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  1. Spring and early Summer arrived ,temp suppose to be around 86 all week with lows in 60's very slight chance of showers,sheepshead being caught all over,Damm Bandit they are, steal you blind,
  2. Passing info onto Range Master at Golf this Am, he is an officer also Gun Club, Hernando County Fl tell him to spread the word never Know
  3. Must not be much of a Hang Over, didnt say if His Hair Hurt or not, from 1st hand knowlege if your hair dont hurt, then your another 4 beer commando ,drink one,spill one, give one away and leave one, now if you have headache go see GF/Wife and Bum a couple Midol, damm those pills work wonders on headache
  4. Pretty Close Woo Woo,under normal conditions setting sea and anchor detail also put's the First Team on critical stations, Helm/lee helm ,after steering,on the Bridge they also have Navigator and his bearing takers using a fixed object on land fall during daylight hour, there may or may not be a Harbor pilot on Bridge how ever this fact does NOT absolve Captain if grounding occurs as he can over ride piot at any time, along with this CIC will have their Radar Navigation team on station, Surface Search radar operator, Chart Plotter,CIC Log keeper an Evaluator usually CICO or the Chief and Phone talker I do not know if CIC & Bridge are still using Paper charts which before entering or leaving port are compared(Course) layed out with projected time to turn to new course) CIC was/should be keeping log every 3 minutes to (Three points) of land they used for tri Angular fix,points are to be permently label on chart and Lat /Long recorded in log of said points, The Fire control radar should also be light off and ready as a back up to CIC as short range resolution better . To Compare fix Bridge and CIC CIC would say hold us on track/ or R/L of track 50 yards recommend cus 155 to get back on track and This MUST be recorded some where to absolve CIC if grounding occurs, some times Bridge would reply we concur often no response and CIC just continue to pass information Standard procedure was If CIC did not get a fix or tri angel was BS they Would notify Bridge No fix recommend all stop until actual position obtained over years only seen ship come to all stop and this was in Fog Bank and Monsoon rain,Sea and anchor detail would remain on station until the furtherest Bouy is passed then Team was secured and Normal watch section assumes stations,it may be that some are part of next watch and just remain on station, did i mention the back up or new people will be present also and may step in for a few minutes to actually perform duties Sea anchor detail usually an Hour or so ,longest Sea and anchor detail is transiting the Columbia River from mouth of River to Portland for Rose festival ,going up the Mississsippi to New Orleans is also interesting As far as I know the only time the Captain is absolved of command is when the ship crosses the sill of a dry dock. Now today Navy ships are Certified that they can use all electronic gear standing into port or leaving ,how ever the ship should be able to shift to manual on a moments notice, (See USS Front Royal Grounding in Honolulu) GPS failed Of course i was not there and have yet to see what other ships were in area, ,I have only passed through this are coming and going to Gulf Of Oman and do not recall whether we set detail or not, Going in to Yokosuka Japan, Hong Kong there is a vast amount of what we called LBGB, some in a cluster others a single that were for most part DIW or dead in water and we called them as one contact and manuvered the ship as per center of cluster and with good team No Need to set sea anchor detail 50-75 mile out, OH LBGB =Little Bitty **** Boat Over years Captain at brief Chief Quartermaster (Navigation) i want you on Brige all night and same with you Sr I want you in CIC all night,I will be on bridge in my chair you know when to wake me Damm I miss being underway, some of best years of my life Al
  5. Brian on West Coast (Calif) you have 1st Fleet //Pearl Harbor is the 3rd Fleet or what is called Mid Pac, 7th Fleet is Yokosuka Japan CinC of Pacific Fleet is in Pearl Harbor. The Fitz and McCain both are units of the 7th Fleet out of Yokosuka Japan, Fat Albert dealings was with units in 7th Fleet, I have my own train of thoughts of what is going out with the units we call Forward deployed (7th Fleet). wait for last of chips to fall and see how close i am to calling problems correctly, Hint (Deckplate Leadership )
  6. quonny Thanks had a great Career for most part, traveled a lot met a vast number of interesting people along the way, still use some traits i picked up from years ago, Today I am not real happy with the Navy Leadership Top to Bottom we have to get rid of Figure Heads,replace with Leaders one who will step forward and say NO,
  7. Disney : Just seen New Add, 4 people 4 days $1980.00 i hope that includes Hotel room also, might want to spend an extra Buck ($75.00 ???) and get speed pass and go to head of line rather than waiting an Hour each ride which is ???Personally I will not stand in line to spend money
  8. Weather looking Good ,near 80 every day for next few days over night low in 60's,no rain in forecast for next few days , SP Minnow had to search that my self, no surf in Big Bend area, (West Coast N of Tampa) Reds Snook Trout go after Zara Spook//Skitter Walker// X Rap, Red Fish also take Gold Spoon,
  9. I was refering to price of a new one starting at 1100.00 and up, Knew a fellow back in mid 60's shooting with Model 12, and they are stil around ,surprising . I just cant swing fast enough for a rabbit, well if it stops
  10. Not sure which, one of Rental Co the car/truck comes with Two year warranty on power train and should be a fair price at depreciation value ,agree with rip off in service dept,a new one on me as never heard it before, at Toyota Dealership 98 4 Runner still had drum brakes on rear, they wanted to Blow Dust out of drums for 35.00, surely you jest , the mileage on my 4 runner is 198K ,i made it that far with out bowing dust out ,just change oil and filter ,no BS Another shock at Dealership You are odd man Mr Sears WTF you mean ODD, Your vehicle is paid for, few if any pay off a car truck they keep trading .
  11. Do not be a piker buy some Good Wine, Enjoy
  12. Had a dent in front fender nothing bad just cosmetic, have an indepedent guy who does all work for Buick Dealer so took my Le Sabre in ,he was done in half hour , good to go, dent area was barely visible and unless one knew it would be passed by Charged me $50.00 in high income area perhaps 100.00 per dent (He used heat)
  13. Have you checked the price of an 870 of recent, a trap model is out of sight,as i dont shoot trap I would not be interested in this type of Gun,let alone the price todayy
  14. Homosassa River,Kings Bay/Crystal River all have Manatee zone and Idle speed is to be observed,in some cases unavoidabe strike,many have scars from prop cuts, they do patrol and enforce this ruling quite hard, BUI,County Sheriff has a marine patrol and has arrested several each year for BUI same fines and such as DUI (Confiscated Boats/Jet Ski) When you get to Crystal River and look at area you will see why I will never leave,one problem is each year we have a quota set aside for each state of new comers from that area, most states are backed up for few years, unlessyou can find some one from your state selling and purchase their house (what a line of BS right) Time permits give me call,go to lunch at old Shipmates cafe in Ozello Keys, Back Water Fins, or go to Crackers and feed Tarpon ,or just say hello,Oh yes full day on flats (inshore) charter runs about 400.00 for Two people, one Capt I know is real good with Kids makes his own Top water plugs and uses them exclusive Enjoy Trip, Al
  15. Where Homosassa, Crystal River, both places right now have big herds ,when gulf water gets above ,Gulf water Temp now is 72 or so they will start leaving, Gulf Water temp is 67 so they will be hanging around for some time. There is a place S of us where there is few manatees, I also had one surface right along side my Boat Never seen one before as was new and scared hell out of me what he hell is that , told people at Dock and they just laughed I live about 2 mile fromPro Dive shop//River Ventures, about 3 1/2 mile from plantaion which also has a dive shop,several places to rent Yak,Canoes If coming to these areas or close by give me call take you around and show you the area , 352 257 3288 AL