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  1. Never forget the first Superbowl Victory. Euphoria! Thank You Mr. Santos!
  2. RASK!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. That white lives matter was probably on that wall for months...and then some white person goes by and says, "That offends me" and calls the news.
  4. It's across from the liquor store. Looks better with the spray paint.
  5. That area is hidden in the back alley. If I'm not mistaken that's the back side of the liquor store there. "Dudley" is called "Deadly" for many reasons. Thankfully it's all getting rehabbed and the rif raf are getting priced out. It very well could have been an inside job. It kinda looks like a black person wrote it.
  6. Someone writes "Black Lives Matter" nobody bats an eye......someone writes "white lives matter" in a ****** back alley store in the Dudley section of Boston.....Dudley? Everybody loses their ****ing minds and becomes a national headline.
  7. Tukka better rob this game now. ****ing great!
  8. Chara trying to make things happen...the only one.
  9. Some good finds in those bargain bins. The only black nickle type coating that can take the salt for a little while at least is the Gamakatsu bait I'm still making jigs with the good ole standby 8/0 mustad 34185 and 34184
  10. pick up the pace.
  11. Take it. Some weird goals in this series.
  12. Its a great video. Keeps it simple.
  13. wow Flyers suck ass. Shouldn't even be there......Should be the Panthers.
  14. Just saw EliasV new video. Fishing plastic shad bodies with 3/4oz style jig heads picking up some nice Bass and going bendo with rod. Troll it or cast it throwing rubber is one option to get yourself an early Hog. It's all about keeping it simple. That water is cold. You have some tidal flats, warming up there. Some dark mud even better. Don't be afraid to throw some of those unweighted 10" hogies or 9" sluggo's. Rip em and stop.
  15. I use to toss pencils from the kayak. I have a few lami glass blanks I built pencils rods for. I just don't toss pencils anymore. It's all about plastic at night...and I have to take the light weight graphites and carbon graphites out. Light weight rules when jigging at night.