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  1. Is anyone interested in a entry level electric guitar and practice amp? Guitar is a Les Paul style Agile 2000 in very good condition. It comes with a sturdy shoulder strap, stand and Ibanez practice amp. All in good working condition. I bought this for my son 10 years ago and it sat on the stand in his room for 10 years. So it also makes a great room decoration if you are looking for that. I am asking $200 or best offer I think that is well below the prices I see on Ebay. Who has a son or daughter that wants to make the Bob Dylan switch from acoustic to electric? What looks like wear in the pictures is just dust. Not going to ship this. I am in North Jersey but will meet anywhere as far South as Toms River.
  2. Love the blow up skunk! Only you Sudsy!
  3. Going to close this down and relist the two remaining pencils in another thread. I will also post the weights.
  4. going to close this down and relist the pikies in another thread.
  5. going to close this and re-list the herring in another thread.
  6. i'll post the weight in a little while.
  7. I will check
  8. Herring roundnosed is the only one left.
  9. OK Last one for now. Raising funds for my son's first canyon trip before he starts college. Lot of 4 lightly used Fixter pencils - $30 each shipped (Orange head, Redhead, and black and blue SOLD) New Orange/Marble pencil (Looks like Mike's went for the marbled look on the bottom) - $45 shipped
  10. Still raising cash for my son's first canyon trip before he starts at Stevens Tech. Fixter Swimmers - I doubt you will see many if any of these made anymore. They are various sizes of roundnosed swimmers, cigars and I guess you would call it Mike's danny. Prices are shipped per individual plug I will knock off a couple bucks for multiple plug purchases. Herring - $40 Black/Blue/pearl danny - $40 (SOLD) Parrot Danny - $40 (SOLD) Metallic green/pearl roundnose - $40(SOLD) Yellow/white Cigar (looks like it may have been thrown or carried) - $35 (SOLD)
  11. Trying to fund my son's first canyon trip before he heads off to college. This is an awesome set of jointed pikies that I asked Mike to paint in reverse colors. One black with a purple head and one purple with a black head. I have never fished these and they deserve to be fished. Pretty heavy to cast but swam along a rockpile or floated off the back of your boat these will be killer eels. I bought them as a set and the should stay a set. $150 shipped for the pair.
  12. Raising some cash to take my son on his first canyon tuna trip before he heads off to college. Two smaller pikies - $40 each shipped Two slant nosed swimmers - $45 each shipped (BOTH SOLD)
  13. Good news and bad news. I am willing to sell one or two but after digging them out the one you want is a lot nicer than I remembered. Good news I will sell it, bad news it may be prohibitively expensive. I dont think I will get the opportunity to ever get another one like it. So I will sell any or all of the three below. Prices are for an individual plug if you buy more than one you can knock off $5 from each additional plug. So if you buy all three you can deduct $10. The yellow I got from Winch I think it was used lightly - $35 shipped The middle popper is a beast - $60 shipped Top smaller popper - $40 shipped
  14. sorry heading downstairs in a few minutes
  15. A rare eel skin pikie by Mike Fixter