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  1. I get a clean cut with knipex. Use the wood dowel method notched and twist the eye of a hook to a screw fastened to a bench. There's a great thread here from 2013 with a member who did a test. The best is the cut 4x VMC and two pullers to the hooks. Still wouldn't open the eye!
  2. I thought those were tobacco stains!
  3. Most men here buy Shrimp pre-cooked in the stores already shelled.......from Thailand....there's another problem with that....They **** and clean their clothes in the same water. in Thailand....cleanliness is next to godliness.
  4. Belichick had to say something to Guerrero. It's rumored Guerrero was telling players "Don't Trust The Trainers."...If any Patriots player said that? They would be out of here. Look at Hightower.....He works with Guerrero...he has yet to play an entire season without getting hurt. Can't blame the trainers and Guerrero isn't helping him any....Seemed like it made Tom Brady happy but it's a distraction now. **** that snake oil salesman and his concussion water.
  5. Nothing like a warm buttered roll and salad with house dressing. Hot milf waitress serving.
  6. It could pick up after lunch and then hopefully another volley around 8pm.
  7. It’s stsrting to level off for the day. I thought it was going to hit 400 before
  8. Yes!!!!!! Go Litecoin!!!!!!!
  9. wth was that?
  10. Here's a blast from the Past....Mcdonoughs dad:
  11. The Dolphins are huffing and puffing now. Cooks sold that PI.
  12. Brady ran that same touch pass play to lewis last year and it was called out of bounds when it wasn'
  13. **** the Pats....Litecoin!!!!!!!!! I'm kicking ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. oh give me gas.