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  1. 2nd canal sailfish?
  2. From the Cold Case files. 25 years later police arrest Lisa Ziegert's killer.
  3. The 2 other guys I was tied with in the pool were dumb enough to pick the suckass Giants too. Won on points.
  4. Are good luck charm!
  5. So much for my pool win. I blame guest.
  6. Gave up 17 points in the first half to plays called by Jim Bob Cooter
  7. Win, and score as close as possible to 38 points combined.
  8. Boss Hog?
  9. Are you hitting the golf ball at a "pro level" as well? You could give me 100 golf balls and i guarantee I couldn't drive one 320 yards. I'd like my chances better of hitting a HR in 100 pitches from a pro.
  10. So a sure thing then. Did you go to MIT?
  11. That's racist!
  12. Tony's?
  13. Rav has almost as nice a selection as the NH Liquor Outlet.
  14. Works fine for me. Videos directly uploaded don't embed. You've got to d/l them and then play in your media player of choice. Gotta upload to Youtube or Vimeo for embedded playing.