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  1. Gonna be a long year for the giants. Longer for the jets.
  2. Poosein
  3. Pilon is like 50 cents a pound. Love it.
  4. 50 bucks she wove a tapestry of racial slurs the second she got back in her limo.
  5. All this proves is that partisanship is more important than the rule of law. Even to lawyers.
  6. Can I plea the 5th as a witness? But seriously, with regard to these credit reporting agencies, i dont recall ever giving my consent for them to have my information, which is 50% guaranteed to have been compromised. By whose authority are they able to obtain this sensitive personal data and what if any recourse do we have if they allow it to fall in the wrong hands? Do we agree to allow em to have it when we apply for credit? I never read anything before i sign.
  7. Wiped out the computer in my Nissan doing that.
  8. I got the same response to corvette speak. I think it's time to get distant.
  9. He really is worthy of little more than our contempt.
  10. Mr. Gay Philadelphia. Also known as Mr. Philadelphia.
  11. Never assume anything is easy to change on a transverse mounted gerbil.
  12. Sometimes it happens by accident but should definitely be covered. Unless youre in philly.
  13. GoutMythsReport.pdf
  14. The photo attachment link on this website appears also capable of attaching PDFs. Follow the destination path and see, Mr. BM.