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  1. Slayer, my buddy had good ling fishing on the wrecks on the north side of the mud hole today.
  2. Sweet, fancy, moses...
  3. Took the boat out yesterday afternoon. Chasing reports of big bass to the east. Nearly 60 miles round trip for a big, smelly skunk. I deserve it for report chasing. Anyway, it was a very nice boat ride until I nearly got run over by a huge sportfish in the channel just outside of my marina, He passed me no more than 10' off my port side, pushing a 4' wake. I had no idea he was coming so all I could do was hold on. The boat took it pretty well, but I was a little shaken up. Just earlier that day, I slowed down for a towboat guy that was towing a walk around. So much for pay it forward...
  4. I hear ya about not trusting it. Float plan is a good idea. Probably a good idea anytime , regardless of vehicle reliability. I bought the wife a new Escape in 2001. Before we hit the one year of ownership mark, she went to start it one morning and it wouldn't start. Starter engaged, engine turned, but wouldn't run. Dealership takes it back, keeps it for 3 days. Couldn't replicate or diagnose the issue. We kept the car another 14 years, never had the issue again.
  5. Slacker, what's going on with your truck? No more starting issues? I used to tip the mates at the beginning of the day. Always got excellent service throughout the trip.
  6. Penzeys is great. Been buying from them for a long time. They had a retail location about 5 miles from the house but shut it down. Sucks because it was great to go in there and actually be able to smell the different blends that they make. Their fajita seasoning kicks ass.
  7. The rubendilla did not disappoint.
  8. Got a corned beef going in the crockpot right now. Plan is to turn it into a reubendilla. Jewican cuisine at it's finest...
  9. My kid starts college in 4 years. Better get that double anchoring system sooner than later. Thanks for the compliments gents, she is pretty and a great sea boat, but she doesn't seem to catch fish. I got the smell of skunk on me so bad right now, the dogs run away when I step into the house.
  10. It's on the list Tom...
  11. Got inspired by slayer's previous post about striper fish cakes so made a batch tonight using the last of the fish I had frozen from last season. Man were they good. But I am officially out of fish now which means I need to step up my game and start getting the coolers dirty.
  12. I drove the downeaster 20 or so miles into Jersey water this morning. Trolled the Sandy Hook channel edges, from there worked my way south to shrewsbury. Donated a mojo to the shrewsbury rocks, tried some live lining and ended up skunking out. Nice boat ride though.
  13. Black porgy We get a lot of those in NY when the sea bass season is closed I took my first vacation in many years and it has turned out to be one of the most unfishable weeks in recent memory. Hopefully, this coming week is better.
  14. Got out again today. Targeted species was striped bass, caught 1. Tried for flounder without success for an hour. Went back to the bass grounds, but by now the weather had turned ugly and we headed for the ramp at 10 a.m. So I'm 2 for 2 at keeping the skunk off, but have caught 2 fish in the same number of trips. Hopefully the big boat goes in next week and I will be able to catch my 1 fish per day in comfort.