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  1. Those are NMEA cables so I don't think it's unsafe, but damn it's sloppy. And I disconnected the radio that was formerly hooked up to those NMEA cables and the way the wires were connected I was shocked that the radio actually worked. Evidently the person who did the work previously operated under the "electrical tape, and lots of it" theory.
  2. Still trying to sell it. Not a lot of interest so far.
  3. The golden had surgery to get the mass removed. The surgery wet well and they got it out with good margins. Further testing on the mass revealed that it's the type of tumor that is least likely to spread or redevelop so his prognosis is very good. Everyone is relieved and happy about that. My electrical gremlin with the skiff returned. Turned out to be something in the wiring harness between the motor and the ignition. Harness replaced and all is good with the skiff. Been grinding out slow trip after slow trip on the downeast this summer. Most days the catching is good, but the keeping, not so much. We did put 5 keeper fluke in the icebox on the last trip, so that's a step in the right direction. One of the 2 VHF's was not receiving so I sent it in to Raymarine for analysis. Too much to fix, so I ordered up a new raymarine that replaced the older one thinking it would be a plug and play deal. Not the case. I have exposed some pretty shoddy wiring with the old radio that all needs to be fixed. Hopefully will be getting that done tomorrow. Taking the boat to Block Island for a week on the 25th so I want things to be in the best order possible.
  4. LOL... Bering sea bluefish...
  5. I understand toppers. But 40' seas? Come on...Even 20' seas is bordering on any kind of believability...
  6. Was at mavis getting a tire fixed and while I was waiting started talking to another guy there about fishing. He started to lose me when he said he caught mahi and atlantic bonito while trolling in the bay and then totally lost me when he said he caught one bluefish after another using strips of a torn flannel shirt for bait while fishing in 40' SEAS....
  7. Sorry about the dog Greg. You gave him a great life.
  8. Another nice biscuit on the Northern Girl today. 4-10 after being bled.
  9. The hook
  10. I do, boat is in Freeport which is western long island. Up to you whether it's worth the drive and fighting the traffic on the way home...
  11. The only caveat is that I fish mainly during the week.
  12. Squid would like fishing on my boat. This place is 20' from my slip. A nice day of ocean bottom fishing on a well equipped downeaster, followed by a cold pitcher of margaritas and a platter of sizzling fajitas delivered to the boat as we tie off the lines, what could be better?
  13. Squid, your profile should only contain 2 things... DTF NSA Anything else is superfluous...
  14. Nice looking yardbird Slacker. What temp were you running the webber at?