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  1. I'm beating my chest for 32" right now on Albie
  2. Nice...Tanaka gets out of the jam.
  3. Was it as bad as Sergio Dipp?
  4. ^^^^^^^^^ That is what he did. Tomorrow is Thursday and you still can't understand the rule?
  5. Can you look at the reverse angle when he bobbles the ball again...."Control through the endzone" is what the rule says. He does not demonstrate that.
  6. He's a good man for sharing some of his stash!
  7. Fake Ass Viking with that fake ass apology. Not even a "But".
  8. I figured Mokes for the rape and pilfer type. Dam ass fake Vikings.
  9. You apologize once a year.
  10. How much did you pay that man?
  11. Those conversations should have stayed private. Everybody is sensitive. The wife of the slain serviceman is not on the media witch hunt, only the congress woman who was not actually on the phone with the President. It's an elder congress person at that. I'm sure her hearing is not that great. I want to believe Trump and since he says he has proof, which would be the taped phone call right? If that's what it is, let it out. Show the world the fake news...but if you don't have proof? Why say you have proof.
  12. Hey man , us Latinos need to stick together. Even if I can't speak "Are" language.
  13. There is no bigger ass here than mine.
  14. Its not an apology if there is a but.
  15. You are a class act HFB. Fish Hard!