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  1. On a high note, she's probably going through her share of Olympic condoms.
  2. If only one of these retreads could sneak into 3rd.
  3. eff Vonn
  4. I hope they boooed the **** out of her.
  5. That guy has my glove on, so I've got that going for me . . .
  6. Me neither, but they're probably still more common than that fluke.
  7. ErNiE, you should go after Atlantic halibut if that fluke gives you a woody.
  8. McBastard made an appearance in the school shooting thread.
  9. Both are idiots and 50% responsible for what happened.
  10. Wow, your copy is a lot better. Wonder why the Bourne PD isn't using that one? (the one I posted was theirs)
  11. Guy looks a little sketchy to me. I'm gonna say "push".
  12. All for a fricken goose. Damn things are nearly inedible.
  13. I'll have to try that next time the cops or the game wardens are looking for me.
  14. So it's a Liberty?