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  1. Yeah, you could hear it. And I wasn’t wearing headphones. Gross
  2. Tough way to start for the Celtics. If you haven’t seen it, Gordon Hayward snapped his leg. His foot was pointing the wrong way. I gotta think he’s out for at least the season if not longer
  3. Soros hasn’t paid the writers for the rebuttal yet
  4. What does snopes say?
  5. It was a nice fresh one. Next week when i forget it is there is when he will roll in it.
  6. They probably had a bitch session about what a sick bastard Weinstein is over dinner , then went off to the new Woody Allen film and gushed about what a genius he is.
  7. he was trying to eat a dead seal on the beach yesterday. I had to drag him away.
  8. No wonder the Obama administration blamed the Russians for the election. He and Hillary had personal knowledge of how corrupt they were. Barry and Hillary probably thought they had exclusive rights to the corruption and felt they got double crossed after giving away the Uranium
  9. I didn’t know sheep could laugh.
  10. Stick, but he’s not above chewing rocks on occasion
  11. Bill’s a rapist. I hope they get buried together in the same casket with Hillary on top
  12. It's Europe, are we sure she fell and wasn't helped by one of those carefully vetted refugees?