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    Love to fly Jets. Scuba dive Gun collector & shooting hand guns. Make bucktails plug builder. Will retire on my grandfathers land in Oak island.
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  1. Funny you said that. I told him, please don’t stand. The gunnel on the boat was high enough so no one saw it.
  2. The fluke I normally use gulp but they wanted squid. My buddy got big New Jersey squid. It smelled so good I wanted to eat it. The bass I got off the sand bar. I beached the boat and got it on a black green SS bottle plug. I think it’s that silver they saw. There is tons of silver bait. They looked like sardines? Not sure
  3. Wish I know that when I got mine. My buddy works for Ramsey out food and said. Marty you want a REALY good Reel, get the SW twin power 5000. I had nothing but problems with it. Send to Shimano and it came back worst. Clucking sound. I paid $550 for it.
  4. Nice. Wish I had some. My wife just puts butter and garlic. Sorry I left you at dock this morning, I said, boat leaves 5 sharp. I fished alone and did ok. See you tomorrow at 5 am. Sharp!! I went to that sand bar. Beached the boat and fished at the tip. Let’s go!!!
  5. This morning the bite was on !
  6. Fished all night. Tons of big blues. Was able to get 4 bass in 8 hours. Keep one for the table
  7. You eat the white skin side? Not the black?
  8. I had same problem. Had my buddy change the first eye to a #30 eye. Lami makes 7 ft rd with big eyes?
  9. Double header. I haven’t caught two keepers since the 80s.
  10. I never saw sea robin in this early. We need to start eating them.
  11. I never saw sea robin in this early. June just a few. July is every cast. Fluke are here and they are big but it’s hard with those sea robin around, it’s like trying to catch a bass when blues are around. Yes, blues are here and they hit anything.
  12. Wow,nice job Ksong!!! I left at 3am headed to greenport but my steering failed. Had no right turn. I replaced the steering helm 2 years ago for the same problem $600 bucks. I ended up just fishing shinnecock. By the end of the day the steering started to work.
  13. The two in the picture were caught shinnecock-Ocean. The spot one - back bay.
  14. Why do some flounder have spots and some don’t?
  15. I was a southern for 10 years. Delaware. Yes, you call them the correct way. Flounder. The southern boys say all the fish the correct way. Born in NY. We say it wrong. You say, bull minnow we say killies. We say black fish you say tog. I learned a lot down south.