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  1. LOL
  2. Dilly dilly
  3. We are stupid. History is destined to repeat itself and everyone will wonder why they've disappeared....It's pathetic. All the guys who fish maybe two times a year usually go out for blues on a party boat, catch their limit, then let them bake in a burlap sack All. Day. Long...yum... I'd venture to guess that 99% never make it into the house. If they were tougher to catch, this site might be called bluesonline.com.
  4. Would you do these and Pt. Judes for $28 total? If so, I'll take 'em
  5. Would you do these and Smack-its for $28 total? If so, I'll take 'em
  6. That pic gave me goosebumps....Wow
  7. I'll take it. Please send payment info
  8. Is there anything he can't handle??
  9. This is really too important not to be pinned to the top of the page. Sudsy must be asleep at the switch....and where's Tim when you need him?
  10. So true! LOL Great post!
  11. 1. Fish more 2. Catch more fish
  12. Two words: Search function There's so much back and forth about this issue on this website, you'd be up for days going through it.
  13. Follow this & you're good to go. Although, if it's like the best crumb cake you've ever had and you're the kind of person that's tried a lot of crumb cake - you can stop me in mid-cast with cows busting right in front of me. I really like crumb cake. Our work is done here. Moderator, please close
  14. Seriously who gives a crap? You've posted like a dozen times questioning whether that guys fish was REALLY 20lbs. Why? What's it to you? It was a beautiful fish - maybe it was 20, maybe it was 19, maybe it was 21... you go on & on about how there's almost no way it could ever be 20lbs...move on bro, it's ridiculous.