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  1. My last two Rockcasters
  2. I'm not really following what does the fact that they are for a gift have to do with anything.
  3. you are not likely to find show special needles for much cheaper than that. Good luck with your search.
  4. Buy them from Basshole. Best I can do is $75 for the pair shipped.
  5. I have a couple Plugcasters and Rockcasters I'll post pictures tonight
  6. I have a few of the silversided ones. Both sizes.
  7. Im in
  8. yes they are all basically the same size. Do you mean the orange top one? I'd sell one for $45 shipped or $40 each for two. I don't want to sell them all I love to fish these at false dawn on a flat ocean.
  9. Any particular color?
  10. Also in place of "I'll take it" it seems just saying "mine" is now acceptable.
  11. Love Chums. I dont know what happened to the market for them though.I think the falling values are tied to Kozlic's death
  12. Think of it as a lesson learned Hectic. The next time you want to buy something don't say "I'm interested" say "I'll take it" After that you can PM the seller and discuss any terms you want. There have been hundreds of "I'll Take It's that have fallen through because of some clarification or misunderstanding. Protect yourself and say :"I'll take it" next time.
  13. Recently scored an unopened dealers box of 10 Cordell Sea Hags.
  14. BM Pencil for the A40?