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  1. yes, win. but I would love to be wrong
  2. Looks like Ryan Zinke doesn't even know how to string up the sissy stick.... Im thinking he fishes the spinning reel on top as well. copied from the Montana Post: A reporter from Outside Magazine wrote a profile on Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke after they went fly-fishing together. Towards the end of a very worthwhile piece, he noticed something worth mentioning: "As Zinke and I casted over the ice-cold water, I noticed something funny about his setup. He kept struggling to strip line out of the bottom of the reel. For a while, I thought he was simply having trouble concentrating on our conversation while casting. No, there was something wrong, and when I asked him to stand for a portrait, I finally saw what the problem was. He had rigged his reel backward, so that the line was coming out of the top of the reel. Every so often when he went to strip line out, he would grasp air where the line should’ve been. Seems like an inconsequential thing, but in Montana, it’s everything."
  3. and it does not matter which side of the political spectrum the perp sides with.... plenty of "lefty" examples to give as well
  4. I think it comes from a sense of entitlement... and that there are or will be no consequences. So, if you are a pervert, or even if you feel like you have power over others (often but not always women), and that you will not face any consequences for exercising that power, then you do it without a second thought. kind of like the quote from this guy: "You know I'm automatically attracted to beautiful... I just start kissing them. It's like a magnet. Just kiss. I don't even wait. And when you're a star they let you do it. You can do anything."
  5. maybe the sources you copy and paste are "fake news" ...?
  6. and the sun will not be rising tomorrow morning... Donald Trump said so. So... despite what you see happening in the sky, oh, at about 6:45am EST... it is totally not happening. Colossally ignorant indeed.
  7. Roy Moore surges to the lead... ...on the list of Alabama Senate candidates most likely to have sexually assaulted underage girls.
  8. I know plenty of pro-Trump people who are not racist,... some days I'm pro-Trump... some days I'm embarrassed by our President.
  9. sorry... laughing out loud here... do we have an emoji for ROFLing here?.... this is just too damn good.... All that white hatred has really kept me down lately, god knows I just can't seem to get ahead because of all of that suppressive white hatred Ive been subjected to in the last year... hell, my whole life even! They sky is falling!!!!
  10. screw Warren for her lying.... but that was not what the quoted post was about.. it was about Trump, and I think it was dead on.
  11. This needs to be re-posted.
  12. bold italics why I was banned! (I kid, I kid...)
  13. I'd venture to say supporting Wilbur Ross is not doing anything to help the striped bass either.
  14. just write something like "Conservatism is Cancer", or substitute "Leprosy" in your post.... throwing something like that out there pretty much sums up partisanship.
  15. nice list JohnP! Some great ones in there.... currently reading "My Life Was This Big" by Lefty Kreh.... I will also second The River Why, by David James Duncan,,, also check out My Story As Told By Water by the same author (not necessarily a fishing book, but worth reading anyways). Also, The View From Lazy Point, by Carl Safina is great.