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  1. I have been out for a long while. Not much saltwater in Pittsburgh. All you folks along the coast be careful and godspeed. I will be thinking about you.
  2. SAGE Xi2 10-90-4. 9ft 10wt 4pc. Like new,only smudges on corks. Complete with factory sack and tube. New price $375.00. PM with contact information.
  3. Used 3 or 4 times. SAGE bag and tube. As new. $450.00. PM for details.
  4. FS SAGE 1090-4 Xi2. Used 3 or 4 times. As new. Sage sack and aluninum tube. $450.00. Send PM for more details and instructions.
  5. You said you are casting from a boat. Sirring in a boat is a difficult way to learn to cast. Standing is easier. Get Lefty's DVD as suggested.
  6. There are many selections both in material and colors.
  7. Thanks to all. I don't match the hatch except by accident. I asked Lefty Kreh one time about patterns. He replied to use small, medium, and large in light, medium, and dark. That is why some folks call fly fishing an "art form". I just refuse to load up a vest til it's uncomfortable.
  8. Sorry, trout and smallies.
  9. I will be fishing freshwater for the first time in over 25 years. I will limit the flies in my box to 6 to 8 patterns. What patterns would you suggest? I will use wet flies only. Three sizes or three colors of one pattern counts as one pattern. Thanks
  10. caught my first trout on a black flatfish back in 1953. Good lure.
  11. Author: John Galligan Pub: Bleak House Books Well written fun to read stories about "Dog." Dog is a true trout bum who travels around the 100 best trout streams in a large travel camper. Along the way he runs into a broad spectrum of characters. He also runs into dead bodies. His drink of choice is tang and vodka. TITLES: The Nail Knot The Blood Knot And Others
  12. Fly casting in the surf at night- put a 1/0 Clouser in one side of my right earlobe and out the other. It was hanging like an earring. No problem, the barb was crushed. Slipped it out and continued.
  13. smallmouth are muy favorite. any size will do.
  14. Ilike to scrape the goodies off a pizza and put them in an omelet.