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  1. if the CCW is a J2 I will take it whats the length?
  2. Sold to Jim thanks man! Tight Lines! thanks Tim & SOL please close
  3. I fished it with 6-8 oz and heads 3 times. Performed flawlessly. I can never make the commitment to fishing bait, it just doesn't appeal to me as I thought it would.
  4. Any Offers before I close this down??
  5. 250 obo.... insane price
  6. Price Change 260 or Trade for 60lb Boga + cash or plugs...
  7. Bump final price change 275 or Trade for Newer 60lb Boga, VS Pliers, Costa Permits, ODM genesis 11ft 2-6, ODM NEX1
  8. right on man! nice stuff indeed. When I get my boat lets talk!
  9. Hey Scoob, Thanks man, I am looking more for a 60lb Boga, VS 7in pliers, Costa Permits...
  10. Happen to have any Franktowns or CCW J2's
  11. 60lb boga + plugs, VS Pliers 7inch,
  12. Ill measure when I get home tonight for ya Willing to Entertain Trades anybody have anything
  13. 24in from the middle of the fuji on the seat to the tip of the butt cap. Im located in monmouth county nj, but work in NYC
  14. Ill measure when I get home tonight for ya