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  1. To be honest I'd probably laugh my ass off if you climbed out to where I was to tell me about a cake recipe.
  2. Been there, but I deserved it. Damn that picture really ****s me up. Murder.
  3. So you catch and release knowing you're causing these fish pain? And look down on someone catching fish to eat a meal? Wow. I release most of my bass now, but will take one for the table when I please, I enjoy the taste of pcbs when I am pregnant.
  4. I wonder how that pig dealt with medical emergencies, type 1 diabetes etc.
  5. Just say it, the cops a ***** and shouldn't be on the job.
  6. Waiting for the rain to clear everyone out.
  7. Try it
  8. I wish everyone out there thought like this.
  9. 1. Not within casting distance on either side. 2. No. 3. Keep it off unless you need it, be aware of where your light is, don't look up and down the beach or at anyone. Don't shine it in the water. I swear guys are going out with stadium lights on their heads. When they look right I can't even look left all the way down the beach. If you see a red pickup truck w Pa plates, run. This group of three likes to throw disco parties late in the evening. I take my night vision very seriously.
  10. L&H

    Not sure what they have left, but Saturday I grabbed a bunch of stuff. Eveything 40% off.
  11. Saw one on the beach last week, made up for the skunk.
  12. Don't take it to heart. I'd suggest not being so specific with reports though.
  13. Good luck.