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  1. Where is the pic i posted?
  2. Mike, Prayers sent for your wife and family. The Breese's
  3. Congrats Digger. See my formerly pickled brain did remember. Jim
  4. In, Will bring some of my wife's home made brownies and some of the amazing red potato and dill potato salad. Jim
  5. Nice job Hammerz. Jim
  6. 'Fished for one hour tonight from 8:00 to 9:00 P.M. inside. Caught one decent fish, well over 36". With the honking wind and rough water I decided on a large darter. Caught her on like my 5th cast. I thought it was a much bigger fish. It was making runs and pulling a lot of drag. When I finally got her in she was hooked through the meat of her shoulder, not the mouth. I had one other hook-up that I dropped, than bagged it for the night. Jim
  7. I don't know what everyone is bitching about. This weather is perfect conditions for a few spots I know. High tide at 8:17 P.M. tonight, [ Just after sunset ]. Honking East winds, and the big girls have been around for a few days. These are the conditions that bring them in real close. I re-trashed my shoulder fishing Thurs. and Fri. night or I would be out there right now. I don't know how often my Doc will keep shooting my shoulder with cortisone just to keep me fishing. Last shot was last Tue. and I felt great, but pushed it to hard Fri. night. For what it's worth, my biggest bass caught inside have all been caught on nights exactly like tonight. Neoprene waders and stormer jacket and your good to go. My wife is threatening me now because she knows I am itching to go. She keeps reminding me I need two working arms to make a living. Jim
  8. Thanks for your continued service on this thread Digger. Also congratulations on your upcoming anniversary. If I remember correctly we share the same day. I figure I'll congratulate you now in case I don't remember on the 18th. Jim
  9. ^ Nice fish!! Just back, 8 more for me tonight, Out back, On plugs, 1 keeper, 1 close, 6 assorted sizes from 12" to 27". Had to work a lot harder for them tonight. I think I wore out the cortisone shot I got on Tue. in my casting shoulder . Jim
  10. I would start with a large olive deceiver. I don't fly fish, but use them as my go to teaser with very good results. Good luck Jim
  11. Nah, He smelt like a combo of fried chicken, diesel fuel and Freon with a hint of Marlboro Red mixed in.
  12. In, I had a ball last year. This year I plan on mingling [MUGGING] more. There were a lot of people I didn't even get to talk to. I stayed in one spot. It was next to Red though . Jim
  13. First one on the board for me this year also. Out back 6:30 to 8:30, 8 bass, 6 shorts, I barley a keeper, AND A BEASTIE at 38". All on plugs. That's 7 more than I caught all last year. The rheumatologist shot my right shoulder and 2 knees with cortisone Tue. afternoon and by Wed. Morning I felt like I could dance. I knew where it was happening and went for it and am so glad I did. Jim
  14. That MF, er would be dead. I'll take my chances with a jury of my peers. Jim