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  1. 1. That's probably the shrewdest objection to collusion / conspiracy I've seen in awhile. Good point, I'll have to mull it over. 2. I'll bet that by tomorrow morning he's done some back - peddling by Tweet. Off to see. 3. I have a non-collusion theory, a non-conspiracy theory, that I'll have to hammer out here. It's almost as discreditable as the active-collusion theory, though.
  2. Hardly the case. It so happens that Donald J. Trump is President of the United States. It's a job that commands attention. The only thing that's really being discussed today is his performance at the podium with P.M. Putin. I didn't like a word of it. Did you? Off to watch the idiot box and see what Tweets have happened en route back to D.C.
  3. Cling to that. As long as you wear this particular security blanket, tightly wrapped around your head, you won't have to notice a thing else.
  4. Following up further on the Hudson dot org article pasted, I'm not sure where the author got her facts on the end of Aegis Ashore in Eastern Europe. Per both Wikipedia and Lockheed martin's web site, an Aegis Ashore installation is positioned in Romania, a second one is coming in Poland, and both are substantially larger then the 10-missile battery described, having 24 missiles. The Standard Missile 3-1B is to be replaced by the Block 2 missile as it becomes available.
  5. As carefully thought out, as usual.
  6. No, just Russia. That's from our intelligence agencies, accepted by everyone save President Trump and yourself. There's no such intelligence estimate about anyone else. Collusion remains a possibility. It's also the best possible explanation for President Trump's conduct, but it isn't proven, and I can think of another (almost as despicable, but not conspiring with Putin against the American government.)
  7. We're speaking of President Trump's appearance, and speech, with Putin today in Helsinki. Did you see it? Would you like to give us your opinion of it?
  8. And now Trump invented fracking? My, he's sooooo busy. Just the opposite. Administration plans to require power companies to subsidize coal and nuclear plants that are no longer cost competitive are counterproductive, since those subsidies operate against fracking companies.
  9. Would your opinion of President Trump's performance today change if he, or Dan Coats, does resign?
  10. "It doesn't matter what he said." President Trump sided with Vladimir Putin and will not accept that Russia meddled in our election. This doesn't matter, to you. I don't know if the President colluded with Russia, to secure his election. He acts like Putin owns him. This doesn't matter to you. I can't think of a more convincingly anti-American performance than that given by President Trump today.
  11. Dammit. I just lost a long point-by-point comment on the Hudson org piece. Try again.
  12. Vastly superior to that of President Trump.
  13. Need to change the subject? I would too, if I were an admirer of President Trump. His performance today is a moral disgrace and an assault on American national interests. Collusion remains a matter under investigation. Russian intervention remains a fact, according to virtually everyone except P.M. Putin and his loyal sidekick President Trump. What the President did today may simply being a matter of paying his bills, supporting Russian strategic interests against those of the United States because Putin has good blackmail material on him. It may have a psychological explanation. Whatever the reason for his action (and sustaining the faith of Trump cultists has to be part of it) it's clear that he has no intention of punishing Russian meddling, and no intention of doing anything that might inhibit Putin from doing it again.
  14. Not at all. Are you referring to that silly post of yours about the death of CIA agents in China, and the fact that we agreed on a climate-change program with China? There's zero comparison.