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  1. Since there have been a bunch of custom Campos posted in various other threads I figured it was time for him to have his own Tackle Collector's thread. Tales of his garage sale are legendary I'm sure a lot of his stuff is still floating around or being hoarded by collectors, lets see what you have, plugs, bags, rods reels, whatever. I just came across this nice little lot. 3 custom Campo Gibbs swimmers and 3 mercury lightly loaded (Yellow) Hellcats.
  2. Look too sloppy to me. All the ones I have seen or owned have very neat paint.
  3. Any interest before I put these away?
  4. Whatever happened to the giveaways that you would see every once in awhile on SOL? There used to be a thread that was a recurring giveaway. Oh well lets generate some excitement with the show season rapidly approaching. This giveaway will be for new Pichney blue cloud large danny. One post per person all you need to do is say "God Bless Mary". I will draw a winner randomly on February 27th.
  5. Pretty nice scale work for rattle cans, right?
  6. $25 each for the lightly used and $35 each for the new + shipping (Shipping will be $5 unless you buy several and my costs go up)
  7. $140 for the Musso and Pichney darters or $135 for the Musso and pocket rocket.
  8. The only way I'll do $80 is if you're buying something else . I built $5 shipping into each plug price but will discount multiple plugs. If all you want is the darter I'm sticking at $85
  9. I'll take the Caveman
  10. It's Digger's version of a Gary2 slim. Digger is Pat DiGangi he is a NJ builder who took some years off lost a ton of weight and is now building and selling again at the Asbury show. As for value, you're not going to get rich maybe $35-40. I know one big collector who's always looking for more Diggers.
  11. White and Black $90 shipped
  12. The blue clouds are larger dannys and I can match $60 on them. The pocket rocket with eyes I'd want $55. The new in package conrads are $65 each and the yellow Musso darter is $85
  13. Nice lot of new plugs that need to be fished. Prices include shipping. Multiple plug discounts available. Left hand side Yellow Eelpunt - $30 (SOLD) Bunker Eelpunt - $30 (SOLD) Hab's Sr canal pencil - $40 (SOLD) Hab's Jr pencil - $35 (SOLD) PPW Pencil - $35 (SOLD) Right Hand Side Murph The Surf Burple Danny - $35 StriperBites/Bluesfish Roundnose - $30 Unknown but very nicely made roorbeer sparkle danny - $25 RM Smith Fat bastid - $30(SOLD) RM Smith Pikie - $30 OK here's the deal on the remaining plugs. Buy one get a second for half price but have to add an additional $3 for the increased shipping charges. So if you but two plugs listed for $30 it will cost you $48 for the pair.
  14. Thanks for the offer but it's not worth me shipping just one $25 plug. Shipping will be $5 and that's a pretty nice RM for $20 I'd rather fish it for that . If you were buying more than one plug I'd consider it though.. I was hoping someone would take all 4 for $100.
  15. Two years ago I was in Stuart and my first cast with a Loki small sea slider I hooked a nice Cuda. The next few casts the pelicans were all over it. At the show this past weekend. I was telling Greg about this and told him if you can fool the eyesight of a pelican you're making a pretty realistic plug.
  16. Bump back up for anyone not entered yet.
  17. last chance for these, make an offer.
  18. Nevermind. I tried showing you plugs that have the same value at the darter $50 or so. Cyclones and Gary's are worth almost two AH darters.
  19. There are not a lot of guys that can pay $50 for a plug that may in all likelihood get caught in some boulder field in Montauk. I love Don's darters but there are plenty around that can still be bought for $35 (Beachmaster included). I love Goo Goo Man's plugs also but had to leave many of the one's I wanted laying on the table because of the prices.
  20. Here is a pretty good selection of various Pichneys . Trollers, Large dannys, pocket rockets, small swimmers and a couple darters (yes the one yellow is a Musso). Let me know what interests you and I will come up with a price. If you want me to price individual plugs its going to be more expensive. A lot of these are used but have plenty of life in them.
  21. Here is a pretty good selection of smaller swimmer of all types. First group of 5 are all lightly used. Second group are new.
  22. I didnt see any 2oz.
  23. Everybody says they are the hardest plug to build well especially out of maple. We appreciate the effort Don and I'd rather you make the little extra on them than someone who will flip them for $10-20 profit. It was great to see you with the number of plugs you had yesterday. I've said in other threads that you still had some when I left at 10:30
  24. $50 for the darters. Prices get any higher and these will never be fished. I can justify fishing Don's $50 darter because he has about the best finish in the business but it's still hard to throw a $50 plug when there are cheaper alternatives. I have plenty of high priced plugs but I collect and fish. These will be fished.