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  1. The plug flippers have really screwed the pooch. I remember being able to buy 4 Big Rocks for $100 now you cant get 3 for that. Best value I found is Black Label, Bob's prices have been the same for over 10 years (Probably because the flippers aren't interested. Lokis are also still fair he sells well below the resale value. I loved the squid darter Goo Goo Man had but I just couldnt bring myself to pay $100 for it.
  2. Darters were definitely $50 each
  3. Yeah I'll post some in the morning
  4. Well if you want to dump your Fixters.....
  5. How about one of these Fixter Pikies. or Capesams needle or Beachmaster Donny or PBau Lava?
  6. Can you be a little more specific. I have a bunch of Pichneys. Are you looking for new or used? Do you have any type of plugs in mind? I have dannys, trollers, darters all in different sizes.
  7. can we see the belly? What's that in front of the top grommet?
  8. My pleasure Orlando. I cant wait to throw the large pencil I bought I know my shoulders will thank me.
  9. As you can tell I chose not to wait on the GRS line.
  10. 5 Fixters and a Fix Kat for me thank you!
  11. It was great to see a lot of the regulars. I got there around 5:15 and was 58th in line. Didn't even bother wasting time in the GRS line even though I probably would have gotten one or two. I just didnt want to commit the time. I went straight to Norkalkat (had to get my Fixter fix) then jumped around from Goo Goo Man to AH to Loki to Big Rock. Good to spend some time with Jim Crane, Jay, Black Talon and nice to see Evil Steve, Red, Bob Brennan, Russ, DJ, and Ronnie and Brian from that which cannot be named.. I was out by 10:15
  12. They are poppers. So you cast and pop the top of your rod and reel pop and reel and hold on when one get inhaled.
  13. Sorry I already mailed the fat boy.
  14. Come on guys this is for kids. Break out some stuff you haven't used and probably won't use. Or even better some really prized items for the high-end table.