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  1. I've heard talk that he may take a break after the needles and stop building for a while. It may be a rumor but if I heard it I'm sure others have heard it as well. I guess time will tell.
  2. Thanks Bob I'll take that
  3. I was following this on the auction site. I had the high bid for a little while but I stopped at $150 largely because I wasn't sure what it was. I was thinking it was an early Bob Pond. It wound up selling for $355. So now I have to know what was it and how rare is it?
  4. cool thanks
  5. Was blue cloud a Show Special? I thought it was just a discontinued color.
  6. Are they all used? Looks like the parrot and purple have some rust. How about $100 even?
  7. Who has some they'd like to sell? Open to colors. I have a good stash of 3 oz but need some more 2 oz old run or new run lets see them.
  8. Could you do 6 total for $180? 2 white and pink 1 mullet 1 mack 2 black and silver
  9. $30 for the pencil?
  10. $35?