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  1. not one of them were hand cuffed ?
  2. anything on the hallmark station
  3. thread says worst ticket...
  4. $1100 fine loss of lic. for 3 months...105 in a 45.
  5. thats one way to get the most out of that even missed the extra dots....i have days like that. it's amazing ,some days at the range same gun same ammo everything in the 8,9 and center rings some days can't hit chit.
  6. wow 43
  7. i just put a 600 pounder in my and 2 others .i put decking boards on the ground and 2 2x12's on the bulked stairs. with the door off we layed it on the decking and pushed it to the bulked and then slid it down. i hed it wraped in a moving blanket and went much better than i thought.
  8. Boon?
  9. ceader steak house is good $$$.Prime is very good $$$$$.
  10. i waited till i was 35 ,
  11. i remember "back n the day" fresh water season starts then salt season starts ,bow season, then muzzel loader then shotgun season and finnish up with the end of bow huntting...then the ice season got about trying to manage your time.
  12. playing tonight in prov.
  13. great job