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  1. How bout you get in some range time before you embarrass yourself worse.
  2. I once made an uptight greek throw real punches at me from breaking his balls constantly for like 3 days straight. It's one of about 10 times ive been physically attacked because of my mouth lol.
  3. So when this ban proves to be stupid and ineffective (this latest shooter didnt use one) what do we ban? Maybe someone needs to take a hard long look at what's going on in these govt schools.
  4. I wouldnt do it. But im glad someone did.
  5. He really doesnt know lol
  6. Haha nice job describing the dem party there. You left out the torching of women and children part though.
  7. Sweat
  8. lol good shoot. Tough chicks dont exists outside tv or movies. Now go make your man a sandwich
  9. Anything to keep Garland off the SC.
  10. That's a daimler jeep not a fiat jeep you neanderthals
  11. Maybe it's my ****in browser but does the software, after making me resize a photo for use as an avatar which is a pain from mobile, then blow the photo out of proportion, making my hard work into a mockery of everything Ive ever believed in. The forum overview looks ok but the from within the thread is where it appears as if Tim is saying eff your avatar and die in a gutter.
  12. The left should seriously consider being better Americans than most outsiders. That would go a long way in being included in the process rather than being disregarded and ridiculed as lunatics and traitors to the democratic way.
  13. Wanna see real collusion, let's have a look at the attempts to frame Trump. Now that's what collusion looks like.
  14. What occurred does not even qualify as collusion. 2 sides with mutually beneficial interests stomped out the real evil at work. War was averted and now the left is wallowing in insignificance. No one cares.
  15. Russians are better Americans than liberals. Both nations benefit from casting them aside.