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  1. The Steller lite is price $65 shipped? If the only issue is the dark cork, I'll take that.
  2. I am sure most of the folks here remember when the first film panorama camera were introduced back in the late 90s. This picture I took in 2000 back then and scanned it back to the computer. This still amazes me how I was able to capture this without knowing a dime of knowledge of photography. Only if that building isn't in the back then this will be perfect......
  3. Jigging I find that I can weed out cunners and lots of scups. Flukes, seabass, stripers and blues chases bait and react to it more than just the bait sitting on the bottom. The area that I fish tends to have a lot of mix smaller fish around some decent size seabass and flukes. Regular rig with bait are usually taken by them. Just looking for another way to see if I can catch those better.
  4. Wow, thanks for all the suggestions. How would this rig run under rocky conditions? Will it be this hard too?
  5. Something I've tried a few times and haven't been able to succeeded. I have a few areas that I know there are seabass, blackfish and probably flounder in the area. But it has a very heavy current that need about 4-6 oz to jig it. A bit less then the Cape cod canel. First challenge is finding the jigs that doesn't use too big of a hook. So I had some custom made with a tad smaller hook size to fit the bill. When they arrived, tried to put a 4" gulp on it and use, but the profile looks way too awkward; big lead with small little rubber tail. Obviously I can put a bigger profile gulp on it..... I tried a few times doing different things without success. Maybe there is just no fish? Maybe my technique is wrong? I donno.. Just wondering if there is a different approach on doing this.
  6. I saw one big one hitting a squid jig while the guy was jigging for squid. Broke the guy's rod too.
  7. I've seen a video of a guy at Japanese market that did this. The reason they slice the tail is to make them bleed slower until the heart pumps out most of the blood. In the mean time they poke a hole in the brain through the nervous system to stop their brain function but leaving the heart pumping. Cutting them in the gill kills them faster before their blood bleeds out of their bloody. I guess either way it work.
  8. I've got some already down in Bourne area. Not in massive numbers.
  9. I see nothing here.
  10. Saved them for chunking.
  11. That's one of the things I left at home (thought I brought it)... I had to resort to use jigs to snag them up and chunk them. They were so thick that every cast of the jig would be able to snag one on a single point hook.....
  12. Most of them are 15" long
  13. So I was trying to do some fishing at 2am and found this massive group of pogies with nothing on them. Never ran into one so thick and they are big. Where were the stripers and YED?
  14. Thanks guys. I'll cleaned up the caulk and monitor it. Another weekend project....