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  1. I really dont know or care where they are Built,I am just stating what I was told by Anita the Head teller at Bank who goes to China and spends a month with her son and his family every year,as i said he is high level exec, Ford is building a new plant some where in China and as soon as they reach a cetain point he is going to Mexico ( Son called local Ford /Lincoln dealer) My Mom is on way to your dealer ship give her whats she wants send me paper work i will hande it) must say the Edge ?? / She picked out is sharp Not any thing Good nor bad to say about Ford,last one i had was in 60's
  2. Water Temp dropping fish be moving to shallow water, Trout Bite is on, Friend in Yankee Town and his buddy over 3 day period caught 100 trout, he is strictly artifical fisherman and a cheap one at that ,unpainted jig head with White, or Root Beer paddle tail
  3. Snow in FL, yes some areas, right now in the Panhandle have 2 inch or more,Temp as of right now is 32 I am 75 mile N of Tampa,so Panama City,Pensacola has to be in 20's Gunner just can't recall Christmas of 69, from after action reports I know we was in Phu Cong, stand down, good chow ??? guess just one of those things you block out,forget over years I Believe animals know when it is Christmas as Wife Cat love's Christmas and she now sit's in corner where the tree goes, gets under neath tree and sleeps. Chases running lights scattered around,eats wreath on coffe table.
  4. Leer R100 runs 1500-1600, good topper
  5. Audi had a 5 cyl engine for Forty years, i had a 3 cyl BMW K 75RT (750 cc) Bike that woud run with Big Dogs day and night,Counter Balance smoothed it out Head teller at Bank Son is a Big Kahuna with Ford, she said Ford is going to make Ranger in Mexico, as he is leaving China and going to Mexico,Ford/Mazda big in China,back in 80's think they was being built in Mexico,shipped to US on Rail cars to Norfolk VA for final touch
  6. Do not know where you are going in FL, how ever large Flea Market in Apopka (Orlando) also another in Bushnell Booth 46 has fishing gear and one in Homosassa,of course some junk , How ever some good deals I picked up Greenie 704for $22.00 ,you see several from N who moved to FL and no longer need surf gear,I don't know one plug from another but see lot of plugs, if close to area stop in Bushnell is the largest
  7. Two Bolt Bar would have to go out to shed and look, yes it has screw caps quick release cover, I find it hard to start most of time , it runs great once warmed up,just use to keep wet lands trimmed and cut up fallen tree that went down due to high winds, .
  8. I have S&K metric socket set, do you have regular set in case ???
  9. Happy with Stihl MS 170 (16) comes in at 180.00 most Ace Hardware,made VA Beach, Va (or was)
  10. Chunks of Lady fish are Candy for Redfish, an eel is candy to Cobia as well as Pin Fish,guys catching Gag Grouper in 17Ft water trolling
  11. Agree,how ever in 15% of cases the origination point is never found or discovered as such they cant say yes or they cant say No, in my case this point was never found I could but did not puruse any thing except treatment, in order for me to really gain any thing I have to be 50% disabled due to Combat to get Concurrent money meaning if I do not have 50% the VA will deduct this 600 from Navy retirement and turn right around and issue a check from VA looks like you get some thing how ever all you get is few bucks tax break. if over 50 % Combat related then a seperate check from VA and Navy Check full amount I could have sat down and declared Broken ankle, Broken Collar Bone, Hearing loss, Poor eye sight,No thanks At VA hospital I look around and see so many Vet's far worse off than me and hope they get the money I left on table, Yes your right I paid a price ,how ever i asked and was Given the Billet of Boat Captain ,hard to say You owe me, Just a simple Thank You is enough . Al
  12. During an Agent Orange work up attending Nurse said she didnt like results blood test and commenced body search, as blood work said high emzynes what ever that is. What are these lumps side of neck, Oh I bought new leather Jacket in Colorado when touring out west on M/C and collar was stiff couple weeks ago so maybe thats is cause No, lets do Biopsy, what for,, Maybe Cancer, GD Here i am a Hard core SOB almost knock me to knees, felt numb, she was right cancer of Lymph Nodes,was lucky it had not spread, so 35 sessions of radiation,followed by surgery to remove residual mass , all Good I like that 8year old, Think Positive,stay strong was words told to us, Not what IF, it is When this shyt is over . Like it or not your the leader you must stay strong for the family,you have a lot of people to lean on right here they await your call for help to stay the course. I got help from Jimmy V his speeches gave me strength to maintain treatment and not quit. This was sent to me during my treatment God didnt promise Days with out Pain, Laughter with out Sorrow, Sun with out Rain, But he did promise Strength for the day,Comfort for the Tears and Light for the way Keep us posted on progress if You will Al
  13. Where down South, I have ridden M/C in every state south of MD, stopped in Lake Providence LA, pay fine by mail, stopped in Cross City FL pay fine by mail, stopped in Dawson GA pay fine by mail,riding with good friend and he was in lead and Got stopped out side of Claxton GA pay fine by mail, Good stern lengthy lecture in Aburn Al , even speed trap on 301 in FL that AAA published pay fine by mail. oh yes on Goldwing out side of Teton Village (Jackson Hole WY) wife and i stopped for doing 42 in 25 told Officer truth just didnt see sign, ten minutes later had map on hood of his car showing us a great ride through Swan Valley No doubt your idea of being stopped by an LEO is at school crosswalk by road crossing guard,running into another car when riding inBumper cars at Carnaval does not count as a Car wreck Even my friends Bull & Shyt tell me your post is a figment of your imagination Al
  14. Hell even Grits and Hash Browns make a Turd,
  15. Those who would disrespect our Flag , have never been Handed a ""Folded One"" not my words,read some where else Al