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  1. You're welcome BTW I have fished Sci Angler sinking tip line with a floating running line--it had a 25' head that weighed 450 grns--and it was fine for what I was doing--"dredging" for albies 15' to 30' deep, back from one of the shrimp trawlers in NC. But, like you, I prefer a sinking running line.
  2. I don't see a SciAngler Sonar Sink Tip with a floating running line on the LLBean site? Item #305314 is a Sonar Sink line with an intermediate running line. I've fished that line with a 400 grn head on my 10 wts and like it very much.
  3. My Uncle John is the man who got me into fishing almost 50 yrs ago now. He lost both his arms in a childhood accident--the right, high above the elbow, and the left below the elbow. It did not slow him down. My cousin--his son--or I would tie knots and bait hooks for him, but somehow he could handle his own conventional outfit. He could not cast, but he liked to bottom fish, or drift and chum for blues. He was amazing. And died of cancer when he was only 48--the world sucks and there is no justice. a photo from Ocean City, NJ, August 1968, my Uncle John & Aunt Dorie
  4. yes
  5. I wear the Patagonia sun gloves you see in my avatar pic. Very light and they don't get in the way--I have found that I do not like having leather or suede on the palms or fingers etc. I do wish they'd put a striper or albie on them instead of a tarpon--I don't care about tarpon I had a sizable squamous cell carcinoma taken off my lower lip about 12 years ago, and had to have reconstructive plastic surgery after that since the MOHS procedure took half my lip. Not fun. With all the sun burns I had as a kid, I'll probably have more issues in the future.
  6. Thanks for the info on the rod and the sale
  7. I have been thinking about getting one of those--thanks for the heads up
  8. Too many people do abuse the old "satisfaction guaranteed" warranty policy by demanding refunds or exchanges for obviously worn out and/or damaged items. I've seen people come in with slippers that were chewed on by the new puppy and expect an exchange because they were "not satisfied" that their dog could damage them.... All the new policy is saying is that there is a difference between worn out or damaged and "defective." With proof of purchase (and it does not have to be the original paper receipt) LLBean will still stand behind defective merchandise. And yeah, full disclosure, I work for Bean part-time.
  9. Terrific! Thanks, Jari
  10. The Eagle Claw 254SS is stainless, strong, has a large eye, and is what I used to use for teasers. It's also not very expensive.
  11. I think they were made into the 1980's or later. I bought one new when I was in the service in '82 or '83. They are cool rifles--kinda wish I still had mine...
  12. I don't have kinetic energy figures, but if you can calculate them from bullet weight and velocity, I can give you some figures. From a Ruger 1911 5" barrel-- Winchester factory 230 grn Hardball averaged 839 fps Remington/UMC factory 230 grn Hardball averaged 823 fps From a S&W 4506 5" barrel-- Federal factory 230 grn Hydra-Shok HP averaged 860 fps Remington factory 185 grn Golden Saber JHP averaged 1050 fps From a Glock 30 3.77" barrel-- Remington factory 185 grn Golden Saber JHP averaged 983 fps That's all I have on factory ammo--I shot reloads 99% of the time. And the data on the 185 grn Golden Sabers goes back to "the turn of the century," so it's not very helpful concerning today's factory ammo. But it does show the velocity you might lose in a shorter barrel-- less than 7%, which is not bad IMO.
  13. I actually have quite a bit of info from just my own reloading years ago--too much to copy it all here. What are you looking for? Target loads? Loads that match factory loads for velocity? Info on factory load velocities?
  14. I assume you mean .45 ACP? I did years ago when I shot a lot of handgun rounds in various autos and revolvers. Come to think of it, I chronographed a .45 Long Colt some too. I will hunt around in the basement and see if I can come up with the data and report back.
  15. I went Friday and enjoyed the new venue very much. More room and not as noisy. Saw all the "usual suspects," and particularly liked seeing all the different rod manufacturers, especially some of the new, smaller ones. And, of course, I enjoyed seeing the tiers, especially Jonny King and Bob Popovics. Thanks for posting all the pics, JohnP--they're great. I missed those little flounder flies--where were they?