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  1. Ah. Bernie appears to be a flat-earther, too, since he's using material derived from a flat-earth resource. Bernie, is that the case?
  2. Probably not, but if you're fussy, there are electrically powered hot needles that will clear the eye of any glop or hair ends that got in.
  3. Some dyes will put off a smidgen of UV when strongly illuminated by flash, the spectrum of which doesn't closely resemble real sunlight. I suspect that "chartreuse" is one of them. I'm not even sure that chartreuse has an exact definition in terms of wavelength; it's probably a blend of wavelengths, but "chartreuse" may be very variable. Anybody know?
  4. When is the Fling again?
  5. Since I only fly fish in salt water, I don't bother. My lousy tying is sufficient for unfussy stripers, bluefish, weakfish (if any, sigh) and twelve-inch fluke.
  6. ..... Go figure. Call me anytime you have pork shoulder left over, that needs attention.
  7. There are some attractive women in this thread, this last page or two. Nonetheless, RiverRaider should be ground up and frozen in blocks, for use as chum.
  8. Thank you, I'd appreciate that.
  9. Ah! Very interesting. That's the thing about AWD systems. The AWD label tells you nothing, really, there are lots of variations on how it's implemented. Some of them are quite off-roadable, at least for beach purposes. Some of them ... ain't.
  10. Good catch.
  11. Jack Daniels, ick. Well down my list of preferred bourbons. Angel's Envy, Woodford Reserve.
  12. Yes, definitely looks more towards the yellow-green semifluorescent mix we call chartreuse then most pictures.
  13. Is that what she likes? For my niece and nephew, I bake baklava.
  14. P.S. And if the boat isn't providing lead (I don't know if they do or do not) bring a couple of 16 -24 oz. sinkers of your own.