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  1. I hear you. The 4000 in the Saltiga are still condisdered a Pelagic reel that is popular in the far east. For us its too big to be light inshore reel and too small for big bucktailing or Pencil Popping on a 11 ft rod. I find it to be a great boat reel for when the bunker are staked thick and I want to plug instead of snag and drop etc. Its also the perfect open beach 9ft light plugging reel. The LT line is more sized to FW. So the 4000 in an LT is like half the size of the saltiga 4000. Wait till you feel this new Exist. Its sick. But I think it will be best suited for fw or boat use only in SW.
  2. The 4K is just as strong as the old 4K, perhaps more. Depending on the rod's specs and what species you are targeting, but it could be a perfect fit.
  3. Thats an awesome chart. I love that career politicians and appointees are crapping their pants. "This dude will absolutely fire me". This is new math. The business people that get let go understand. Funny how it all started with Flynn. Bet the left wishes they never picked that scab huh? lol Russia
  4. LOL The gloating. Wont you guys ever learn? The hubris always gets you. Its all here. Bad polling, fake news, sanctimonious pronouncements, the condescending tone and love for their precious MSM. And then the sun comes up and oops. ****ing Russia lol
  5. I doubt you could get 30% of people in the PG to agree to your few things.
  6. Sounds like fun. Maybe a stakeout pole. I wonder if anyone targets bones out of a kayak. I am all for the right tool for the job so I get not wanting to take a big lawn chair through the surf. I would only do it under very flat conditions.
  7. Ross you need to take a few breaths man. Phew. Who is demanding people launch these in the surf? You say I am, can you provide any evidence of me saying that bringing big boats through the surf is good? Anything? I look at these big boats for what they are, I dont care what some marketing guy in Cali says. Manufactures have a marketing dept, they market. If they get it wrong, I get that its a shame, but tyranny? If you like your lawn chair seat keep it. If you are foolish enough to try and take it through the surf, it will be a good perhaps expensive lesson.
  8. Never fished bonefish. I am jealous, bucket list for me. No idea how to do it. I am just thinking of situations on flats where people pole boats and sight fish, like I have seen bonefish guides do on TV. The point remains the same though. There are people that want to stand up and fish on flats everywhere in the world.
  9. How about people that pole the flats? Serious sight fishing whether its the Brewster flats or somewhere on Exuma. A speedy fast ocean yak would be useless bonefishing I would imagine. Thats a bucket list fish for me.
  10. Exactly correct. Also lets not forget our fly fishing friends as well. I have said before and continue to stand by this; different strokes for different folks. Customer demand and sell through tell a very clear tale in regards to this style of fishing and this type of kayak. The Bassmaster Classic is going on right now with hundreds of thousands of people attending. Every one of them 'stands to fish'. Thats a market that cannot be denied, nor should it be. I enjoy FW fishing equally with SW. And kayaks are cheap enough that I own several, some for salt, some for fresh. If kayak companies built boats only for people who surf launch and fish in big saltwater conditions, they would go out of business. I dont think anyone at these companies would advocate these boats as surf boats.
  11. Looks like Luther Cifers the President and CEO of Bonafide and YakAttack will be T the Edison Shiw at the Paddlers Cove booth. Great chance to hear about the inception of Bonafide and take a look at the SS127. No surf anywhere in sight so feel free take a peek!
  12. The district downgraded it to 5 days detention and its happening. Rail away.
  13. Yep. There is. If you are not a FW or a sedge fan that is fine. Great even. There are a lot of folks however who are. So I hope they get a chance to stop by John's booth at the show and say hello to him and check out the new boat!
  14. I better tell Tim to 86 the freshwater forum.
  15. Why should they not assume such a position? It happened on their sovereign soil. Blaming Trump is #*****