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  1. tails are in the mail . thread closed thanks guys
  2. No. My price is firm.
  3. Was open as of monday by boat launch
  4. True. I wasn't sure what size he wanted. I had trouble over 3oz.
  5. dont know if I am allowed to post this here, if not sorry.. what you are looking for is a pain in the ass, if your lead is dirty it will clog and you will loose time cleaning it, get a turkey frier and a melting pot with a ladle. you will be very happy you did at the end of the day . those little pots take for ever and the lead doesnt stay hot enough on the pour to mold large jigs .
  6. The real is a work horse. You won't find one better in low profile. I can only tell you to try one. It comes with a power handle and there is no hand fatigue after jigging all day
  7. What size pot you looking for.
  8. Sold pending payment. I will pm you my # and we will plan a meet up on the parkway.
  9. because I use the toro . it is a great inshore reel. I have the revo inshore also and it is great until you hit 45-50' of water then it is maxed out
  10. I got a couple revos and they are great reels, fast pick up, thumb bar, power handle ,and a work horse. It is my go to reel now. I jig 12 oz bucktails with no trouble.
  11. Yes as long as it is a 2" hitch. It will work.
  12. Sorry that is to big of a loss for me. Lowest I can go on this is 160.
  13. Whites and yellows for now
  14. Edison. 30 min. North of you.