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  1. Follow this & you're good to go. Although, if it's like the best crumb cake you've ever had and you're the kind of person that's tried a lot of crumb cake - you can stop me in mid-cast with cows busting right in front of me. I really like crumb cake. Our work is done here. Moderator, please close
  2. Seriously who gives a crap? You've posted like a dozen times questioning whether that guys fish was REALLY 20lbs. Why? What's it to you? It was a beautiful fish - maybe it was 20, maybe it was 19, maybe it was 21... you go on & on about how there's almost no way it could ever be 20lbs...move on bro, it's ridiculous.
  3. You should post this in the Main Forum or Freshwater Forum for more exposure.
  4. L&H

    True - just a bummer to see anyone go under.
  5. L&H

    Total shame...just doesn't seem like any of the hunting/fishing small businesses can make it unless they've been around forever already and have an institutional following.
  6. I thought this was going to be something that washed up on the beach....
  7. Appreciate the response. Wasn't taking it personally, just wanted some clarification, which you provided. There's no question that they do everything in their power (and beyond) to make anyone that doesn't own a mansion on the beach as unwelcome as possible.
  8. ??? Not that I really have any intention of doing so, but I'm curious about your response which seems to have a lot of innuendo behind those two words.
  9. Such a joke. Ever see what happens on the weekend during the summer? He breaks out these big, fake, potted palm trees, tables, chairs, umbrellas and literally creates a private beach club. I've always had thoughts of walking right into the middle of that charade with beach chair, book & cooler and just sitting there... All. Day. Long.
  10. Probably spooled you
  11. Cam burn!
  12. A fish just like that was posted a couple of weeks ago...weird Would love to know if the deformity was that pronounced when it was tagged.
  13. I'm not sure what was worse, the mayhem on the beach or the madness just offshore. That year there were freshwater bass boats out there, dingys, almost anything that could float. 200 yards out, I could have walked from the inlet to the entrance and never touched the water.
  14. Chasing blitzes, 50 guys shoulder to shoulder and throwing cows on the beach....