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  1. I'm a little confused by what you're saying, but that's OK....
  2. Sadly, I completely agree. It's the most ridiculous money grab I've probably ever seen.
  3. Ok....so Tittle is a politician. Two things: 1) in his position as Director of the NJ Sierra Club, are you somehow shocked by that? That's like saying Aaron Judge is a baseball player. What you're really saying is that he's politically savvy, if he wasn't, I suggest he wouldn't be able to do his job. 2) I don't necessarily agree with everything Tittle says or does, but you suggest that because he said it, it has no validity. That's silly when over the course of three separate posts you say nothing but what he's already said. Clearly different people/groups are concerned & asking the same question. I think that warrants further analysis instead of meaningless inferences.
  4. Wow! I thought that was photoshopped or something. Incredible that it's made it this far.
  5. Wow - beautiful pic
  6. Well how about that - and no, I'm not Jeff Tittel! LOL I actually emailed the author of the article - never responded. Crack reporting...
  7. With an eel squid, just cast and retrieve - you can vary it depending on conditions. Without a squid, basically like a sluggo - cast, slow retrieve with a twitch every crank or two.
  8. That's a good lookin' rigged eel - I'd bite it
  9. You're nothing if not consistent. LOL
  10. There's a wahhhhambulance parked at Turtle Cove waiting for you. What a ridiculous post. By your logic, unless you fish alone 100% of the time and learn 'nothing from nobody', you're a hoe and the person who showed you anything is an even bigger hoe. The reality is that many of these so-called ultra-secret, ultra-exclusive spots only fish well at very specific times of the year or tides or winds or combinations of all three. You act like there's an epic blitz going on anytime someone shows up to one these spots. Gimme a break. Plus the ones that hire a guide are almost always people that get out to Montauk like once or twice a season - that's why they're doing it, so at least they know for that given night, they were in the right place, at the right time, using the right plug in order to give them the best opportunity to catch. Or they're the ones that never surf fished at all and just heard that Montauk is the place to go and they want to try it out. They're not showing up week after week after week with a busload of friends. I guess anyone who beats you to a spot who isn't in your clique of bucktail buddies is a hoe. I suggest you get there a little earlier.
  11. ^^^ And an extra headlamp.
  13. Great tip as always! Thanks for sharing it
  14. A late bite is better than no bite at all....
  15. This could be an interesting fall...and winter. Maybe we'll be writing about the Epic Xmas Blitz of 2017!