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  1. Thank you. Diesel may no longer be the engine of the future, as the world rushes towards an electric future, but for some things, there's really no substitute for diesel torque.
  2. Correct.
  3. 9/11/01 was a divine punishment? Did Judge Moore specify what it is that we were punished for? Back at the time, some celebrity preacher said it was for tolerating homosexuality, but I don't recall who. I'd forgotten about the reds and yellows comments. As far as "national direction," the different halves of the country were pulling apart steadily in the years before the Civil War. I have no idea what national direction Judge Moore could have had in mind.
  4. Slacker, I think the quotes that mattered were 1) the line about people loving each other, even if they kept slaves, and 2) wishing that all amendments after the first ten had never been enacted.
  5. Which is my point. For all the ranting about the hideous MSM, I doubt that coverage by WaPo, the NYT, or CNN mattered much. Fox had some weight ( they like Fox in Alabama, yes?) but the coverage that mattered would've been the local TV first, and the press second. I'm sure that Jones had the money not just for getting out the vote, but for TV ads featuring the women with claims of abuse.
  6. Exactly how many subscribers does the New York Times have in rural Alabama? Might the total run into three figures?
  7. And football players. That last one is illustrative of his political brilliance. Colin Kaepernick was an unemployed quarterback of no particular importance or interest to anything outside fantasy-football arguments. By going after him, the President inspired a round of sympathy among his black peers, who - like most blacks - have a different experience of law enforcement then most whites. Once the protest swelled, President Trump began denouncing their patriotism, inspiring a wave of agreement from his base. Politically brilliant. Destructive, toxic, but brilliant.
  8. Korea is a good example. Tillerson goes off on a negotiating tour. That can't have happened without Presidential consent, yet once he's out there, the President cuts his legs off by saying that there's no point to talking to Little Rocket Man. Tillerson, doubtless grinding his teeth, continues to talk to whomever is willing to listen. The President will continue to punctuate Tillerson's diplomacy with insults to both Little Rocket Man, Tillerson, and elected officials in other governments who try to talk to Kim Jong Un. Other governments are left to wonder WTF is going on in Washington. BUT the President's base loves, loves the tough talk, the wonderful tough talk. Obama was a talker! We hate Obama! Hooray for the tough talk! So good to hear, just like President Bush saying "Bring it on!"
  9. I think Trump makes decisions, and often unmakes or denies them, and sometimes within a day or so. Tillerson (and probably others) grit their teeth and try to do what seems sensible, in the hope of getting President Trump steered in the right direction. The President seems to have dropped, or at least shelved, his campaign-speech enthusiasm for torture, for example. And sometimes he does things that horrify everyone around him, like recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Trump embodies the resentments of his primary electorate, and never, ever, ever seeks to expand his base, or persuade any part of his electorate to re-examine those resentments. His list of dislikes and hates is not short; journalists and judges, scientists in general and climatologists in particular, Latino illegals, diplomats and diplomacy, Muslims (Chinese job thieves have fallen off the list, but I think that's temporary) and a host of elected leaders in democratically governed nations. He doesn't like the idea of "expertise" in anything, experts are people who keep disagreeing with you. He does like strongmen and thugs (not just Putin). He likes his own nastiness and will keep people around so he can visit it on them (Tillerson is a case in point.) Above all else, he likes the sound of his own voice (tweet!) Sometimes the national security staff can steer him in a given direction, but he doesn't stay steered. Being General Kelly must be among the toughest Washington jobs there is. Tillerson famously said the President's a moron. Gen. McMaster has apparently said something similar. Perhaps they'll sit down, when this is over, and be able to commiserate with each other and with Agent Strzok, since they seem to have a shared assessment of President Trump. I wonder if there's anyone in the President's inner circle who truly respects him? Mnuchin and Cohn were upset with his defense of those "very fine people" amidst the neo-Nazis in Charlottesville. Dr. Carson isn't really an insider, and he's quiet by nature. AG Sessions has been taken to a very public woodshed, yet in many ways he accurately enforces the President's policies on law enforcement quite well. It's hard to know what he really thinks. Press secretary is another miserable experience, it can't be fun to run a press conference and have to come up with lines like "alternate facts" or "It doesn't matter if it's true, the threat is real." V.P. Pence, I suspect, finds the President utterly appalling, and is probably happy enough that the President doesn't use him for special diplomacy, or anything like that. I don't see him as a real Presidential insider, anyway.
  10. Considering how Republicans consider everything wrong with the cosmos to be Hillary Clinton's fault, I don't see why the GOP doesn't insist that ice caps are shrinking because Hillary runs around at night to spread wood ash, worldwide, to make them melt faster. Little, you'd be the right guy to carry that torch; care to pick it up?
  11. California has a dozen fires, more or less. That's one well-traveled bum, and a busy one. it's probably the same bum as has accelerated the thinning of the Artic ice sheet, as reported by NOAA today.
  12. It is the point of the investigation. We'll see what happens.
  13. By my standards, nobody is competent to make that kind of decision at 14. It appears a significant part of Alabama has come to agree.. A bit of polling data from CNN. 98% of the black female vote went to Jones; 66% of the white female vote went to Moore. I infer that black women may feel more at risk then do white women. (Obviously, Moore's nostalgia for slavery didn't help.)
  14. STILL 14? Dear Lord. I thought it had gone up to 16, an age at which they're just as idiotic as 14. I wonder if perhaps tolerance of low ages for female consent is more common in agricultural states or agricultural areas. Perhaps it's easier if, as children, everyone grows up seeing animals copulate?
  15. Overall, you're right. The Democrats will try to protect him by not introducing any new gun-control legislation.