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  1. Wentz definitely kept plays alive and just alive but many times totaly stupid plays that should be losses turn into 10,15 and 20 yard plays. Nick might be able to fill in and a good QB, but you eagles fan had someone special, over the top, that made players around him better....Not sure if Nick has that extra gear, let alone the luck if he doesn't. Keep your fingers crossed, I had eagles/pats in the superbowl
  2. I hope his (wentz) knee injury is a strain rather than year ending injury. When the Eagles quickly ruled out quarterback Carson Wentz with a knee injury in the second half of Sunday’s game, it seemed inevitable that a report that the team fears Wentz will be out for the rest of the season as a result would follow. That report came on Sunday evening. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Eagles fear Wentz tore the ACL in his left knee. There will presumably be further tests to confirm that diagnosis.
  3. of course he is....
  4. need, is much to strong of word.
  5. "not presently banned" is there anything we can do expedite the process?
  6. only when he works? that means he is stealing from his employer. Lets call his boss
  7. "In" before elite is mentioned in this thread.......
  8. why can't we get players like that?
  9. 6 inches here
  10. The guy has quite an arm.... In the off season he can double dip in salary.....Meanwhile the Yankees have announce much higher ticket prices for the cheap seats and the Yes network has announced higher royalty costs to local affiliates.....
  11. thank you the reminder, just a bunch of cry babies in the pg at times. occasionally a decent discussion or debate, usually derailed by the second page or sooner btw that's the smart thing to do...look at the menu but just don't order.
  12. nor even acknowledging his victims or behavior, very cowardly
  13. terrible actor IMO. Should have cast someone else in Point break, which actually had the story line of a decent movie, he screwed it up.