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  1. I just got back from the auto-da-fé Auto-da-fé, what's an auto-da-fé? It's what you oughtn't to do but you do anyway
  2. On IFC right now.....Funny or Not? The Inquisition!
  3. Kross is a dirty dare you tell the truth about hobie?
  4. That would have been awesome.
  5. I am just frustrated at ths market and where it has been going for a while now.
  6. Ok who heard? No pic yet.
  7. 36” wide and a non sealed drive above the water line is exactly what anglers are looking for!
  8. Go E-Verify what ever you want. Show me the application for free welfare and free EBT for illegal Immigrants...thanks!
  9. Just saw much easier staying home.
  10. I agree. It cost money...needs to be stopped...but what does this have to do with the United States giving out free Welfare to Illegal Immigrants?
  11. Or something? You have your head so far up on your culo, it is you, that is the illegal alien. Suddenly? They work, steal, carry drugs, who the hell knows but it's comical you think it's for 150 dollars a month of free EBT.
  12. Again, I challenge for you to show me one application where uncle sam gives out free welfare to anyone illegal aliens. When you find that application let me know and post here.
  13. They work there and save do you still think they are risking that cash for a maybe shot of getting the EBT card or are you repeating what Little and Sudsy post from James Woods twitter feed, what they find on fox news, or Breibart? I am happy to see people finally waking up... so before anyone here again, calls me a Liberal, I back Trump 100% on his immigration policy.
  14. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ So illegal folks are risking life and limb, freedom, and paying about 4k on foot to a Coyote, 9k by boat, all for what you think is for some free EBT? The **** is so deep in here you need waders not boots.
  15. Sudsy, read your first couple of sentences. You will have your supporters who will believe what's on Fox News and Briebart or what James Woods writes on his twitter.....and for the record I am behind Trump on his immigration policy so far 100 %. My interest is the truth and debunking bull**** and lies.