not advised of any thing
  8. Truthfully I do not know if a call went out for assistance ,we have lost many warriors regardless NATO consist of Major players, US/UK/Franceand other major countries, and then smaller Nations whom come under the protective arm of NATO in one way or another
  9. JoeyZ as a Major player in NATO we are '''Obligated'' to assist another NATO member if they come under an Armed attack,Boots on Ground, that depends upon what type of action required . USA Can not defer nor can any other NATO country if call for assistance goes out
  10. Ok need some help here the roof on my shed started leaking in one spot, shed 12x16 with roof like an old dutch barn, looks to be maybe 6ft from peak to bend where comes down on side maybe 3 ft, so Ball park it if you will/can how many bundles will it take to re roof and how many rolls of paper. House has been sold ,how ever Not my way to walk/run from a situation like this when buyer and i walked trough i remarked roof had never leaked and it was over 25 years old, roof is particle board, not plywood and can see the stain not dripping on floor or such (yet) I can not in good faith walk away from this, so floor is open, your advice is openly solicited Al How much area does one bundle of shingles cover ??? Yes i know best guess is Ok
  11. Nuke Carrier Harry Truman CV75 and three Shooters (Tomahawk Equipped Destroyers) and two subs head towards that area,Truman can carry 90 Planes and has F-18 Super Hornets ,some shooters carry 90 Tomahawk missiles depends on which Flight (Group) of ships they are. Two Subs, Boomers?? Fast attack ??? Logistics /supply line ,ours is well established, Humm where is logistics for the Bad Guys
  12. The main reason a Man Dies befor his wife is "He wants to""
  13. With out a doubt one of the best Post I have ever read about Combat/War,the media words ring so true, nothing more needs be said,great post, Thanks Al
  14. No dont have the Car ,you bet i wish i did have it, I was single and wild as hell so traded it for a Jaguar Coupe and got in trouble with it went to Pearl Harbor for few years and later on I had a Mint 56 inside and out , Made Chief in Navy and as a Chief I had to have a Pick Up, all Chiefs have pick up, so,One evening I traded the Dodge Dealer even up for a New 71 Dodge Pick Up, this was in El Cajon drove that Truck until got orders back to Pearl Harbor 78 by then price of choice cars had put then out of my range,how ever the memories are priceless
  15. If using live shrimp a Couple Cajon Thunder may be in order probably have to wait until in Fl to find them (4.50) work well for trout,