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    Love to fly Jets. Scuba dive Gun collector & shooting hand guns. Make bucktails plug builder. Will retire on my grandfathers land in Oak island.
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  1. Sea bass and green Mack. Bite was good incoming. Beachglass got a runner. Think it was a shark. 10 min. Fight and goes under boat and back up and jumps. It was a nice thres shark.
  2. There are so many different swims you can do with a lure. Try this- your making cast after cast n no hits. Go sit down for 5 min. And start again. Now cast your lure reel in slow no slower. Listen to me - SLOW !!!! After about 5 turns of handle turn your rod the opposite direction -L to R and back again n again n again while your still are reeling in SLOW !!! This bass was caught like that on a Danny plug. No hits all night then at 3 am - bang ! The older the bass the bigger the bass but the smarter ones needs to be tricked.
  3. That is what happened. Not one bite after that.
  4. Being tired but if I know I can fish tonight with the right tide and wind I will go fish but if not,I’m tired and just want to sleep.
  5. Is that you sitting on port side ? I think you were eating a hero? Lol
  6. Forget to thank beachglass for all his custom teaser. Thanks santa !
  7. Took 50 sea robin 2 guys to catch 2 fluke. Dad gets both fluke. I think it’s time to ocean fluke.
  8. No but getting tired. I’m not night fishing until October now. It’s all boat fishing in ocean for next 5 weeks
  9. So true. Great answer!!!
  10. I’m done. We also fished this morning for sea bass. Now I will crash until next week.
  11. That’s funny you said that, I will do that part. Sit and watch him. See if he knows the spot by his lure, cast and speed of reeling. I will start talking about the spot. If that doesn’t work. I will take my clothes off and fish in my speedo. Lol.
  12. After surf fishing last night, we were shot. Fish for 2 hours only.
  13. What size rod are you using? The last few nights I took my 10 and 11 ft just to see the difference. I must of caught 5 bass and few blues, didn’t drop any fish with the 11 ft. I have a VS 200 on the 11. I think I solve my problem. I did cast the 10 last night and you can feel a big difference. The 10 feels like a toy rod. They are both L.