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  1. After 19 years, my Weber is done. Can't fix it anymore. Saw a 6 burner Dyna glo on sale at HD for $199. Anyone have any experience with this?
  2. Thanks Ted, I am going to try this.
  3. Thanks all, I am going to be trying all these ideas. It doesn't have to be just mayo or any specific way, just trying to add moisture. There some good ideas here.
  4. Flourless choc cake comes out well as does brownies. I am trying to bake with King Arthur GF and Pamela's GF flour mixes. Not liking the box mixes too much but may not have found the right ones yet.
  5. I haven't but am listening. How much and what is the correct way to do this?
  6. Not yet. Trying to research amounts to add.
  7. Desserts such as cake or cookies.
  8. No dairy issues, just gluten issues.
  9. Has anyone else heard of this?
  10. I found online Shady Rays sunglasses. They look good and the price is much less than the brand names. Online reviews are good but has anyone here ever had a pair that can offer their experience?
  11. I was trying some new gluten free recipes for my son and they seem a bit dry. Someone told me to add mayonnaise when baking and it helps keep it moist. 1. it sees that this may be true but can you do this with all baking 2. how much is enough 3. does it change the taste?
  12. Good call, I will send a PM. These hsve done very well with bass and blues and I have been told even with large fluke!
  13. Of course, be glad to get these for you. 20 open eye siwash x $3.50 each = $70 + $7 shipping for a total of $77. PM being sent. Thank you!
  14. Something else to think about, a light breeze can disturb the surface of even a clear pool enough that someone can almost disappear.
  15. Pm was sent.