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  1. That's actually a great idea. Waves any pro-rated fees or shipping fees. Agree, if it is a true .5 than it's a money maker.
  2. I don't do anything special. Just put on the cover drill about 8 holes with a 3/8" bit and be done. It's not complicated.
  3. I'd like to hear from Elias on that. If that is true that is absolute a load of crap. It's like someone guiding in a boat, taking charters and having the brand new Yamaha crap out....and Yamaha refuses to fix it because you are running Charters or making youtube videos.
  4. I'm running two of the same Side Imagine transducers in two separate kayaks. One covered by the Berley Pro and one Uncovered. Absolutely no Difference in signal. I would still drill holes in the Berley Pro cover for sand and other debris to stay flushed and not built up. It will not weaken the cover.
  5. Come on guys....take the NY/NJ bunker experience and go get some big bass in the morning....Don't let this forum down!
  6. That's bad Ju ju with the skunk! This front will blow NW and then turn around semi hard NE making fishing in our SW facing protected shorelines, impossible tonight and Sunday. Been a strange year fishing this year up here.
  7. Screaming! The bay is white capped. Took 10 minutes on the approaching front. NNW will swap around NNE. Ducking for cover
  8. I will disagree later is better for large. Not for me. Not for what I do., The time is now.
  9. Big Bass change people, always has, always will.
  10. I have to agree. That is hypocrisy at it's finest. Lame.
  11. Not everyone gets the "Good Faith" warranty treatment. Don't know the details but here is one member who did not get it.
  12. Kross is one single person talking about his consumer experience with a product and now that company rep. is coming into this forum to address the situation. Even the Attorney General out of California saw enough in Kross argument to take it on to the next level. Another Hobie Rep who handles BBB situations, has negotiated with Kross and it could be ongoing.and now you are here telling me I am giving Kross to much "weight" for his "flag waving? This is all too powerful for just one person behind a keyboard sending emails and posts. My comments have no bearing and Hobie is already doing the Flag Waving. I also find it unusual that one person can get this type of reaction...which makes me want to put on my Michael Corleone hat and look at this deeper....Kross is probably not the only one to attempt an email to the AG out of California of the BBB.....or the forums are more powerful than we think. Kross is not spreading lies, he is sharing his experience.
  13. It doesn't mean every single bass leaves. I can still get fish in Boston During December. But the bulk and larger biomass? Exits.
  14. Mmiller already said this. So it is possible Kross email to the AG did have an effect on this. I don't think it's right for one single email to be blamed for taking away the hand shake and a wink out of warranty protection but like Tim S said, that type of practice ends up failing over the long run anyways.
  15. What is the benefit of "unofficial"? I never got that part. It's a hand shake deal and a wink. No other company I can think of does this...and I understand what TimS is saying.....this is more than other manufacturers do.