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  1. Yes, white perch. I did quite well; many 11 - 12.5"ers and a jumbo 13.25" Good eating!
  2. It was a peaceful afternoon today out perch fishing.
  3. It seems like the snowy owls are showing up every year now. I've heard of a handful already this year in our area. Nice capture Allen. Did it eat the little bird its looking at?
  4. I'm not even sure I could catch half that many from our beaches right now. I think that's why I've been staying in the backbays. I do want to launch past the breakers still yet this fall if I can the chance to fish during the day and maybe see some bird life going on out there. But certainly not holding my breath on it...
  5. From the pictures yours looks a lot nicer though.
  6. Not really. I did best within casting distance of the shoreline.
  7. Still a good number of fish in the back bays. They weren't as concentrated as they had been, but it was steady fish from dark this morning until a little after sunrise. Once the sun got above the buildings in OC the bite fizzled out. But the current was slacking around then too. Nothing huge though; biggest was 25" and most are still averaging around 22". But they sure beat skates and skunks!
  8. No problem I went out there myself this morning before the season closed. Unfortunately, it was all short tog for me and I ended up blowing through all my bait way faster then I had expected. They were biting as fast as you could get your bait down to them. I also tried the backside after dark twice in the last two weeks. 18" - 24" bass were still fairly thick with the average around 22".
  9. Good write up Krabill. I wasn't able to search for them this year, but I remember 2013 very well and back then it was very similar to what you wrote for this year. That year I chased pups behind OC and Assateague from the Rt. 90 Bridge to the Verrazano Bridge. I never saw them tailing either but they were very shallow and you'd see them pushing water. If the sky conditions were right, you'd see flashes of copper under the water as they rolled while feeding and competing with each other. And YES, chugging a bone spook across the top drove them nuts! Man, I'm kinda bumming now I wasn't able to look for them again this year You can "reliably" sight cast bulls in the spring if you know where to look. Tangier and Pocomoke Sounds like CG said, and the lower ESVA seaside are two good spots. It's a lot of searching at times though, but they show up in certain spots each year and seeing big schools of bull reds is a sight unto itself. And they get no less aggressive then they were as pups! I've never seen bulls tailing either, but you'll see them pushing water on top or even smell them. If you smell like a fish just crapped crab you better start casting One from the backside of AI.
  10. 95% of it was tog fishing yesterday. If you want to investigate further you best hustle; Sunday is the last day of the season until the new year.
  11. There you have it. Meticulous and non-meticulous agree Your storage situation will be just fine. Although technically none of my fishing stuff is ever "winterized" as I'm always looking to get out no matter what the temps are outside
  12. If you're like me and not a meticulous gearhead with your fishing stuff then you should be alright. I'm in MD too and all of my surf and kayak gear is kept in non-climate controlled storage all year round subjecting it too both heat and cold. In 6+ years of being stored that way I haven't noticed any issues with any of my gear and it all works as advertised.
  13. I was able to sneak out for a couple hours after everybody went to bed to try the backside one night the other week when we had the super high tides. Conditions were a little windy and choppy for the kayak, but I didn't need to go far to find fish, so it didn't really matter all that much. 22"ers were common plus a half dozen 25" - 26.5"ers thrown in to at least get a little pull on the drag. I had another couple hours free to fish one morning this past weekend so I went out for tog. It was a productive couple hours as the tog were chewing well. As expected, many throwbacks, but I did bring home 2 keepers and released another 2 that were right on the line but too close to call if I was checked.
  14. Oh, burn! Yea, been tough to get out. You know how it is. And unless some kind of at least half-a$$ fall run materializes this year, I doubt I'll be back down to AI until spring.
  15. Way to go on a fantastic season, Marcus! Thanks for sharing with us. And JC, what was it you told me once? Oh yea, nice fish, ugly hat! That fish is a hog!