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  1. Wait I just saw the one is a peanut Offer $60 shipped
  2. Respectfully Offer $75 shipped for both plugs...
  3. Please Close listing elsewhere Thanks
  4. ***Looking to Sell This Quickly*** 140 shipped Brand New In Box Lowrance Hook 4 Combo Unit Never Mounted or Used. Paid over 200 for it
  5. I have a Brand New In Box Lowrance Hook 4 Im looking to sell quickly.
  6. if the CCW is a J2 I will take it whats the length?
  7. Sold to Jim thanks man! Tight Lines! thanks Tim & SOL please close
  8. I fished it with 6-8 oz and heads 3 times. Performed flawlessly. I can never make the commitment to fishing bait, it just doesn't appeal to me as I thought it would.
  9. Any Offers before I close this down??
  10. 250 obo.... insane price
  11. Price Change 260 or Trade for 60lb Boga + cash or plugs...
  12. Bump final price change 275 or Trade for Newer 60lb Boga, VS Pliers, Costa Permits, ODM genesis 11ft 2-6, ODM NEX1
  13. right on man! nice stuff indeed. When I get my boat lets talk!
  14. Hey Scoob, Thanks man, I am looking more for a 60lb Boga, VS 7in pliers, Costa Permits...