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  1. Market has fallen for Lefty and Gary2. Glitter Leftys can still get a little more but not common colors.
  2. I would say on average $65-75
  3. No some of them are not loaded but were still Campo or Campo Crew, the majority are loaded. I will pull the three you mentioned and make sure they are loaded.
  4. I have Campo Bombers if interested
  5. sorry I have been busy with my son's high school graduation and party planning. I will dig it out as soon as I can.
  6. Beautiful plug. The purpose is to catch striped bass, the tail is meant to spin and flop or flap around as the plug is retrieved which may or pay not attract fish.
  7. I'll take the Fischer popper if you split
  8. I'll double check, I'm pretty sure I still have it.
  9. I have these two. $60 shipped for the pair.
  10. 4th picture looks like a Rush Tango, the one with the orange hooks is probably an old Pt Jude
  11. Bottom Orange popper is probably a Carlezon
  12. Fish On is not a pikie.