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  1. RM collaboration with East End Lu
  2. got it dave.
  3. $35 shipped Dave
  4. I can always tell a Gags from the fine mesh he used for his scales.and his simple paint jobs.
  5. Picked a good day to take off from work yesterday. Got to the OC beach right around false dawn, tide was high. I threw poppers first and with that west wind you could really punch it out quite a ways. No luck. Switched to swimmers, Fixter pikie, Big Rock, small Murph the surf peanut. I had one nice boil under the Fixter but didnt hook up. Around 8:00 the life showed up. Wave after wave of bunker coming by and just out of reach. Switched to a bunker snag for the next hour or so. Guy next to me snagged a bunker brought it in and re rigged it and threw it out and pulled what looked like a high 30lber. So some fish were drifting in. I snagged a bunker but didnt get hit. Wore out my shoulders trying to cast the snag a football field. Decided to switch over to bait for a little while as the tide dropped. After getting the bait rods in I sat down and along came the whales. Saw three beautiful whales working the bunker about 100 yards out. While taking a picture I had a run off (Damn). Just before low tide I caught a fat 33 inch on a bunker head, that fish must have been patrolling the bar because my bait as I saw at low tide was right on the bar. Just before slack tide the bunker started pushing in and the guys on the bars on both side of me began snagging bunker and hooking up. Switched back to the bunker snag and had a solid strike stupidly I was thumbing my line with the drag open and didnt close the bail went I went to set the hook. That felt like a heavy fish the way it grabbed the bunker and ran. Guys on both sides of me were hooked up. The fleet was right in front of us. I dont know if it was the boats or just the tide going to slack but everything just disappeared. About an hour after the tide started moving back in the bunker reshowed and I switched back to the snag and caught another one about 36 inches. I left the beach around 2:00pm exhausted. 2 landed 2 or 3 missed and an extra large skate. Beat going to work.
  6. I think I have one or two I'll post tonight