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  1. Seconds if this falls through by any chance
  2. 10'6" or 11' ODM Jigster does it all Super Powerful.
  3. Im tired of checking it. I know it seems silly but I just want to lock it in place.
  4. Dumb question here. Whats best to use to glue/fasten a factory built 2 piece without compromising action? thanks
  5. Where are you located
  6. Troller is lightly used little hook swing $32 shipped PP
  7. Bone mag darter
  8. Goo Goo & Winch
  9. Prefer tge slim Jr but interested in any Franktown metal lip
  10. Black Bomber
  11. 28$ shipped?
  12. Ill take the LH raptor if you decide to split.
  13. Sounds good PM sent to arrange
  14. Offer 180 picked up on the Boga picked up? whats your location?