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  1. CSJ - I have a press if you want to use it to change out strings.
  2. I only do all day sits during the rut, don't want to miss that mid-day booner
  3. Switched from iPhone to the pixel 2 on Google's plan and never looked back.
  4. we can shoot 6 bucks and unlimited does in NJ lol
  5. Foggy winter morning on the way to the ferry
  6. Do people just not like b/w photos as much as color? Most of my favorite shots I took this past year we're converted to b/w and the color version just didn't look the same or have the same feel. Most everyone else i asked seemed to favor the color shots over the b/w.
  7. I see this way too often in the tree lol
  8. PB isn't a breed. Boston and french terriers are included under the bully tag, your gonna snuff them out too?
  9. Which breed is that?
  10. I just slide it up after I get on the platform. I don't trust the stand until I've cam locked it. I dont trust the stick not to kick out transferring my weight to the stand either
  11. Get another rope for a tree tether. Set your stand, set your tree tether, clip in with your harness, un do your lineman's belt, get in stand...always connected.
  12. I'm sorry to hear about your dog as well. I'd be seeing red if it were mine. It seems there is a common theme in these situations - ****te owners. I have heard of pit police dogs before tho
  13. I thought Dana was making their frames and it was something deficient in their production. The 4runners have this issue too but Toyota is not acknowledging it as openly as they are for the tacoma