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  1. Raised my stepson since 8yrs. old, he is now 24. Had some bumps in the road but nothing major, I'm still in his life and has the utmost respect for me. His father is a degenerate gambler and I respect no man that doesn't take care of their kids. There are women out there raising kids on their own with no man there to help out, I give those ladies props.
  2. I have 4 vehicles, daily commuter for kids, school softball etc. wifes car for whatever she wan'ts to do,, fishing truck and a 4x4 Ford Van for Quality time with the family on the beaches. My wife does not touch any of my vehicles but I maintain & service hers hers.
  3. When using a teaser is like casting twice in one shot and putting out a 2 choices instead of 1...
  4. Anymore herring darters?
  5. I only use Fireline 14lb. & 20lb. from Breezy to Montauk. I have no issues landing Gorilla blues on 14lb. test Fireline with a 40lb. leader.
  6. In another thread I asked if the IRT can handle being underwater and exposed to sand, the answer was no. My VanStaal is continuosly underwater when I'm using my rod as a walking stick when walking on rocks, not many reels can do that for 12yrs. plus and still perform as they did from day one.
  7. If your a fisherman/angler you should understand that fellow fisherman/anglers will be keeping fish, what right do you have to judge if it was a legal catch? Yes everyone has an opinion but it's best to keep it to yourself in these instances. I'm happy for the guy who landed that big bitch!!
  8. Those are illegal in your area, just send them to me!!
  9. Ksong if you need anybody to try out those new rods I'd gladly do so and report on them daily. I surfcast all up and down the Southshore
  10. Damn I love me some ribs!!!
  11. That pic is insane!! Photo shop or not it's still cool!!
  12. I have a '05 forester that I treat like a cream puff but if any of my 4x4 trucks are down and the fish are biting I won't hesitate to put her on the sand and treat her like a virgin touched for the very first time...
  13. I'm no expert but I use ball valves for all my installs on feed lines, mains and drains. Can't see why not.
  14. I'll take it Reg, PM sent