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  1. Ok not scummy but not in the best taste either. What really makes it funny is the dude was unscathed. Poor scoob lol.
  2. I dont know. Seems kinda scummy to me that anyone would post anything other than condolences in a thread like that. And even if not, scooby is one of the finest gents on here and he didn't deserve that.
  3. Im gonna just pretend that you got that reference.
  4. Whatever supports their twisted views. They are sick f***s.
  5. John thought pepe spelled peepee and got mad when he found out it wasnt about cock.
  6. What a horrible city full of nothing but jerkoffs.
  7. They both have vaginas so...
  8. Have the county deal with him.
  9. I really dont care. Do u?
  10. Like instagram "models". You're not a model, you dress slutty for the internet because you crave attention almost as much as frank.
  11. Youre not burning more than you consume. If you eat very little then your metabolism is prolly pretty slow.
  12. Trump will burn in hell for doing this.
  13. I care more about the Supreme Court than some stupid wedge issue like staged photos of kids in cages.
  14. Best way to restore a british car: stuff it with japanese parts.