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  1. light'en up francis...i didn't that lew changed.
  2. have your mother or father cash it in ,if thats an option
  3. fixed it ,
  4. me to
  5. kid on the bike thought he was a bad a$$ ...he was wrong.
  6. Agreed
  7. ^^^big bush or wearing a cup^^^
  8. As spig said post them here 1st + no fee's. i've bought a rifle and hand gun from this site no prob.s at all.
  9. 7 SB's and 5 rings in the last 15 years makes me sad...
  10. great numbers by KC for will give them something to dwell on in january wile there watching the pats on TV
  11. prolly the pats worst game since the last time they played KC...i tkink they won a SB that year.
  12. i remember the last time KC beat us...
  13. but not you,for a guy who keeps telling pats to get over this and that you sure do say the same thing over and over...
  14. the blitz for six starts tonight...can't wait