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  1. Looking for recipies, works great as slow cooker and pressure cooker. Trying all settings still.
  2. Had 43 family and everyone brought food. From the farm behind me we had fresh brussel sprouts in evoo and garlic, 2 fresh killed, corn fed turkeys, 25 lb in oven, 16 lb in Charbroil oiless fryer outside. Food everywhere, people everywhere, don't have a huge house but made it work. Love having everyone over.
  3. You got it, ordered some last night.
  4. No problem. I reached out to the bucktal hair supplier and requested the dark olive.
  5. I ordered olive bucktal hair after my last batch and see they sent this, a little lighter color. Would that work for you or can you wait while I try and get the darker olive? The outside eel is the original color.
  6. Ok, Mack and Nick, I can get started and then hopefully by the end of the week habe them done. I just haven't been home. Tomorrow is a big day with tests and then hope to get back to tying. Thanks for the good wishes. I appreciate it.
  7. I am going to start tying some up. Are you interested in just olive over white? I can do oliver/yellow, purple/light gray, black/purple, pink/white, whatever you like.
  8. Would you post pics of back and bottom?
  9. I have looked at flatlander and there is a lot to like. Which bag do you? Anything you really like and anything you really don't like?
  10. I have the small and thought about extending the buckle. Good ideas here. I saw a some bags at a b and t and there are some nice options that aren't too expensive.
  11. I have an Aquaskinz plug bag. I like that it has 3 spaces for plugs and b/t or tin loops. The size is nice too. I am thinking of updating though as I have learned I would like a few options. longer front flap - sometimes a larger plug makes it touch to buckle flap protection so hook doesn't stick to flap the bag has belt straps but doesn't stay snug so bag sags a bit unless I really cinch belt Any suggestions?
  12. I have finished up the orders I have and will start trying to the up some samples shortly. With the holidays and a family member in the hospital, I have been busy.
  13. Central NJ. Work in New Brunswick can travel to Bordentown. Can possibly split travel distance. Where are you?
  14. Price drop $85. Very good quality or was used, it wasn't much.