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  1. so what? Mosque is racism remark?, wow. Trump is in your head 24 x7 x 365
  2. This was all about aid, as in $$$$ all the previous presidents promised and caved......Trump said no early on.....which is what Barack should have done, instead of showing weakness in foreign policy.
  3. His name is Fwank, and I agree with you post. Regarding the law suit, I believe it to be frivolous and an obtainable outcome for the Dems. Waste of Tax payer money too.
  4. Just how bad is it for you personally? Racism has been around since before Christ.
  5. Stay on topic please
  6. I just don't see it happening in NE, with him. Hes not that good and hes lost a step. ME has malcomb mitchel for pennies, Brady likes him
  7. Like I said before just stay on topic, see if you can do that
  8. Don't be so gullible to the move on .org crowd...for starters. Taking liberty away from who? I belive you have Daca laws confused with something else. 75% of voters during a conducted exit poll said illegal immigration is a problem and needs to be revamped and tightened... Tariffs on imports of solar panels, He increased them to possible get manufactures to build them here, The solar industry is more or less "funded" by rebates and tax advantages for the wealthy. How is he exploiting national parks? by making them autonomous? The protection of clean water and clean air? he rolled back the laws, he redefined them making them practical ( see minimum gas mileage of domestic cars) and possible. 2.5 million on security? billed and paid are two different things
  9. Stay on topic or don't contribute, take your pick
  10. exactly those words that Rocketman spoke, had never been heard before....
  11. so you disagree with Rocketman statement? or are you just redirecting the subject to somewhere else
  12. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un announced Friday evening that the country has suspended its nuclear program, does not plan any more nuclear or missile tests, and will shut down a nuclear test ground in the northern part of the country. Now be fore everyone says we can't trust the guy, you have to admit with all the back and forth dialog between trump and Rocketman, the goal was always to reduce the threat, without paying him millions, Something all the presidents did before hand...This could be a start, but it won't be the end
  13. The beginning stages of taking the country back, little tiny steps, subtle little changes. Contrary to what some feel....the sky is not falling