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  1. Done Deal! PM sent
  2. Done Deal! PM sent
  3. Title says it all.... Show me what you got
  4. Yeah I tried that with a couple of insurance companies but unless your vehicle is worth $7500 or better they wont do insurance as needed. Haggerty is the insurance company that will give you insurance for weekends only if your vehicle is worth the above mentioned number and minimum 25yrs. old. I'm still doing research, my Quigley hibernates for the winter, I pay $72.50 a month but if I can cut that down to 4 months a year than I can buy more fishing & duck hunting gear
  5. Respectfully offer $12 shipped for the white BC
  6. As long as it works bro!!
  7. May he have a speedy recovery and back to his family in good health!!
  8. Just heard Huge Dinghy is the new president of the Caitlyn Jenner fan club!!
  9. An A+ for me and my fishing buddy's, insane bite for almost 2 months in the spring all on topwater plugs and tins, my friends elbow was done after a straight 5 days of 15lb. yellow eyed demons!!! I wore my copperfit on both forearms
  10. Good Morning everyone!!
  11. Chief Jay Strongbow & George the Animal Steele are my go to guys!!
  12. I have a tenant that want's to sell a stair chair lift, barely used. Asking price is $1200, it cost the lady $3100. Pick up only in Suffolk County 11729
  13. Sandy beaches are more safer than boulderfields!!! Good luck and don't forget the teaser at night......
  14. Respectfully offer $23 shipped for the Jr. Dookster....