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  1. Same deal here. Morning looked great cept for thunder boomers. I hate lightning on the river. Watched the radar said fark it. Should have gone most were just a shade north.
  2. Win da pool. It's destiny.
  3. My nimrods were out fishing for smallies with 8lb test and tubes. Ended up with a few of these. They are an impressive looking species.
  4. Prediction....Red goes home with both rods.
  5. SIL was out. 8lb test fishing for smallies with tubes. Those flats are impressive looking fish.
  6. I get your point. I just don't like the torture.
  7. I hate June and the first two weeks of July for fishing......farkin hot. They can be had but it's almost not worth it.
  8. Any word from are ambassador of sunshine and light.
  9. Had to be said.
  10. Inquiring minds want to know. Me thinks this ain't your first rodeo.
  11. Keep on keepin on. Best to you.
  12. Horns with a great band, my favorite music. Just enough band to not let the horns be overbearing.