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  1. Rocco rocks. Sparky doesn't need my help, but I'm with him. Buncha disk slappers in this short stool tavern again. PG overflow, etc. I'm outa here.
  2. Talking about fish regs, TimS pontificating, crashing the site, Sparky being called out, d-bag and his new protege scissoring over corn fed releases, blah blah bla. This is the ****ing Tavern. Take this crap upstairs to the mausoleum.
  3. Electronic weapons causing explosions. Agenda 21 stuff. Chinese depopulation of California. Massive homelessness increases in California and the entire west coast. Illuminatis.
  4. blue electronic laser burst explosions being recorded all over the place.
  5. warm butter is disgusting. that **** better be cold and hard.
  6. Sounds like he needs a ride on my Fountain.
  7. I'm pretty sure I took a razor to the edge of the landau roof too, just left the sides covered. Stripped off the vinyl down the middle, left the glue and the foam fuzz on the roof. We used to be able to park on all over the downtown area. All day. No charge. Weekends too. Motorcycles over by the Battery. Battery Garage was about $5-6 bucks a day if I recall. Maybe $9.
  8. guess i gotta write another shanty. I like it. bbobs jonesin for a boat to build and redo. Awesome undertaking, and we know he'll see it through. He could tow it with the Dodge, but wouldn't it be keeno If he chose instead, to tow it with an El Camino?
  9. All you marys just wanna show off your new shoes like a bunch of women. And Jase sloggin and sloppin through the house in pig guts and slop boots is more disgusting than peanut butter and mayo sammiches.
  10. Sorry man.
  11. Buncha yahoos see me coming too late to do anything about it, all the chatter on the radios, keep on heading right down to TRUMP MARINA IN AC!!! YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  12. 1/4 inch velveeta cubes even better.
  13. A dry exhaust Donzi smoking a big cigar with giant gold chain and a gold propeller and a martini in hand serpentine slicing right through that fleet would make my day. Just once.