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  1. Dave thanks, I should be up next Wednesday. Abu/Cabelas combo still available.
  2. Yes they are
  3. Morristown, NJ and possibly the typical Raritan Bay spots
  4. That's a downer. I thought this post would have a happy ending.
  5. North Jersey, with frequent trips to Wallingford, CT and Westboro, MA
  6. Penn 712Z, serviced last year, and not used since. Everything works as it should. Shakespeare Ugly Stick Lite model SP1170-1MH, 7' Medium Heavy, 8-17lb line $60 picked up/meet up Abu Garcia 5500C very good shape Cabelas SST Graphite C663, 6'6", 3/8-1-1/2 oz, 12-25 lb $60 picked up/meet up All items in good shape. Perfect for kayak fishing. Located in north NJ. Take both for $100 picked up/meet up
  7. I'll be in Westboro Tuesday to Wednesday, so I think we can work it out. I'll send a PM
  8. I'll take it if you can wait until next Wednesday for pick up
  9. Nice. I thought about going this morning, but I couldn't bounce back after last night.
  10. I overshot my landing spot tonight- I have to pay more attention!
  11. Sorry, I really don't need this. GLWS
  12. Early tomorrow for me as well. Gotta be home by noon or so.
  13. I'm gonna keep tabs on this, I'd like to get out.
  14. Slammer 4500 on a 9ft rod should be nice & light. Or the Saragosa 6000sw