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  1. 4 legged variety.
  2. 2 guys in WA State got attacked by a cougar this weekend. One got ate. Other ended up in the hospital. i wouldn’t do whatever they did
  3. You dismissed every non white country as being not developed. You dismissed Argentina as a developed nation. Keep cherry picking white European nations to push your anti gun agenda. its racist ps: your words...there are PLENTY” of non white developed countries, implying they have a lower murder rate than the US. list em. im still waiting
  4. CNN cares more about some inbred in London getting married than dead kids. I haven’t seen them discussing the shooting a whole lot this AM.
  5. They want to give away my rights but not theirs. Not one inch
  6. You are free to do so. Don’t go get searched. You are the one who wants to trade rights for a false perception of safety, not me
  7. You said there were plenty of non white developed countries, then ran away when I asked for you to list them. Plenty, your words. List them
  8. I see the media comparing this to Parkland, but this kid seems like he tried a direct copy cat of Columbine. Down to the trench coat and weapons, pipe bombs, etc
  9. Source is the AP
  10. So they know who the **** ups are? Rhetorical question. We all do. I don't think private schools are better. I think public schools could be if we were realistic about some of the kids that go to them,
  11. And right on queue, a 737 just crashed in Cuba, so once the anti gun zealots get done on CNN I'll have the pleasure of seeing Dick Quest screech his aviation expertise in a whiny British accent.
  12. they probably send the **** ups packing where the government sticks them in with the normal kids and hope for the best
  13. How many private schools get shot up? Why does this happen mostly at public schools?
  14. This is where they will say this doesn't happen in any other developed* nation. *by "developed" they mean a very small list of white European nations and Japan. It's dog whistle racism, but they'll deny it.
  15. they have the same rights as everyone else. We all do. What right didn't they have?