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  1. Ps - less paperwork for a firearm lol.
  2. dig, I had to get a non resident yearly fish license, king stamp and guide license. Checks or money order for guide lic and I had to apply at the f&g office in ketch. They e- mail it a week later. Just thought i might might mention that if you are not already aware. Cash for fish lic and king stamp. I actually sell the licenses and king stamps to every passenger on my boat. FYI the guide license is temp and expires so the one they send in the email is not valid until you print it. The guide lic number is different on the permanent one. Again just info you might already know. Best of luck cap! The one thing I am learning quickly is that every gov org has their hands in the game here and they love to write tickets. I get inspected daily at the dock. Paperwork has to be perfect lol.
  3. Gotta be down 30 lbs Pete?
  4. It’s raining out...
  5. Obviously those 1/4 inch tabs were holding up the ceiling.
  6. Gotta have at least a couple of new tats. Is it me, or is he a bit on the short side?
  7. Yes they do. I installed one. Pretty big housing fits in a joist bay. Not bad looking. Homies or the one started by homies ex wife will have one. In the ventilatipn aisle.
  8. I gave a girl a $50 bill and .27 on a $40.17 bag of groceries. She asked me if I wanted 2 20’s back.
  9. Thats awesome. Have fun.
  10. The cool part is that this place is loaded with bald eagles.
  11. Probably not something you would expect in the wilderness, but cell service other than att thinks you are roaming. You might need to change some settings if you have verizon.
  12. Warm and dry. Nothing else matters.
  13. The bigger of the two actually ate a rubber flounder bigger than anything I’ve seen on a rooners boat...
  14. 100 ton piece of cake dig. Get the sea time, do the classroom time and pass the test. Toot toot!
  15. I think it’s called poopknuckle