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  1. I have the original (older version) of this rod, I love it for fluking off the beach. Does well with light stuff
  2. I use Pettit ECO paint on my aluminum bracket - it has been great.
  3. Selling for a friend, he prefers a book bag. Lol No problem Not looking to trade. $325 picked up or $350 shipped firm
  4. We can do that, PM coming with contact info
  5. Porgy limits have been around 50 fish for at least 20 years if not longer. You couldn't even begin to put a dent in that fishery with rod and reel. They are an infestation and need to be harvested as they do lots of damage to mussel populations. A perfect example of a sustainable fishery if there ever was one IMO. Tog are in serious trouble...I feel more people have switched over to togging in recent years as bass fishing became more difficult. They can't sustain the pressure as a SLOW GROWING species. Another big difference between the two species? One is worth around $10/pound and the other $.50/pound to a commercial fisherman. No surprise we always see pictures of tog with big price tags in NYC markets.
  6. 4 tube Flatlander surf bag in excellent shape - $350 Includes: removable "bucktail/soft plastic/eel" pouch & and additional removable tube (for water bottle or more plugs)
  7. I was actually getting ready to relist one. Will do $350 shipped to Rhode Island Pictures in the original thread:
  8. There's definitely some magic to working a Mag Darter "correctly" (as in how the fish want it right now) at times. I've been on both ends of that deal several times.
  9. You're quoting the wrong person. I am staying far away from the which hole to stick it into conversation currently going on. lol
  10. For those not feeding the meters...I want to say it was about two years ago when they first started charging for street parking in Asbury, anyway a lot of people were given $35 tickets including me. I would imagine they also raised the price of those tickets by now as they tripled the cost to park from just last year?
  11. Only for the dinosaurs that refuse to adapt and just blame their problems on <<Insert successful company name here>> (use to be Walmart, now its usually Amazon). There are several retail shops just in our area alone that have embraced technology and social media who are thriving while putting these old-school shops into retirement.
  12. RG Lures glider and Madd Mantis poppers
  13. Sorry Flounder didn't see the post notification. Yes, Paypal works. PM coming
  14. Hopefully this works:
  15. $45 shipped