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  1. I came across some gear I am trying to get some more info on. First is a matched set of Abel, Jim Bashline reels. They are a #0 and a #2. Looks like they are a matched set as they both say #16 of 20. looking online and the info I have come up with is limited. The second item is a Jim Bashline graphite fly rod. very little info on the rod and I can find nothing about it online. It is a 9.5 foot 7 wt. I am curious what these items may be worth. Thanks in advance for the help.
  2. Sorry, haven't been on here in a few days. It is a 9wt line. Was set up for the T-3 rod I am selling.
  3. or in the shop...nice avatar.
  4. Don't know, maybe you can ask somebody at happy hour tonight...
  5. Ok, I have been working at the local fly shop for about a year now and it is time for me to get rid of any rods / reels that we dont sell in the shop. This is all personal stuff, pictures available on request... both rods have been fished, but in great condition. St Croix has tube, no tube for the T3 1) St Croix Legend Ultra 9' 4 pc 12 weight with foregrip $265.00 2) Orvis T3 9' 9 weight 2 piece $325.00 3) Orvis 2008 ZG Helios Limited edition Battenkill LA #4 reel. Serial number #1 w/ 200 yds of backing and an orvis intermediate Wonderline. $200.00
  6. Due for an upgrade in a few months. Had a BB for 2 years and really like it, but I keep hearing all the rage about the I-Phone 4. My main concern with the I-phone is that even though I am 39 I text like a teenage girl and dont think I can get used to texting on a touch screen. Thoughts?
  7. ZZ top VanHalen Motley Crue
  8. What hook?
  9. Just out of curiosity what made you go with this one instead of the old tride and true Orvis basket?
  10. It really is not that bad, now realize when I say that I am not launching 100' casts and would not even try. These are meant to be fished off of jetties at night. The fish are usually right in the rocks. I do a kinda "wet fly swing" I will cast out in the inlet, let the fly swing into the rocks, and then strip it back. The cast portion of this is really anly about 40 to 60 feet, really more of a lob on a really wide loop. Thanks for the comments...
  11. Your work is truely inspiring. Keep posting...
  12. Here is a series of pics. of an eel pattern I have been fishing the past 2 seasons. When a eel goes into the rocks they will go in tail first and "feel" their way in. To mimic this the back hook is weighted to be 2x as heavy as the front hook. By doing this when you stop the strip the fly will sink tail first, just a eel trying to get to cover. These are around 12" long. I throw them on a 12 wt off of the jetties in my area. Front Hook: TMC 811s 4/0 Eyes: 1/4 dia I Balz Rear hook: TMC 811s 2/0 Weight: .025 lead wrapped on hook shank, 2 layers Body: Cross cut zonker strip palmered (3 used for this fly) Connection: 40# Berkley Big Game Mono & 17# Surflon wire Thread: 3/0 black uni thread. 1) Tie eyes on the front (4/0) hook Clouser style. I will do this step first on all the hooks and then epoxy the eyes to the hook all at one time. 2) wrap 2 layers of .025 dia lead on the stinger (2/0) hook 3) after cutting a piece of wire approx 26" long double it over and do a hand shake loop connection to the trailer hook. 4) cut a 14" piece of mono and attach to the top of the front hook. wrap up the shank then fold the mono back on it self and wrap back down, superglue. 5) run the wire from the trailer hook up each side of the front hook and tie down. Then go under the Clouser eyes, up thru the hook eye and fold back over the "nose" of the fly and tie down, Superglue. 6) tie the mono on the trailer hook using the "fold over method" same as the way you did the mono on the front hook. Now you have the 2 hooks completed and hooked together and can see the basic form of the fly. 7) clamp the trailer hook in the vise by the eye (this is so you can whip finidh after tying on the first zonker strip) tie the zonker strip in at the tail. Be sure to tie the srtip in on the right side. With the skin on the strip touching the hook shank, the hair must point to the rear of the fly. 8) now you will need to go to 2 vises. With both hooks in the vises start to palmer the rabbit strip up the hook shank and the connection. Be sure not to over wrap the last wrap, this will trap the hair under the skin and give a funny look to the profile. 9) as you use up each strip tie off and re tie on a new one, again be sure you have hair pointing to the rear of the fly. 10) palmer up the entire hook shank to the nose of the fly. Tie off amd whip finish.
  13. Nice. Always looking for an easy to tie crab.
  14. Yeah, hooked in the mouth. I really had no idea they would eat a 12" eel...
  15. Sorry no pics, just a story. On Thursday night my buddies and I were in the south Jetty Of IRI trying for Stripers. I was throwing my 12wt and a 12" black eel fly that I tie. Well 2 shorts and 2 and 1/2 hours later we were just about to pack it in and I felt the bump. A hard strip set later and I was hooked to something big. I gave 2 more strip/rod sets and we were off to the races. You may as well have tied your tippet to the bumper of your car and had somebody drive off at around 5 miles/hour. My buddie saw the bend in the rod and came over to check it out. The first thing I said it it doesent feel like a fish. This rig has a Ross Canyon BG 6 and this thing is not stopping. I am about 3/4 thru the backing so at risk of loosing the whole line I clamp the drag down. It is still pulling some, but I am gainging some line back. I finally get on the fly line and it decides to run out again. We do this dance 4 more times, each run getting shorter and the line recovery faster each time. Well 25 min and 5 long runs later I finally get on the leader and we can see an huge black stingray. It looked to be about 4 to 4.5' on the wingspan and the guys on the end of the jetty said it looked to be around 45#. once we knew for sure what it was I clamped the reel with my hand and popped the tippet. Not what we were looking for, but still very very fun.