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  1. I was surprised to run across a terrapin out already. Although it was mighty sluggish and barely moved.
  2. Congrats to you and your wife, Nick! They are beautiful babies! A tip from experience - get used to fishing at night after the family has gone to bed
  3. I always learn something from your videos. Thanks. Has anybody ever told you that you sound like Kia Ryssdal, the host of Marketplace, in your videos?
  4. Tandem rigs with a combination of tiny spoons, darts, or little crappie soft plastics.
  5. Freshwater trout are a nice way to pass away the winter. I don't even know where the the closest place to the Eastern Shore would be to even catch a trout? The Brandywine I guess? I've been scratching my fishing itch with white perch from some of the local creeks. They've been pretty fun on a light drag.
  6. I agree that a sit on top is preferred over a sit in for fishing, but if you already have a sit in you can still manage. How comfortable are you in your kayak? There is a significant difference between fishing at either the north bay area around the Rt. 90 bridge and south bay around the Verrazano bridge compared to the Rt. 50 bridge. RT. 50 is a whole different animal and I would not recommend it for beginners unless you are already comfortable with lots of boats, very strong currents, and wakes/waves. Plus you have to watch out for people chucking lead off the top as they try to fish too. The other areas are very easy for a sit in kayak and take a lot less planning before going out to fish.
  7. Bummer! Just when speck fishing in Tangier Sound this past year seemed to fully recover from the last cold stun we had a few years back too.
  8. Ah, Yes. The 'ole forest founder. I originally thought forest flounder were right eyed, but I looked it up and they are left. Good ID, John! New Wave, it had puncture holes on the other side of it too. It was under a common eagle loafing tree as well.
  9. A fresh flounder surely wasn't what I was expecting to find in the woods recently. I guess there are still a few around in the back bays for the eagles to feed on. It was only about 13", otherwise it probably would have gone home with me to be sandwiches.
  10. I don't know that I've ever met Bill on the beach. I've certainly heard about him though. Nonetheless, it's always sad to hear that any Assateague regular has been lost. Thoughts go out to his family and friends.
  11. Sad news indeed. Like others have said, he was the one of the guys you always stopped by to chat with when you were passing by. Earl truly was an original and he'll be missed by all.
  12. Yes, white perch. I did quite well; many 11 - 12.5"ers and a jumbo 13.25" Good eating!
  13. It was a peaceful afternoon today out perch fishing.
  14. It seems like the snowy owls are showing up every year now. I've heard of a handful already this year in our area. Nice capture Allen. Did it eat the little bird its looking at?
  15. I'm not even sure I could catch half that many from our beaches right now. I think that's why I've been staying in the backbays. I do want to launch past the breakers still yet this fall if I can the chance to fish during the day and maybe see some bird life going on out there. But certainly not holding my breath on it...