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  1. Yea, we had to hike in bit from the road to get to the trail due to the snow. Such a great area but way too many people in the main canyon. I want to go back a spend a good chunk of time in the grand staircase nm, that place is awesome.
  2. Ahh, yes that is a marker. Zion requires you to obtain permits for their designated backcountry sites. This is one of 8 spread out over 5ish miles on their west rim. This trail drops you down to the base of angel's landing.
  3. Thanks! Yea, it's the carcus of a burnt out pine.
  4. I have some, not that I'd consider them great though. It was kind of a last minute trip and saw we we're going to have a full moon so I cheaped out and didn't buy an astro lens. I did what I could with my 16-35 f/4. My strategy was to take a bunch of pictures to later stack to get some of the noise out - currently in the process of doing that. To me the look cool cause I took'em but nothing like some of the stuff that's out there.
  5. Same spot, moonrise a few hours later
  6. I see my wife everyday, that canyon view not so much ...this is day three in the southern utah backcountry with day time temps in the 90s....neither if us were smelling fresh lol
  7. A room with a view!
  8. Sony a6000 x2
  9. Never too soon to start that cardio training
  10. I e-scouted some spots near there in Uncompahgre NF but think I may stay up north where I hunted in 16'. Some of those packs are pretty heavy for sure, tough to staylight when your close to 10lb empty lol I like my EE quilt, they have more options to make a longer/wider quilt needed for the ground.
  11. What area are you headed to? I'll be out for a 10 day hunt 1st into second week. What pack are you running?