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  1. Proper maintenance and those older craftsman's with the briggs and strattons are beasts. Gave one to Sonny boy another to son in law that I bought new, still running, nuttin fancy but they work.
  2. If so even more props to the officer.
  3. Are we sure it was a gun ?
  4. Cop did well.....deescalated the situation.
  5. Less talk more music.
  6. Wrong conclusion. I listen. I don't like it all but some of the stuff here you would never hear any where else. My Pandora and Spotify are most excellent because of this thread. Kudos to all that contribute !!!!!
  7. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/04/24/world/canada/incel-reddit-meaning-rebellion.html
  8. Not sayin new always works out but for me way better than putting up with the bull****. Stuck low on cash have at it.
  9. Says the "vintage" king. Ya dumb rebel fark.
  10. 22 its a beaver in your case a pest.
  11. Says the OP
  12. I'll take 10 years trouble free. Same with boats, just be an informed consumer. Look at options, run some friends boats, decide what you want. Life is too short for me to fark with that "money saving" stuff. The time and money spent "saving" just ain't worth it to me.
  13. ^^^^ See This whole bull **** save money stuff. It don't work for me. Just what I want to do when I mow.....pull pull no start. I'll get at started but the grief, not worth it to me. Then again, guys that have a connection and are pretty sure **** gonna work. Kudos to them.
  14. ^^^^ Disenfranchised.