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  1. I'll take a self imposed banning now.... but before I do, let me say: Edit - giving you a second chance here. And you do realize it says Auto, like in machine gun, not semi-auto, right ? ~ Sudsy
  2. the pendulum swings right and left my friend..... the "America" you know now won't always stay the same.... look at the rest of the world.
  3. smokers were criminals overnight.... did the world end? or did we adjust?
  4. theres ways to grandparent legislation.... and ways to get approval for continued ownership amongst certain individuals.... to pretend otherwise is dishonest... the gov't over-regulates everything else,,, over-regulating gun ownership on certain types of firearms or ammunition is not beyond its wheelhouse.
  5. culture changes all the time, whether or not you like it or agree with it. "Change the culture" of firearm ownership?,... by the looks of it, parts of that culture need to change... unless you want to continue to allow the mentally disabled or domestic terrorists easy access to high capacity automatic firearms.
  6. shouldn't crap like this go in the Free Parking thread?.... got me banned before... but then again, standards are relative around here.
  7. or, more like the right to have birth control covered in all health insurance plans, regardless of my employers POV on it. are you gonna tell me its murder if conception is not allowed?
  8. please explain to me exactly how making civilian gun ownership on particular types of firearms more difficult implies the demonization of gun owners?
  9. funny- the right has no problem legislating on "free will" when it involves reproductive rights....
  10. you elected him... #notmygovernor
  11. Tymers- you'll probably get more feedback if you post this as a thread in the Main forum.
  12. I'd just like to hear how Sy made out. (and for some reason I thought the oyster toads were more active in the winter?).
  13. thanks, but Im awfully calm. I don't think I can make it any more plain for you. I do not think some individuals are responsible enough to own certain types of firearms (as evidence by what happened in Florida).
  14. well, that already happened in Charlottesville.... I just can't seem to fathom how this kid got access to an assault rifle... but I guess the how is not a problem for some people? Make it far more difficult to get access, and it will far more likely that this kid would not have killed as many people. Same with the incident in Vegas.
  15. we can approach this with some level of reasonableness, its not an all or nothing proposition, as the NRA makes it out to be. Newsflash: no one is going to take away all of your guns.