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  1. Normally in commercial HW source around Boston it will be an electric tank for up to 80 gallons or indirect tank for larger capacity or when 160 degree line is also required mostly in restaurants and commercial kitchens to the dishwasher.
  2. That's absolutely right...tit for tat. He's the fall guy.
  3. This sheriff is a ****ing fraud!!!!!!!!!! He should concentrate on his own department...didn't even say a word last night...because they knew what the fallout will be.
  4. Oh no, those same parents that paraded last night with kids who were wounded or killed will absolutely do an about face. This is a ****ing disgrace.
  5. That is unbelievable. Why didn't this sheriff say anything last night at the Town Meeting? Bunch of bull****.......they would have attacked that sheriff last night instead of clapping for him. WTF!!!!!!!!!!
  6. There's nothing new here except some nit wit decides to call the news and they bought it. Sad.
  7. 10 speed auto? Twin Turbo Diesel? 210 horsepower? No. I'm sure it's going to be more money than Tacoma Pro. I would say 55k. For 210 HP? No.
  8. Bad Ass. Raptor Ranger! I don't know what the Price will be but I like it!
  9. ^^^^^^^^ That's the reason right there. Just google "School Lock Down" and it's bunches of new schools everyday. Copy Cats and it's sadly going to get worse.
  10. Reach back like a pimp and slap the Hoe.
  11. I have to disagree with some points. This latest shooting massacre hits the heartland of the conservative base. Judging from the Town Hall. I credit Rubio for getting down in the trenches and the Governor should have been there too, ****ing coward. I argued with Liberals all week and can understand their point, even if I don't want too. It's their way or no way. They want the assault weapon ban and now they are talking about Muskets....and Militia. Scumbags, like a Musket is going to help us with defeat the Government in a Civil War. If Abortion was illegal there would still be abortions. If you ban Assault Rifles, there will still be killings. People kill people and they are pretty good at it.
  12. Forget Tequila. Go for the Mezcal and eat the worm.
  13. Who remembers the "Boys Of Brazil"? Action!
  14. That's good to know thanks. That model of AO Smith is not really common up here in Metro Boston.