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  1. I believe vikings only go out starting March depends on weather. They target the closer spots (18hour trip?) and had luck finding 20-40lb previously. Too bad it's too far for me.
  2. Ugh, this new phone camera sucks
  3. Sat night? What's the tide?
  4. Yup. You are right. The westernized Chinese restaurants won't really deal with the New Year celebrations. On the other hand a lot of the restaurants or supermarkets will be close especially in Chinatown. By the way, look for something call Yee mein. It's a soft flat noodle that is a tad different than Lo Mein. Pretty good too.
  5. I don't get it. Why does the line roller position have anything to do with when the line coming off the spool? Unless you mean the spool itself is angled ?
  6. Happy V-Day
  7. How low can you go for shipping the star to 02148?
  8. This might be easy for some if you are in the trade. I blanked out the brand just to make it interesting.
  9. Interested in the Star 8'. Will you willing to ship?
  10. Pick up location?
  11. Perhaps you are right, I shouldn't overthink fishing too much lol
  12. I jig, but never jig for togs. Knowing that I will be jigging very close to boulders there will be that chance that I will get stuck or get pulled into the rocks. I want to see how you guys tie your jigs when jigging for togs. I have a few option in mind but which is better? BTW this is from shoreline/jetty. 1. Tie the jig directly on to your casting mono. My case is 30lb mono. Simple and easy. But will 30lb leader be enough to stand up against the rocks? 2. Tie a 3-5 ft 50lb leader with uni to uni on to casting mono (30lb) then the jig on the other end. This might hinder casting due to the knot being big. 3. Tie a swivel between casting and leader line then jig. This might be a normal rig for jigging for fluke or striper etc. Easy to change lure. Swivel will prevent line twist. Is there are other option that are better?