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  1. Thank you, I'm glad you like them.
  2. Fred, thank you for all of this information. It is s good read, easy to understand, and clearly gets the point across.
  3. Hi Lag, On the drying wheel now and will be cured by morning. 5 open eye siwash at $2.50 each = $12.50 + $6 shipping = $18.50 PM sent.
  4. Cow tamer, Your right, it has been too long. However, much has been going on and I also made a mistake that contributed to the delay. Someone cancelled an order last week with the same initials as you and I thought it was yours. That was my mistake and I apologize. As I explained, and I am not trying to use this as an excuse but it is a reason, my Mother had a stroke. My Dad can't take care of her by himself and there is now an aid living there. They are great parents and also friends. I have spent much of my time driving almost an hour each way to check on them. I have been busy and was clear about that. My parents are my priority. Mom is slowly on the mend and I am tying some now for a few orders even older than yours. Usually, I have them done and out the door to everyone in less than a week. That's pretty good. Lastly, you are asking about placing an order of 4 silverside teasers that are someone else's work. I needed to look over how they tied it. ("I'll do 4 silversides @ $17, if you can, please.") I like the idea of selling these and tied three over the weekend but wanted to get a full range of colors posted. Again, my mistake as I thought you said never mind so I wasn't rushing. I spent much of the weekend at my parents over the weekend and am comfortable where I don't feel I have to go as often. If you are still interested, great, I can have a full range of colors tied and posted on Wednesday. If you like them, let's get the order done. If you are no longer interested, I fully understand. It has been a long time and you have been patient. If you say no thanks, then no problem and all is good. Your choice, just let me know. Thanks. Bill
  5. Just saw Dan while in line at Surf Day. Love his new jig, looks like a killer for fluke. This is a 3/4 oz with a 4" grub. Really nice, can't wait to try it. Thanks Dan, will be picking up more in about half an hour.
  6. Thank you, nice job.
  7. If you would like different color hair or even different color thread, let me know. I do custom work all of the time.
  8. Open Eye Siwash DRESSED OPEN EYE SIWASH HOOKS – REPLACE YOU DAMAGE PLUG HOOKS WITH THESE! Custom orders are always available with various hook sizes and accessories (eyes, flash, etc) All hair is tied long so you can trim the length to better match your plugs! All Open Eye Siwash Hooks feature: Mustad, 9171 PS hooks available in ALL sizes 2 ton epoxy for a strong, smooth finish One, two, or three layers of colored hair – you decide
  9. That looks great, how long did you dry them and at what temp?
  10. The name says it all. $3.00 each or order 5 or more and price drop to $2.50 each. $6.00 shipping. All feature: Mustad Hooks Hair flash 2 ton epoxy finish Let me know what you need!
  11. God bless Mary! Thanks for the chance.
  12. I was was surpised at the quality of the cucumber/salt combo. Very nice.
  13. I'd like a set when you start up again after your break. Thanks.
  14. Lag, when do you need them by? I'm working on a few things now and a FB order so how is next week?