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  1. Pulled my Mass trailcam memory card yesterday. First video was a squirrel, second a coyote trotting by in the dark. No deer on it. Coincidence? I think not.
  2. My cousin and 4 of his friends hunted a week up there and no one saw a single deer. I spent my 8th day in VT near the MA border this morning. Seen zip, zero, nada. Only VT deer I've seen was up near Stratton. Should head back up there this weekend but I've gotta work tomorrow night. I guess a last of the season daytrip Sunday will have to do. Some snow either place would be nice, but looks like it ain't happening.
  3. Pitt - 10 U Miami - 7 3rd Quarter
  4. Dammit - wrong thread
  5. I've got a Mojo with a replacement guide electrical taped on. That was my fix 3 seasons ago. Every off season I look at it and think I should attempt to wrap a guide on there, The thought passes though.
  6. Wife bought one a couple years ago for a roll-out kitchen island / prep station.
  7. I like whiskey and whiskey. What should I try?
  8. Worst part about going elsewhere for Thanksgiving - no leftovers.
  9. My boy is into the hiking thing big time. Didn't have turkey dinner yesterday until 8 because him and some friends were out somewhere. I can get you some spots if you're going out there sometime.
  10. That'll show him!
  11. Happy Thanksgiving jackasses. Another deerless morning , this time in my Mass treestand. Destined to stay even with Mikeeee this season I guess. Could've gotten a Thanksgiving turkey or two. Off to my Moms and then the Jenny's parents later on. Only 11 coming to dinner, fewest ever I think. The Capt' will be there so I'm sure he'll keep me busy.
  12. I watched it for the first time in a couple of years. They found a pile of rocks and shut down due to its archeological importance.
  13. I hope their paying you well for being their effing troubleshooter. Shouldn't the ad network fix their own ****?
  14. carbeaner.
  15. They've probably got one of each.