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  1. I think VS wanted to get into boat reels with the VR -50. It’s a small reel. Years ago went bail was on a reel and you casted the bail would close down and snap your line. Today with manual bail they don’t do that anymore. Even tho I love bailless I find my self using VS and VR reels with bail. Most of the time the bigger bass are in early spring and late fall when it’s cold out. Did you ever try casting a bailless reel with heavy gloves on? The line hits your gloves and it’s hard to grab the line and put it on line roller with gloves.
  2. Is it true that Pettit makes West Marine paint ?
  3. When I started surf fish I didn’t know what a plug was. Darter? Bottle plug? Danny? What? I was all confused. Didn’t know when what or how to use them. All you need to do is get out there at night. Night time is the ticket. I seen guys fish the same spot I fish at night and they are getting shorts all day but at night that’s when the big ones come out. What makes a great fisherman is. Put your time in. If you meet a guy that knows. Keep you mouth shut and listen to him and watch him. Crazy Al yelled at me once because I was jigging a swim shad. Al said. Do bait fish swim or swim and jig?
  4. Billy the Greek. The reason he came to one of my fishing spots was because he meet this young kid 22 years old one day on the beach it so happens to be a guy I started fishing with last year. There you go. A old timer takes a kid under his belt and they were fishing together. Billy is a bucktail guy. I meet him in the 80s and I was fishing a spot that I was just trying out. Her come billy and tells me. I’m fishing right we’re he landed a 50 lb bass the night before. I ended up getting a 35 that night.
  5. Crazy Al - he is the one that said to me. Use 40 lb. miss Al a lot. I use to fish with him. Billy the Greek. What a great guy. He saw me fishing my honey fishing hole this year but didn’t fish it. Meet me at my car and said. Marty I didn’t want to fish there because I know it’s your spot. What a stand up guy. I told Billy anytime buddy. I’m sure I will see more of Billy. I learned a lot from them. Also from a guy in Montauk. Garry the toad. That guy can cast. He got me into 50 lb bass in Montauk. I sleep in my car for almost two weeks on the beach waiting for the big run. Garry comes the same day the bass came. He knows. He lives there. That’s how you learn. Any of these old timers will help out. John V lures is another great fisherman and a great guy. He taught me all about plugs. When, how what color use. I get lots af craxxx on this site. I’m not bragging, I’m just old and learn from all these old timers. That’s what SOL is all about. Some of the guys here have to work and can only fish weekends. Come here and try to get max info. That’s great.
  6. If I didn’t sand the side of my boat down when I got this tuna I would of never got it. I had braid on my long line. This tuna ran under the boat and was rubbing and rubbing so much that the rod was straight down into the water. I got it in. 148 lb blue fin.
  7. Me tooooo. I get crax from my buddies that use 20 and 25 lb test and I use 30 at the lowest. I’m not in a Fishing tournament so no need to go that low. Even the floral leaded. Guys use 20 and 25. I try 25 and after a few fish on it. SNAP. I like 40 lb leader with 40 lb braid for the boat. I will tell you why. When the fish goes under your boat and that line rub under the boat the braid will snap. I even sand down the edge of the bottom of my boat so it the braid hit it, I may be ok. If you look at the side it’s nice and smooth
  8. I will keep my eyes open for one. You have time still. I’m sure one will pop up.
  9. I think you would like the 125 VR. Less money and my 125 VR is old. I got it as soon as it came out. Has to be over 5 years now. I like the drag better. It’s smoother then the VS and half the price.
  10. If I remember right. VS says the VR 50 takes 300 yards at 30 lb. not. I filled it to the top and it took 280 yards at 30. That was with reg power pro braid. I now took it off and put max on. It took 300 yards of 30 with no problem.
  11. That’s a very good question. I agree with you on that. I did a lot of research on braid this winter and use this new braid at the power plant where lots of rocks. I got 30 lb buts it’s realy 20 lb in thickness. I liked it so much I got it for my 200 VS
  12. These are the only reels that will take a beating and last for years. Some of my VS are 25 years old. Never had them service. One line roller. If you don’t want a gosa. Save up and Get the VR -50.
  13. Look where the two penn reels are. Not being use. They are going up for sale. I just got them back from penn. penn service them are said they are all fixed. Haha ha. I will not feel bad selling them. If a large company said they are fixed and in working conditions. Ha ha. Still going up for sale
  14. Tymers- ever tho you have a gosa already. Get the 5000. Here is my oldest Gosa. Must me going on 5 years now. I beat it up. Caught bass in the 30s n blues 20 lb. never wash it or service it.
  15. I’m always into getting a different reel. I done it and sorry I did. After 50 years of fishing I stick with what works. The list. VS for surf fishing VR for surf. Fishing back bays and boat. Shimano Saragossa also for boat. That’s it. Every other reel I bought didn’t hold up. The list is long and expensive. Penn slammer 111. NG. Shimano sustain. NG Even the penn torque 111 5500 I just got. It’s not right. Clunking sounds. I send to penn and it’s still not right. The Shimano twin power. NG. The drag started slipping Shimino fixed it but now it also makes a clucking sound. I spent thousands of dollars. I stick with what works. I’m tired of sending in reels after only months of using and they break. There are guys that say the Shimano reels are great reels, they are. For fresh water. That’s a fact.