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  1. It should be incentive enough to realize you have been shunned by society and left to puff your cancer in the dirtiest corners of the parking lot next to the dumpsters.
  2. Chantix. Works like a charm. Didn't even finish the whole 2 month program plan. In fact, it's about 12 years to the day for me. I think it was Nov. 21.
  3. I don't understand the guys that remain friendly or want to "take care of" their exes. Mind boggling to me.
  4. Pete smoked something, weren't no ham
  5. Here's a few - the all work, but I took out the batteries.
  6. No way.
  7. Lucky she didn't trigger the super volcano at Yellowstone.
  8. Probably heading for the Elks club in Billings.
  9. can't let this one get away
  10. driveway lol
  11. Thanks. Yes, I have to permanently mount the stand pipe. It's just installed like that temporarily since it is a common washer waste between two units.
  12. Probably got it with the .410.
  13. For some reason I thought arbitration was without opposing lawyers.