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  1. Liberal Liz Warren supporter punching an actual Indian exercising free speech. unhinged
  2. Straps is trying to get laid?
  3. What was 1000 times better under the Kenyan Muslim dog eating community organizer?
  4. Tried poached eggs this Am. Family of 5 so 10 eggs. Got side tracked as is normal so ate a good hour later than planned. Eggs were still great. I think I like this machine. One kid has plans tonight, so I have 2 cheap top sirloin and 2 porterhouse soaking now. I like the idea that I can sear them at. 5pm or 8pm and I’m still going to hopefully have what I want. So far, so good.
  5. McCain camp tweeted birthday wishes to Bob Dole. someone is still alive over there
  6. I thought she was Trump and the NRAs fault?
  7. What was she doing meeting with high ranking officials in the Fed and the Treasury department back in 2915 under Obama?
  8. 4 days no tweets from McCain’s account. Definitely a dramatic change in usage pattern.
  9. Ps. she holds a degree in economics from a bastion of liberalism in Boston id like to know how much SHE paid to attend and who she beat out for the spot at that $70k per year school
  10. A “buff , sexy black guy”(per eyewitness on CNN) was the gunman that killed a woman in a hostage situation in a LA grocery store tonight. Gami, can we use this murder to advance gun control legislation or is there some unspoken reason we can’t?
  11. You libs voted for Mrs Roper. IMO, we dodged a huge bullet. You pinkos willing to support the Bellevue escapee again in 2020, or do you want a fresh face? Who?