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  1. LeBron's mother would kick ingram's ass. Especially after a few drinks.
  2. Did slavery cause them to live in filth in Mozambique, or is there another excuse?
  3. As an outsider looking in, it seems that a lot of mental health professionals suffer from many of the same maladies they are treating. I'd bet most therapists are in therapy or have been
  4. you'd be amazed how animated some people get when you want to apply the same "common sense" logic /set of standards the left uses on the gun owners whom they hold in complete contempt to people/ activities they aren't so biased against.
  5. In some mental hospitals, you need a score card to tell the doctors from the patients
  6. She could have just stopped at "shut up".
  7. If you were a shrink and were going to be held accountable for approving a gun purchase for some guy you've known for 30 minutes or an hour and asked to certify they are not dangerous, what would you do? I know what I would do in that situaton
  8. We should do it annually. 100+ million psych evals a year. We will need to import witch doctors from third world ****holes to cover demand.
  9. Ok. I completely disagree. Ineffective at best, dangerous at worst
  10. It takes Doctors and paitients years of therapy to come to many determinations. I think you are nuts if you think some form of a required talk with a doctor is going to weed out many of these people. You know there is no medical test for mental illness right? Do you think this kid that shot up FLA is going to go to his eval to buy a gun and say he plans on using it to shoot up a school? he's crazy, not stupid.
  11. If anyone thinks forcing a person to go to a doctor(a doctor who has never seen or met that person before) for a talk(30 minutes?) and asking that doctor to determine if that person is potentially dangerous is going to work, well.....i don't know what to say.
  12. Now we are getting somewhere. You want psych evals for gun owners. Is there such a thing as mental certification? What is YOUR threshold? take Xanax, your are disqualified? One time test, or repeated? how often?
  13. What are you proposing Gami? Let's hear it
  14. Dinner and a show. Right in your own back yard