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  1. Being a Dago, I vote Italian but I love me some Spanish/Portuguese on occasion.
  2. Sorry for your loss Terry. I had trains that I also inherited. Thanks to E bay and the internet things just aren't worth what they once were. I had three people make offers and they were all within $50.00 of each other. I was only able to get $450.00 for all of them. I had one engine that I almost sold about 25 years ago, it was worth $1000.00 back then. Another great decision I my part. I lost my dad too. Like Billybob said, you'll find a time when you can laugh about some of your memories.
  3. Ya might want to add the owner to that list Sudsy.
  4. Josh is guaranteed 10 million, he's not going anywhere.
  5. I was there last week and the salmon did look nasty. I asked if it was farm raised and it was, I never touch any farm raised fish. I think It's like anything else, ya gotta know what you're buying. My wife works by a Whole foods and the fish there is better. I still won't rule out Wooley's though, I have not had any bad fish there and I've been going there since 1983. I do agree with you on the prepared stuff though, another thing I won't buy is any prepared fish products.
  6. You're basing this on what, a bad experience 25-30 years ago?
  7. The food is good and is fresh, nothing fancy though. Their soups are really good.
  8. They were CCX and Conway, combined to now make XPO You're welcome
  9. If you have 45,000lbs moving from Houston to New England with several stops along the way, it has to move via truck. We have rail spurs in our yard in Houston but thats for incoming, outgoing is all trucks.
  10. Yes, freight from Houston to NJ has gone from about $3900.00 to $4600.00 per flatbed. If you need to move freight (over the road), move it Monday thru Thursday. We've had truckers tell us at the 11th hour that they weren't going to pick up our freight on Friday afternoons (which we had hired in advance) because they were offered more money from someone else. "If you want us to come and get it", "it's another $500.00" We no longer hire trucks fro Fridays.
  11. Congrats Charlie !
  12. Throw all the people that text, talk on the phone, fail to use turn signals, in jail for a night. Amazing how these people think they're the only ones on the planet that matter.
  13. I never thought it possible my friend, but you've reached a new low, you should be proud.
  14. ^^^^^^^^Great, now just how the heck am I supposed to get anything done today^^^^^^^ WOW