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  1. the video producer is suggesting that the media not publicize or sensationalize the perpetrator of these crimes. I agree with that. The perp should not be made into a celebrity. Will this do anything to reduce the number of these incidents? No idea....but it sounds like deflection to me, its so easy to manipulate people into blaming the media.
  2. Its not my homework to do. I asked 3 simple questions, none of which you want to answer (i wonder why). you are also an exceptionally condescending prick, btw.
  3. nope, but tragedy has been profitable to the media since the dawn of journalism.... the video does offer a slight idea about how the media covers those tragedies, but I doubt that if they decide to change their coverage of these events that these events will just stop happening (or happen less frequently)... thats wishful thinking by the producer of the video.
  4. please post the sound-byte / comment and the context you are referencing. There is nothing about that in the OP. If you will note: I did not quote Trump at all, I asked 3 simple questions about percentages.
  5. plenty of private establishments do not allow concealed or open carry- tons of signs posted on doors of restaurants in Texas, etc.... what problem do you have with a State U (yes, not private) deciding on their own policy, even if it is hypocritical to students/staff vs. visitors?
  6. I don't think I've ever corrected your grammar, just mine. I also doubt that you're wrong.
  7. thats what Democrats do, right?
  8. whats the percentage of "animals" within the legal immigrant community? or, whats the percentage of "animals" within the citizen community?
  9. what percentage of illegal immigrants are MS13 members?
  10. He draped a flag over the counter? This alone makes me think he's got to be a "libertarian". A Democrat would either stomp upon, or burn that flag.
  11. better than you understand terrible jokes.
  12. thank you Ken Starr, thank you very much.
  13. he banged them too?
  14. FIFY