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  1. kind of like the TSA... pay minimum wage & you get minimum quality.
  2. Don't know how I missed this post BFD -- I'm so sorry & of course we will add you to our prayers. As BC stated, I know your posts (much like High Plains Drifter's from years back) let many us give us hope & dreams when perhaps we could not fish as much, or where we wanted to. I also thank you for sharing not only your reports but also any info that many us asked of you along the way. Stay strong, we are all puling for you & hoping you will keep feeling the TUG for many years to come.
  3. Tons of choices.... the ones I have kept based on my likes: Colton Terrapin - really sealed with great CS/ warranty Colton CGR II - not sealed but lifetime warranty Ross CLA 4 - discontinued but can pick up on auction site. Allen Kraken - sealed + lots of backing Ones I got rid of in 7-10 wts. Orvis LA V Lamson Velocity 4 Lamson Litespeed 3.5 Teton Tioga Bauer M4 Lamson Konic 4 Solitude (by Edco) -- really, really nice but I had the V which was too big for my usage. Tibor Back Country CL Wide Orvis Battenkill Mid Arbor IV
  4. Ditto for sure,,,,
  5. check out Bob video's on tying his clouser -- explains each step & why. Great video & as Steve mentioned, the eyes ( bead chain or dumb bells) are tied farther back than most folks realize. I go back to that video every so often as clouser's (& clouser variations) have been my most productive flies.
  6. Lots of comments & I did not read them all so apologies if someone already mentioned it BUT one thing that is often overlooked is if you are wading (waist high) or on a boat / shoreline. At least for me its is a HUGE difference in distance. Of course everyone's mileage vary as I saw in person a Bahamian guide cast 100+ ft while sitting on the ground.
  7. Mediocre? You are being kind ... worst June for our group that any of us remembers.
  8. Worst June we can remember....
  9. Clousers.... end of story.
  10. Absolutely -- & the Mad Scientist will work up synthetics for your specs if he can. Great stuff at really cheap prices.
  11. All wrong... you need a "me too" theme with liberal amounts of GLBT & left wing issues while bashing conservatism & the NRA. Surefire hit....
  12. Biscuit -- I love your avatar.
  13. I see legalized marijuana coming so they can tax that as a new source of revenue. Of course, they won't reduce spending....
  14. They'll reap what they sow.... good for SA!
  15. Careful with the head weights the Orvis lines tend to be (like SA) to the standard weights, unlike Rio & Airflo.