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  1. Look too sloppy to me. All the ones I have seen or owned have very neat paint.
  2. Any interest before I put these away?
  3. Pretty nice scale work for rattle cans, right?
  4. $25 each for the lightly used and $35 each for the new + shipping (Shipping will be $5 unless you buy several and my costs go up)
  5. $140 for the Musso and Pichney darters or $135 for the Musso and pocket rocket.
  6. The only way I'll do $80 is if you're buying something else . I built $5 shipping into each plug price but will discount multiple plugs. If all you want is the darter I'm sticking at $85
  7. I'll take the Caveman
  8. It's Digger's version of a Gary2 slim. Digger is Pat DiGangi he is a NJ builder who took some years off lost a ton of weight and is now building and selling again at the Asbury show. As for value, you're not going to get rich maybe $35-40. I know one big collector who's always looking for more Diggers.
  9. White and Black $90 shipped
  10. The blue clouds are larger dannys and I can match $60 on them. The pocket rocket with eyes I'd want $55. The new in package conrads are $65 each and the yellow Musso darter is $85
  11. Thanks for the offer but it's not worth me shipping just one $25 plug. Shipping will be $5 and that's a pretty nice RM for $20 I'd rather fish it for that . If you were buying more than one plug I'd consider it though.. I was hoping someone would take all 4 for $100.
  12. Two years ago I was in Stuart and my first cast with a Loki small sea slider I hooked a nice Cuda. The next few casts the pelicans were all over it. At the show this past weekend. I was telling Greg about this and told him if you can fool the eyesight of a pelican you're making a pretty realistic plug.
  13. Bump back up for anyone not entered yet.
  14. last chance for these, make an offer.