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  1. I say yes. Despite the cries of genocide and such, the establishment of the new world gave liberal garbage a perch to spew their hate from. They should be thankful. Anyplace else, their hands would be sawed off for their behavior.
  2. Derricks needs the extra oil for lubrication
  3. Liberals shouldnt celebrate thanksgiving. If they were thankful they wouldn't be trying to turn the country to garbage.
  4. That is such a hick thing to do.
  5. Good call GB, they just got whitesnake there last week.
  6. I hope internet prices skyrocket through the stratosphere. The world is a much worse place today because of it.
  7. Bear in mind, none of things that neutrality was "protecting" us from had occurred nor were the intentions ever proclaimed. It was a solution to problems that never existed. Sold to you for votes lol.
  8. Now that's an idea. Bad rhamadan sweater party. Everyone gets red lobster gift cards!
  9. The gloom and doom predictions of an internet free of govt interference.
  10. Fnm says happy rhamadan.
  11. When was it free? Aside from never?
  12. SDF believes the fake news that comcast is gonna charge everyone 100 bucks to log onto SOL.
  13. The difference is, I love my island. There are no phonies or democrats on my island. And i woulda told santa, and everyone else to go **** themselves. Guide your sleigh? **** you, i hope it crashes into the ganges.
  14. Number 1 will always be Rudolph. Sends the worst message ever. Yukon Cornelius is the only redeeming factor.
  15. Im shocked that belmo hates billybob thornton.