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  1. Wow!
  2. You don't need to bait the fly to catch Black Sea Bass. I have caught them with Jiggies and Clousers in Nantucket Sound by dredging a sinking line in 15 to 25' of water. I have also come upon them up in the water column and sight casted to them--they like chartreuse anything. And I have seen them on top eating krill or something tiny and they readily took a Clouser or any smallish, bright fly. They can be fun and saved the day last week when the bluefish were scarce, but sea bass were all over. IMG_6879.m4v <--- I think if you click on that it will play a short video I took of "blitzing" sea bass...?
  3. I'm jealous.... Cape Cod blues are late this year...
  4. Awesome
  5. How did the Seigler reels do?
  6. The rumor on Cape Cod is that Sarah won the Long Cast Competition too? She's awesome I'm glad you had a good trip & thanks for the post & beautiful photos
  7. "Go West, young man" South side, Bass River, Centerville, Cotuit/PopBay/Waquoit area
  8. I have the GLoomis LHP 10wt--I got it last year thinking that I could practice my 2 hand overhead casting with it from the boat. I still hope to do that, but have not done so yet--just lawn cast it a couple times.... It is on my list of Goals for this season. I hope to get out Wed and look for bass & blues around the southcside of the Cape with it. I like the 10wt/425 grn head Rio OBS on it.
  9. I live on the Cape and keep my boat on a trailer and launch and fish from several ramps. I fish all around the Cape and MV, and make the occasional field trip to eastern RI also. I love being mobile and going to different areas.
  10. I think LLBean is not selling guns or ammo to anyone under 21 anymore. As far as I know, they are still selling guns at the Freeport store.
  11. Nice! Good call on the weather being lousy on the coast....
  12. I like the Rio OBS lines very much, but I have no specific experience with their S3 OBS. I have come to prefer the Airflo Sniper lines though. The Snipers have the same head length & weights as the OBS lines, but I find the Airflo running lines to be better handling and they tangle less for me. The Rio In Touch lines are great, but the Airflo is better, IMO. I think Airflo makes an 8wt Sniper S3 line—check the Bear’s Den site—they list all the Sniper lines. YMMV Have Fun
  13. I think Lamson and TFO are good places to start. And I recommend just starting with an intermediate line and seeing if you like fly fishing before you spend more money on more lines. If you do not have a fly shop close to home in Greece I recommend trying to find one in Europe or the States that has saltwater equipment and is accustomed to international sales and shipping. I know here in the eastern US Bear’s Den is a shop that could help you put together a rod/reel/line package and ship it to you. Just google “bears den fly fishing.” Have fun.
  14. Getting out to the east is a real problem from either Ryders or Outermost right now just because of shoaling and sand bars etc. And getting from Oyster River —the Barn Hill Rd ramp—and Stage Harbor to the east is very much in doubt also because of shoaling around the south side of Morris Is. I figure on using Saquatucket and having to go around Monomoy to get east this season. As an aside—I thought the Chatham waterways permit did away with the daily permit for Ryders? But, of course, you still have to park on the road... Screw Chatham. The town’s attitude really puts me off. I live on Cape and love it, but I go out of my way to not spend money in Chatham. If I go fishing there, I buy coffee & lunch etc. in Harwich or someplace else.
  15. Not sure--good question. The 10 rd limit on pistol mags in states like Mass doesn't bother me. And, yeah, I have a Glock in the safe. When I moved from PA I had 15 rd mags, so I gave them to a friend in PA and bought three 10 rd mags. No big deal. And centerfire rifles are more deadly than pistols and easier to shoot accurately, so I'll stick with 5 rd mags for semi-auto rifles. Huh? I was willing to do that when I was a county sheriff's deputy for a couple years back in the early '90's in PA and it would have been my job, assuming "my neighbor" was breaking the law and law enforcement had a legitimate reason for seizing property. It's not my job now. See answer to first question above I don't agree. Simple as that. But I do love the smell of fresh coffee. The second does not guarantee the "right" to own high capacity semi-autos any more than it guarantees the right to own surface to air missiles, or an A10 Warthog. Just like the 1st doesn't guarantee the "right" to scream "I have a bomb!" in the middle of an airport without being arrested. That's my (logical) point--if crazy people can get a hold of semi-auto rifles, they are too easy to get. And it's not one or the other--it's both. I think mental health care in this country should definitely be improved. And I think guns are far too easy for the wrong people to get. The US has tens of thousands more firearms related deaths than any other semi-civilized country. Assuming as a percentage of the population we don't really have more "crazy" people than any other country, I think a big part of the problem is that guns are simply too easy to get a hold of in this country. I don't think so Fair enough. I do call for a ban on semi-auto centerfire rifles. High capacity pistols with detachable mags are an issue too. See my first response at the top of this post. And I am about done. I am not arguing back and forth about guns anymore on SOL.