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  1. Kind of a wonky question. I want a Helix 7 with SI G2. My boat wont allow for a side imaging transducer on the transom. I want to use the Xtm 9 Si 180 T trolling motor mount which should interface with this unit. I am wondering if the TM tranducer is the same quality as the SI transom mount ducer. Anyone with experience in this arena have insight for me?
  2. Only if 1. Its a legally owned gun by the murderer. 2. No inner city-gang related. 3. Specifically no Black on Black, Hispanic on Black, Black on Hispanic 4. No hunting accidents. 5. No suicides. Then we would have a good thread. Oh great gang related mass shooting in Trenton this weekend. Read the deets, smh Russia lol
  3. No Little. They dont get it. Its why I dont come here much anymore. Its depressing to see in live posting how destructive and divisive the left is. They want what they want and nothing will change them. Only thing worse than a progressive is wasting time arguing with them.
  4. Maybe drop by and give him a ***** hat. Thats how the left deals with disappointment. Maybe have a day of rage with him, while you are there.
  5. Perfect Reel for that. The 4000 size will be out late summer.
  6. Yeah one half is posting #metoo and the other half thinks #metoo means 'pound me too' Yeah Hollywood is not broke. Russia lol
  7. I will say it again. Its time to seriously curtail if not outright ban commercial fishing. Period. I cant have upland Pheasant or Elk in the grocery store. Why should some one in Peoria have Cod?
  8. BL
  9. Trust me, my 'illegal' mags are going nowhere and will be what is in the gun when it is in the safe.
  10. Yeah I can get 10 rds mags, but its the dang principal.
  11. They think we are idiots. I am leaving NJ very soon. Just waiting on a decision from my youngest.
  12. So scary smart.