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  1. Had a small nest under the poolside lounge chair. Thankfully the dog found it and not the grandson. Dog took 3 on the nose, she was pissed!
  2. And work sucks. Had a golf tournament this morning, then stopped in at a casual wedding reception for an hour afterwards. If my boss knew how hammered I am, he'd probably ****can me.
  3. Work. Polls the time clock for payroll, among other things. I wouldn't give a **** if it was a home computer.
  4. Sell me your old one. How many gigaflops does it run?
  5. Eff Eddy and boot loop 'puters.
  6. Obviously
  7. Would bang.
  8. 70% is an accepted figure. Crabs can eat the other 30.
  9. I'm not a c&r Nazi. It's not like I've never kept a fish before. A few a season get in my belly. I'd like the Capt to be able to catch some when he grows up.
  10. 100% of non released fish don't make it.
  11. Just that one. Looked twice the size of the 35 I caught last week.
  12. Didn't get an actual weight. Looked 70ish. Released to catch another day.
  13. She carries mine with her.
  14. Paypal sent. Thanks quan!
  15. Didn't know red was taking a trip up here.