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  1. Dam I can't focus
  2. I thought there was another reason for the candy apple red hooks
  3. I bought a dremel little carbide wheel. Costly but quick. I've read of heating up too much vs. Cutting but I like dremel better than my bolt cutters. I use side cutters to open and close. I believe the width of the jaws make easy work on the eye of the hook to spin open a little then spin back. Phil what plugs are you putting cut hooks on? I tried some big cut hooks on the largest Magic Swimmer and feel they didn't swing correctly. I went back to swivels on that lure.
  4. I mean to twist open and closed
  5. Hi jighead75, look forward to meeting you
  6. Phil what device did you use to open\close cut hooks? I have had good luck using sidecutters.
  7. Anybody listen to pink floyd animals? In its entirety?
  8. The fish signed it? Maybe mine was put away as well.
  9. they will have cans and pours tomorrow. I'll lyk what cans are
  10. But a.........? Swivel on the nose
  11. Dictionary from my home town
  12. On ******* they show a mod to make a mold that the treble will fit in so it won't twist when you open and close it. I think metal lips builders use cut hooks on. I usually copy what the builder started with.
  13. Hula popper Phil?????
  14. Tuesdays are usually mellow, pours and what they have for cans left. I'll update you tomorrow. I'm in west Greenwich don't think I'll go. Unless........... Well maybe