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  1. Pretty good for free hand bro! Imagine what you could do with a vise & bobbin
  2. offer retracted
  3. West End 2, West end Boat Basin and JB field6 & JB Field 10
  4. I've fished & collected plugs for a litle while, most expensive plug I fished was a wade swimmer worth $80 a Musso darter at that time was worth $90. Caught fish on them both but I gave up collecting and I no longer have these plugs. I honestly have to say that it is preference on what you wan't to fish, I've witnessed tins, bucktails bombers, redfins, gibbs and even no-name plugs outfish Cyclones, GRS, Luna's, D-Mags Beachmasters just to name a few. Trust me the well known Surfcasters in today's age do not carry $100 plugs in there bagsto hunt fish......
  5. Whereabouts in BK? I have people in parkslope, I maybe going out there this week..
  6. I just read the rules and it to my understanding the first members that are paying your asking price are the ones you have to sell too, Just incase I'm wrong I'll take all the swedish pimples for asking price.
  7. I've been there a few times and it definitely isn't a flea-market, tackle stores, guides, seatow & others are at that show. You'll find a few tables with used stuff but far & few. Best flea-markets on Long Island IMO are Ward Melville, all the Fishermans flea-markets which are always $5 to get in and the one at St. Josephs College in Patchogue.
  8. Pics of the darter out of the bag when you get a chance and I will take the lemires swimmer
  9. Money Sent
  10. $190 for the BM lot immediate pp
  11. Can't understand how this rod is still here?!?! I have paired this rod up with a shimano stradic 5K, VS 150 and a Cabo 30, landed everything from fluke, schoolie bass, teen size bass and Gorilla blues. Plenty of backbone on this light rod no doubt!!
  12. Respectfully offer $35 for the 1st darter
  13. Money sent
  14. I'll take lot 1 for $16 for asking price
  15. I use 5" femlee eels or sluggos as a teaser at night