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  1. As usual fishinchip, outstanding work!
  2. You're not missing anything, their stuff is a continuous loop of mediocrity at best.
  3. Zappa sucks. That is all.
  4. I see you're back to your original form. That was terrible.
  5. She obviously doesn't appreciate you being a trophy husband.
  6. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. You plant corn, you get corn. Pancakes is the correct answer.
  7. Well a jury of 12 people don’t agree with you, thank God.
  8. So then why did he have to drug them? He’s a predator Red, those are the facts and now they’re undisputed. Now he’ll have plenty of places to put his pecker while in jail. Eff him, hope he drops dead.
  9. Oh, I see, it was their fault. Thank's for clearing that up.
  10. I hope he rots in jail !!
  11. Get a pace mower, it moves as fast or as slow as you.
  12. You do know we can see you. Take a page from this guy and hide yourself man. Have some self respect.
  13. Turned out to be the ceramic cartridge at the end of the stem. I got one on Amazon and got it in 2 days, installed it in 2 minutes and I'm a happy camper again.
  14. Prayers sent