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  1. I've been checking out that area on google earth, if you want to, go ahead and PM me all you know.
  2. But on the flipside I hate lights with a passion. Use them wisely please.
  3. I read similar things here when I was new and to be honest outside of fishing off the beach, bridges, etc it was never practical for me. When I'm crawled out on a jetty alone, 2 am, when I need the light fast, around my head is perfect. Click, right where I need it. Wave about to crash over my dumb ass trying to save a plug, I need to know if thats a hole or a rock I'm climbing up. Lol Yes lights have been blown off my head, and yes I've had to find my way back with a lighter, but that was a learning lesson and I carry multiple lights now. Until my necklight is a mind reader, it's on my head when I'm on the rocks. Fishing from the beach, the neck light is perfect for me.
  4. Not at all if you're not looking for size.
  5. How are you running your redfin? Fish all night in various locations, black bomber in the new moon zones and chicken scratch in the lit up spots. Decided to stay for first light and pretty much the same report as you, but smokey joe. If its fall, first light, the 5" smokey joe redfin is fishable, and no bites, go home. 5cc oil.. 3 size 2 4x vmc hooks is my confidence, but its sloppy as hell releasing fish, been dabbling with 1/0 in front 2 in back, and I'm liking the results. Edit: I fish these on light drag and honestly when bigger fish are around I stick to the 3 tiny hooks and carry a pack of hooks with me. I feel like with such tiny hooks you need all you can get, and staying as stock as you can will get you the most bites. At least that's what I've seen, but its a confidence thing.
  6. I use rosco split rings, I believe they are 4h, but could be 3h, which ever one matches the stock.
  7. Yea I prefer 1/0 front and back or 2/0 front 1/0 back. I found an sp on a jetty the other night that had 1/0 front 1 in the back, I really like the action, but pull enough hooks with the small 1/0s. Try a redfin if you aren't already fishing them.
  8. By the looks of that tail split ring, you're about to lose that hook as well.
  9. Lol wth.
  10. I got it from google, I did not take the shot.
  11. To be honest I'd probably laugh my ass off if you climbed out to where I was to tell me about a cake recipe.
  12. Been there, but I deserved it. Damn that picture really ****s me up. Murder.
  13. So you catch and release knowing you're causing these fish pain? And look down on someone catching fish to eat a meal? Wow. I release most of my bass now, but will take one for the table when I please, I enjoy the taste of pcbs when I am pregnant.