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  1. Now that the republicans shunned him, perhaps Roy Moore will return to his democrat roots again?
  2. The sorority sisters at harvard are not happy with this whole equality thing. . They say they are paying for the sins of men. I don't agree with harvard's policy, but they are administering it fairly for now. Do you think Harvard should cave to the girls and have different policy for men only groups verses women only groups? Should the girls be special but equal?
  3. Run Liz Run
  4. Squidwontons was shaking like a f@g eating a hotdog at the prospect of another Hillary run. Democrats are giddy they were able to beat a pedophile. the sky is the limit
  5. Roy Moore says he plans to use the ladies dressing room in forever 21 next to your 14 year old daughter. he's feeling feminine today. it's cool though, because gender is fluid. Liberalism is a degenerative disease
  6. I'm sure some guy whose name Anderson doesn't even know got a hold of his phone in some rest stop bathroom stall on the garden State Parkway for a short period of time. I'm sure it was an innocent mistake.
  7. I guess having a Jew lawyer wasn’t the political windfall the Moore’s were hoping it would be
  8. The media was pushing twitter to ban trump and the media sends out tweets like this.....
  9. No way CNN fires him. CNN is running ads promoting him and that other ***'s New years eve show where Anderson looks under the desk and asks Cohen "are you not wearing pants?" Complete hypocrites in this current climate. I think Kevin Spacey produced the ad campaign
  10. Anderson Cooper's twitter account was hacked. So he says.
  11. The Dems are putting in a former planned parenthood exec and former campaign manager of Walter Mondale.
  12. You guys are mean. Lucy Link is probably a fine catch.
  13. When does the first republican lawmaker call for his assassination?
  14. When does the first republican lawmaker call for his assassination?