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    from small control wires to 13,800 volt terminations.....all FDA documented....the Commissioner

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  1. Bob I'll send u a pm tonight. I can meet u after work tomorrow
  2. I guess if I never have seen one its useless?
  3. Good one
  4. My first house I had them. Very easy,........ put up 2 houses cleaned the houses at the end of the season nothing to it. Very cool birds. This house is two towns over, put out houses. Nothing! Is there a way to attract them or is it you just have to have them around for them to nest? Thoughts?
  5. Yes to this
  6. I cannot make this years. My work has scheduled a job based on when some materials are being shipped and my availability. Its not my job but they want me. I will be in west Greenwich.......... Gonna fish this week Have fun trolls.......
  7. I will check them\ him out Thanks
  8. Stakes or steaks?
  9. I did this for a while but used a bike to lug it around. Old timer used to tell me this. Some truth to it.
  10. Where is this place?
  11. This morning i saw this one.is he looking under her skirt?
  12. Saw it
  13. What. Did you think of the 46?
  14. I think your going to like 11 better than 9'6 in the canal. Weight rating seems good. Although sp minnow might be tough because of lower end. That's all I got dont know rod.