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  1. Don't forget about Raritan Bay, lots fish at certain times of year.
  2. I used these to rig up my battery connection inside my PA12. Works well.
  3. nice!!!!
  4. Rick, any reports of bass still around in the back of JBAY?   Weather Saturday night looks good.

  5. Yup, you can rewire if necessary.
  6. Harbor Freight Truck Bed Extender is a good way to transport any length kayak in the back of your SUV.
  7. I have used a HF Truck Bed Extender to haul my PA 12 in my Ford Explorer for the past 5 years. Very easy in/out. Helps to put down a liner inside the truck.
  8. Welcome aboard!!!! You'll have a blast.
  9. nice job, Roger.
  10. I have a PA12, and love it for Raritan Bay. Don't like launching in the ocean, except in low surf conditions (1-2 foot). Its just too slow to get moving (for me) in higher surf. Once I'm out, it handles very nicely in snotty conditions. When I return, if surf has picked up, I will back it into the beach, which actually works pretty well. Getting back into the yak if it hasn't flipped is easy, but its a PITA to right it. There is lots of room for stuff of course, which is very convenient.
  11. I changed many of plugs over to single in-line hooks over the past couple of years. I noticed this spring, when I actually got into some fish for a change, that hookup rate was significantly less for plugs with two in-line hooks. Thinking of putting a treble on the bottom, leaving the single on the back. I do crush the barbs on my hooks as well, which makes release easier.
  12. Hey Al,

    Thanks for the offer.   If may take you up on it in MA, if I procrastinate until then.   Brad has given up fishing for working, poor guy.

  13. Thanks for all the info and pics guys, very helpful. My main desire is to take some photos. No plans to do videos at the moment, but might give it a try. Sounds like one of the Hero Session models would work fine. Need to figure out which one to get. (original is about $125) If I mount the Hero in the front of the yak, I need remote control. Sounds like that can be managed with a phone app, instead of buying a separate remote control (which is $60 or so)
  14. Looking to get a basic setup for taking pics of fish caught on the kayak. Saw a number of reviews of GoPro Hero Session. The basic Hero session costs about $125. There are also Hero 4 session and Hero 5 session models which more. Anyone have experience with these? Wondering what accessories I'll need in addition to the camera. Thx all.