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  1. sounds good
  2. It seems to be different on the Z, and I did not use that nut. Instead I used a rubber stopper and it seems to balance fine. I suppose you could "load" it with BBs . If you look in that post a few pictures down, you'll see what I am talking about compared to this:
  3. Sorry, I do not have the 710 handle. The bail-less conversion was done using a post I found here on SOL. I ordered Penn parts to modify the pickup. I believe this is the post.
  4. Thanks, I'll PM you
  5. Here's one- $75 shipped VG condition 2 spools, one w/20lb Fireline, one w/20lb mono (Trilene Big Game?) 704z handle
  6. Nick- I’ll take it for $100 picked up
  7. I couldn't find the box, but I had another from an iPhone 5, which I'll use if OK by you.
  8. Thanks- PM coming
  9. Space Gray Black Otterbox Commuter Box $65 shipped, PayPal
  10. Railings if you split Nice deck...
  11. I should have one, 16GB. I’ll update this when I get home. was used on Verizon
  12. Yes, sorry. I'll take the Suzuki for $160 p/u. Thanks,.
  13. I will take it if $160, picked up is acceptable. I will probably be in the area the last week of June (~27th PM I think).
  14. Is pickup an option? PayPal?