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  1. Yup - so at 75 thinking the kayak is getting old - looked around for a light weight 14' (easy to launch) and came up with a rounded bilge, tumble home and flared bow 208# aluminum at KTP (with their 15% paddle sport discount). A Yamaha 9.9 on it and I'll be mostly cured of the winter blues.... It started with a few crab pot flies at Eldridge.....
  2. Could it be tube & worm is the next best thing to eels - for trolling.......
  3. and starting to think redfish...... New Orleans - a few days of ribs, bourbon, & music - then south to bayou country. Dodging a few alligators and fishing that sounds remarkably like in shore stripers here. Any body been there, done that with some guide recommendations?
  4. Actually - if blues are around I think they are fairly consistent up into Great Bay - probably in August. A few years back I had a 16' skiff which was perfect for motoring around there. A 7' rod & a 3/4 tin were all you needed. Smaller fish - probably 20 to 24" and easy to spot when driving bait up to the surface - I used to look around & wonder how I could be the only one there enjoying this.
  5. so tell us about the "new lobster" pattern?

  6. to a few hardy folk this weekend fishing a local spot known to harbor browns ( a recent stocking possibly?) Nice to drive by & see a half dozen guys with fly rods working the current. The days are getting longer - I'm marking the late May tides on my calendar in anticipation....
  7. Stripersurg - thanks for the bump. It is a decent rod - I used it with 1/2 oz jigs & 6-7" sluggos with good luck. Unfortunately I sold my old truck & didn't buy another which meant the fishing kayak went also. Sorting my gear & realizing I've got way too much stuff here.....
  8. one piece 8-17# line, 1/4 - 3/4 oz lures, medium power extra fast action. An excellent kayak rod with a lot of backbone - in perfect condition. Price $60 firm - pick up in Portsmouth NH. Street price on this is $120.....
  9. Kittery Trading Post has spinner & worm rigs on sale on line as we speak
  10. T&W, in my opinion, is the next best thing to using a vacuum cleaner to suck in any striper you're close to. But you need a lot of line out, and if there's anything around to snag on, it will. A less expensive, and easier to troll alternative is a spinner & worm (tandem hooks, couple of red beads, and 2 silver spinners) rig. With a minimum of weight, trolled slow it will get down deeper in a shorter distance, and it catches fish. My personal best was a 43" from a kayak in the York river, 8:00 on a bright summer morning, at high slack.
  11. So what kind of a bone head would complain about the fishing falling off in recent years, after just taking and killing every fish he possibly could?
  12. That's my idea of the perfect boat . A name suggestion - "Trolling for Trouble".......
  13. Irv I'm a little late here - just saw your post - is the boat still available?
  14. fishing fool 38 - I'll bet you're the guy who offered me a bag of worms while I was drifting by that flat in the back channel in my kayak one time - didn't take them because I was lure fishing - but thanks any way. I'm in a 12' Native Ultimate and love that area - it'a larger over all than most people realize (especially from a kayak - and even if the fishing is off it's always a great paddle.
  15. Wow - I've never seen a fish that big this early in the year up here - really a beauty I got out around 9:00am Saturday into some nicely moving water (love those big tides) but no bites. I was in the middle of a brush clearing group of people at Pierce Island & felt like a shirker - didn't stay as long as I wanted. My guess is you were using lures?