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  1. I've seen 5 so far this summer, two very up close and personal while mowing grass at camp. Up until this year, I had seen maybe two or three in my lifetime, so at least here in PA they seem to be on the move.
  2. Hopefully the trigger has been improved, my series I Shield's trigger feels very gritty. On the upside, it has been flawless with every type of ammo I have run in it.
  3. There are more people living inside this circle than outside it, seems like a logical place to start...we can get cheap toys and tech support elsewhere.
  4. Check out this video at 2:28
  5. Def a video the upper right hand corner it says "Development footage this is a work in progress all content subject to change"...
  6. Good luck to you both...I can remember when the antler restrictions went into effect, people were losing their minds over it but it has definitely worked. Have seen lots of monsters in the last few years...used to be an 8 point was considered a big buck, now they aren't even worth mentioning.
  7. Lol yeah, OP busted
  8. Maybe this will start replacing the obligatory pirate costume
  9. 4-5 thru the week, maybe 7 on the weekends, been that way for the last six to seven years
  10. Dinner gave me the hot snakes, sprinting for the hopper was as much drama as I needed tonight
  11. No...a good portion of the people in the tourist areas of the Riviera Maya speak enough basic English to communicate with gringos.
  12. Well played sir!
  13. Yeah, or I guess more accurately "municipal workers"..walking down the road from our condo to the central plaza we ran into a crew digging up an electrical line/storm drain or something of the sort and replacing a hundred yard section of the road (which was paved with bricks). Stopped and chatted for a couple minutes with the foreman and watched them backhoes or heavy equipment, the excavation was done with shovels and the pallets of bricks were broken down by hand off a flatbed and wheeled to where they were needed in wheelbarrows. Didn't appear to be a union job, as I didn't see a single guy leaning on their shovel....say what you will about them, but they are pretty hard workers.
  14. Waiters, maids, gas station attendants, shop owners, grocery store workers, road construction guys, locals we met on the beach and walking around the village...I can say unequivocally that the locals were far more helpful, cheerful, and courteous than 90% of people I have encountered in Jersey
  15. According to the graphic, around three minutes also appears that the shooter traveled down a hallway, around a corner, and down another hallway from where the victims were shot before he was confronted. Maybe he was searching for another specific person to shoot before offing himself?