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  1. I know who is going to buy them.
  2. Oh thats my problem! I been looking for composite grass and different strains of floors. ****, I am outta here.
  3. Literally his next post. Awesome Next I want to see him having political discussions with all this black friends. Pix or it didnt happen.
  4. Pretty much sums of Mueller's collusion investigation. Russi lol
  5. Thats how you refute something KB. Seem pretty damn close to nationalizing companies to me.
  6. Hi Guys! Whats going on?
  7. Not sure I am 100% on board with this. I too have seen brand new rods break when testing and I have seen them break in multiple pieces sometimes. I have also seen dudes gorilla a rod and break it cause they dont know what they are doing. Fact is though, if a rod has a manufactures defect it will show up like this right away. Not a year later.
  8. Russia lol What a giant bunch of rubes. Was at a successful party last night. I say successful because despite stiff Tito's I managed to keep my yap shut amongst a **** pile of liberal elite NJ people who actually believe this **** wholeheartedly. They were mighty thin on facts (much like they are on guns) but convinced Trump would be impeached any day now. I distracted them by talking about sharks eating people in Massachusetts and cat videos on You Tube.
  9. Stay on topic yak man
  10. Dems will keep losing because of OPM. Its that simple. Pockets of liberal paradises are getting more and more vocal about wanting free college, free phones, free rent, EBT, cards and THEY DONT WANT TO WORK FOR IT. Problem is those areas have the bully pulpit with MSM and the rest of the country ALREADY PAYING TOO MUCH has had it with being demonized on National TV every damn second of the day. Being told they are deplorable racists that want to separate poor babies from poor imigrant families and need Katy Perry to preach at them is starting to wear thin. If you are going to be on the dole for life and a habitual societal leech, have the grace to keep your trap shut and cash your check without blocking traffic. Instead they are joining BLM, ANITFA, and attacking, literally attacking, the hand that feeds them. This is why Trump COULD shoot someone on 5th ave. We dont care. I work like a real man. I watch the sunrise and work all day. Many weekends. I have to use all my intellect, training, desire, and ambition to pay my bills. And I am fresh out of it and cannot afford to give Uncle Sam and the Socialist Republic of NJ anymore. They have a staggering amount already. And then I get to see some scum--bag politician and limosuine liberals calling me a racist on CNN and NBC Nightly News? **** the dems.
  11. Dude Not for nothing, but we get it. Thank you for your service.
  12. It would have to be a real good candidate. I would do it if it were the less of two evils. I am not unlike Joey in that regard. But there is not doubt you have to be ****ing crazy as a **** house rat to cut your junk off.
  13. Tapes lol what a bunch of ****ing idiots.
  14. Let it die. Its for ****** and malcontents.
  15. "CBS News has not been able to verify the authenticity of the recording -" From the same article.