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  1. CNN = Clinton News Network, then and now
  2. well don't stop there, what did he tell trump to do? Im on the edge of my seat. By the way, what sort of law or legislation would have prevented this tragedy?
  3. The substance is meldonium, banned since 2016, it offers endurance which would benefit the sweeper in curling. 170 cases since 2016 almost all involving eastern europeans, the most famous being Marie Sharapova
  4. If someone is completely f-ed up, like this young adult...Once again no father. Where does this guy go for help, serious help? how is he removed from society....all the warning signs were out there, Some have blamed hipa regulations. There is no answer is there?
  5. " Olympic Athletes From Russia" this one won a bronze, the chit he was caught with was the same that Sharapova was suspended for.....They know what they are taking
  6. so was I , I thought he was on the other team....not that there is anything wrong with that
  7. Trade deadline looming.....I say stay put
  8. as far as I understand....It was the antifa that brought on the violence at charlottesville. The video seen by millions of the neo nazis, with their torches, marching and yelling on behalf of whites supremacy. Might be hard from some of you admit, but that was a peaceful march
  9. is that really necessary to say?
  10. Its a derivative of the "triple Lindy" correct?
  11. Its crazy it can be that close, that one hundredth of a second amounts to one turn being less than an inch closer to the gate.... I wasn't expecting Vonn to medal, so a decent showing, which doesn't get you anything in the olympics. From what I read this morning, I bet she wished she had kept her trap shut leading up to the olympics. Clueless blonde
  12. It proves nothing,other than the russians. It has as much to do about Trump as it does Hillary thank you for your concern, decent troll.
  13. 13 arrested, all russian.....and no link what so ever with the current administration, None, zilch