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  1. $3.50 each + $7 shipping.
  2. Greg, 10 hooks (had the inline so won’t charge extra) x $3.50 = $35 + $7 shipping = $42. Say the word and I will send the paypal link and get these tied up for you. Thank you! Bill
  3. Sure, I can do that. Thanks for the repeat order. A few questions: would you like to use tinsel or the same flash as your last order how many hooks open eye or regular teasers
  4. Slacker, I think this cut off part of your post.
  5. Greg, I can do that or a combination. I found a bag with a few 4/0 inline hooks. You can all get all 4/0 inline and 5/0 open eye or all open eye. Let me know what works best for you. Thanks. Bill
  6. Thanks Greg, I would like to but let me price these out first. I used to tie more of the inline hooks but unless you buy in bulk, they can be quite pricey, almost $1 each so I stopped. Let me see what I can find and I will get back to you. Bill
  7. Thanks, that would be great.
  8. I have a friend who is looking for another surf rod, a G-Loomis SUR965S model. Does anyone have one to sell? Thanks.
  9. Great advice, thanks all.
  10. Thanks guys, cant wait to try again.
  11. Thanks both of you. I will try both.
  12. I have purchased a light weight fluke rod that is rated 1-4 oz. I took out on a boat and began bucktailing trying to keep the jig moving. After seeing posts and videos of people jigging rapidly, I tried the same and did well but noticed that sometimes, while jigging, I could feel the jig drop as I was raising it. Sort of out of pace. I would lift and feel the jig drop and drop the tip and not feel anything. I imagine this means I was jigging to quickly as I wasn’t in contact with the jig. Should I slow it down or is this to be expected from the rapid jigging method?
  13. I would like to do this trade. Is the holster new or used? What is your.time.fram on the trade? I am working on a few orders now that I would need to complete first.
  14. That would be great. What are you looking for?
  15. Hi Mike, Nice to hear from you. Sure, be glad to. Couple of questions: 1. What size hook or is 3/0 okay? 2. How quickly do you need these?] Thanks. Bill