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  1. Good advise, Dave. It's certainly not a trip you put together on a whim.
  2. First rule of VA Tarpon Club? Don't talk about VA Tarpon Club! All kidding aside, that is pretty awesome you hooked up on the kayak! Congrats! Count this guy jealous, lol! I've been wanting to do this too. I tried twice last year in the kayak, but haven't had the time so far this summer. Or the weather wasn't good for a kayak when I was eyeing possible days I could go. Although, I did get in a tarpon trip on a buddies boat earlier this summer. I see them every time I go, but getting them to eat isn't always easy...
  3. For a schooling fish, I'm surprised multiple hookups at the same time don't happen more often. I suspect maybe it's because AI is at their northern range and there aren't as many fish roaming around, or big schools of them for that matter? In my experiences, fishing for them down the lower half of the peninsula in the spring, multiple hookups at once are regular. Getting singles is rare. Even doing the deep water, late evening thing on the bayside in the late summer it seems common to hook a couple fish at the same time as the school moves through. Multiple hookups at once on AI are things to remember... nice fish fellas
  4. Now that is putting in the research yourself! Good on you and thanks for sharing with the rest of us. Unfortunately, like LuckyOC pointed out, if you are relying on catch data from the reports thread here it will be sorely underrepresented. Good reports have been dying a slow death in this forum it seems. Looking through the older years will probably yield better results for you. Having to plan ahead to try and pick the best weekend can always be tough. You can figure that fall bull red season on AI MD is from about mid-Sept. to late Oct. I always saw the first week and a half of Oct as prime time, but it seems the last year or two have been good into later Oct. But then you pick up a recent copy of the Coastal Fisherman and see that a fat 50 incher was beached the other week. Go figure!
  5. You guys realize the refuge plan has been out for a couple years now, right? North OSV as is. South OSV open seasonally between Sept. 16 - Mar. 14. Goes into effect once the new recreational beach is up and running. You can download the plan from the refuge website. Straight from the plan: We propose to develop a new ½-mile, OSV zone to facilitate the six priority uses (March 15 through September 15) south of new recreational beach, and add this to the new assigned area. We will also continue current management of the Overwash and Hook area for shorebirds until the new recreational beach is established, at which time the March 15 through September 15 closure will go into effect. OSV access from September 16 to March 14 will continue via Beach Road. The refuge will allow recreational horseback riding in the OSV zone from approximately September 16 to March 14. The refuge will allow visitor access by foot to the OSV zone from approximately September 16 to March 14.
  6. A long forgotten jon boat in Dorchester Co.
  7. I haven't done much fishing lately. Tried for sheepshead once and earned a true skunking. Not even a dink sea bass or toad. Crabbing has been good though just going along the bank scooping them up.
  8. That's pretty cool!
  9. Now you're talking I was hoping to go myself Saturday, but the forecast for thunderstorms is a bit iffy to be out in the bay on a kayak 3 miles from the shore. Opening day forecast looks perfect though. I wish I could go then instead. You won't regret using the kayak to expand your target species either - trust me
  10. If that thing was a molted flea I probably would have, lol! Find 2 or 3 more and you'd have some nice beach kabobs It looks like you beached some good, healthy looking stripers this spring. And I did see you the other day, but didn't put 2 and 2 together until after we passed. The new wheels look sharp!
  11. I had about 3 hours to fish after work one afternoon this week so I slipped over to AI VA real quick to give the beach one last shot this spring. No dice though - just skates, skates, and more skates. It's looking like it'll be the big goose egg for me from the beach this spring. Although, my effort from the beach was lacking this year. I blame red drum . There is no satisfying the thrill you get from a bull red crushing a jig... you just want it to happen over and over again So I made one final trip down the peninsula earlier this week to give it another go at them.
  12. I headed down the peninsula again last Friday for reds. The weather, wind, and fish all lined up to make for a heck of a trip I certainly won't soon forget. It ended up being my personal best outing for bull reds - kayak or surf. Saturday we rode down to AI MD. It was a family outing, so not too hardcore, but we still fished most of the day. And aside from 2 dinky stripers, it was dead. Bait pickers were tough and I didn't see any other fish pulled in up or down the beach in the area we were setup. Plugged as bait soaked too - not a tap. I still had some bait left over from the weekend and gave AI VA a try Monday in the evening. Our luck wasn't much better. We landed one small ray and had a big, slow pull down at dark that popped the hook - it was likely a big ray. Plugging produced nothing more than a blue biting off a paddletail behind the hook like they are so good at. I heard a few fish were caught down the beach though.
  13. They aren't bad eating. I think the skin is tough to peel off. Videos on the interwebs make it look so easy though. You'll see them in the local seafood markets often under the name "stake fish". I saw it in a market off RT. 13 the other week. I seem to remember it being about $6/lb.
  14. ^^^ Ditto. I can see the specks from here! Did you take that from one of the science flights?
  15. I guess once you find out you're in the running for the most skates and could win a prize for it, you go all in at that point.