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  1. just get some kiwigrip.
  2. you are an eccentric man Red.
  3. What's the purpose of the door?
  4. True. He should probably go with the aluminium oxide instead.
  5. Was painting this morning and I touched the steel braided supply line on the toilet BZZZZZZZZZZZ yikes!
  6. If youre going to use epoxy you might s well sprinkle it with aluminum oxide bits.
  7. That's a KZ1000 DM fairing. Police Special.
  8. Use Behr Textured Deckover paint. Brown would be good. Or mold green.
  9. I've been reading a bit about the hot water heater being a common culprit. That being said, this is an on-demand propane heater with PEX lines. The ground spigot is coming up from the main and is copper above the ground.
  10. I was the Mayor of Simpletown in 4th grade.
  11. What about Har-Lee?
  12. Doing some tile work on a house. Cleaning tools via the outdoor spigot. Touching water on the ground and the hose bib at the same time delivered a mild shock. Not much, but a shock none the less. Kinda like a 9 volt battery on the tongue shock. What is a typical cause of this? An ungrounded water supply pipe in the ground? I told the homeowner they better get someone to look at it asap.
  13. If you are not already boycotting the NFL, you stand in full support of the knee takers. You might as well be kneeling down yourself.
  14. Paid the gas bill?