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  1. There's definitely some magic to working a Mag Darter "correctly" (as in how the fish want it right now) at times. I've been on both ends of that deal several times.
  2. You're quoting the wrong person. I am staying far away from the which hole to stick it into conversation currently going on. lol
  3. For those not feeding the meters...I want to say it was about two years ago when they first started charging for street parking in Asbury, anyway a lot of people were given $35 tickets including me. I would imagine they also raised the price of those tickets by now as they tripled the cost to park from just last year?
  4. Only for the dinosaurs that refuse to adapt and just blame their problems on <<Insert successful company name here>> (use to be Walmart, now its usually Amazon). There are several retail shops just in our area alone that have embraced technology and social media who are thriving while putting these old-school shops into retirement.
  5. RG Lures glider and Madd Mantis poppers
  6. Sorry Flounder didn't see the post notification. Yes, Paypal works. PM coming
  7. Hopefully this works:
  8. $45 shipped
  9. Everyone has different uses for a boat, that's why they make them in many different configurations! If I was a commercial clammer driving 5 miles to clam in the bay every day I would have a 10 degree deadrise to roll less while working. If I was an offshore fisherman who just liked to troll around all day I would be in a 24 or 25 degree deadrise. 19-22 is an overall good compromise but ignore what it says on paper because each manufacturer measures them a different way depending on how they want to market them. Look at the bottom and use some common sense. Remember the heavier boats will normally ride better but come at a cost (more gas burn and less top speed usually). The best thing you can do is go on some test drives and sea trial before you buy (in nasty weather obviously).
  10. I have spent some time fishing on 23' modified V Parker and its a great boat on anchor or drifting. It does pound a lot and you definitely feel most of it being so far forward because of the pilot house. These boats will pound in very little chop even with trim tabs unless you slow way down. I own a 26 DV Miami but it would be unfair to compare it to the parker as it weights 2.5x as much. I do roll more in the water when stopped even with a wider 10' beam Overall I am very impressed with the Miami, the only thing it struggles with is short period swells.
  11. You got it
  12. Okay, yellow, vampire and blurple yours for $35 Closing thread down - will relist what is left in new thread at a later point.
  13. I'll do $35 shipped for 3 of the RM's jointed but that yellow/white one is not for sale. I gave it to a friend before I made the original post which is why I had crossed it off in the original picture that got lost. Good eye, lol!
  14. I would Just the three that were picture above - I'd do $80 shipped for the three fattys