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  1. Mike, Great to hear. Your wife and yourself have been in our prayers. The Breese's
  2. I'll take one of these. Please PM me your pay pal info. Jim
  3. And it sure makes "bearing arms", an extraordinarily dangerous thing to do... Not at all. You have to think entirely different if you are carrying. You have to think about the possible consequences of any action you take. He chose to get into a physical altercation while having a side arm on his person. Poor choice. Jim
  4. All involved acted incorrectly. When the gun fell out of the holster, your first reaction is to pick it up quickly, especially in an altercation situation. But with police on scene when you hear DROP THE GUN, YOU HAD BETTER REAL QUICKLY!!!!!! The police on scene had just arrived to see a struggle and a gun. How do they know it wasn't being fought over by the two or three involved in the scuffle? Sadly IT IS A GOOD SHOOT. Jim
  5. That's awesome. It happened to me once down in the Fl. keys. I had a decent cuda on a light weight travel rod when a large black tip shark grabbed it and got the hook. I had some fun, got towed around a bit, then cut it loose about 5 feet from the yak. Jim
  6. WOW, an a*s off between Big biscuit and MicAff. And the winner is us!!!!!!
  7. Thanks Sudsy for keeping this in everybody's mind and making it easy for us to contact who we need to. What do the numbers look like in the assembly? 36 to 4 is a nice margin in the senate. Jim
  8. chitala383, I just got home and they were both sitting right where you saw them less than 1/2 hour ago. It seems to be their favorite perch when not up in the trees. Jim
  9. chitala383, I drive that way home every day. Those eagles have a nest in the tallest tree on the right way of the spillway. This is the fourth year that they have been there. I see them quite often, many times right at the bottom of the spillway on the only stump that is there. Many people stop to photograph them there. Jim
  10. Well Gov. horse teeth signed 6 new anti safety bills today in NJ. Now the criminals who don't obey any laws, especially gun laws now have an even larger advantage over the law abiding citizens on our ****ed up state. I cant get out of this cesspool fast enough. Jim
  11. The 1977 Norton Commando. The one with the dry rotted tires . Jim
  12. Here you go Al. Light breezes whisper through the secluded valley. The mournful sound of taps echoes across the hills. Announcing the passage of a warrior, borne from this earth to a final reward befitting his dedication, courage and sacrifice. Six mourning brothers carry him to this place of finality Solemnly marching to the silent cadence of unheard voices Boots shined to perfection, brass shining in the sun Eyes straight-ahead, looking but not seeing, lost in remembrance. Draped carefully over the warrior is a simple piece of cloth, a flag. A shroud of honor reserved for those who fought to defend its purity. White stars resting proudly in a field of blue, alternating red and white stripes. America lost a son today, a patriot, a man of honor, and a guardian of freedom. Just a small piece of cloth, a flag, ceremoniously embracing a simple coffin. But a revered symbol of all that we have been, of all that we are, and of all that we will be. A glorious banner that bears the stains of patriotic blood from millions of its sons And proudly waves its promise of freedom to the oppressed. A small repository, six feet deep and three feet wide, sanctified by the Creator. Ground now made hallowed by the remains of an American son, a soldier of the flag. Freedom’s work is work that cannot be accomplished by cowards or dissidents. Only heroes pay the price of victory, the price of freedom, the price of glory. Guard you carefully this simple flag, this shroud of glory, this banner of the brave Let no man vilify this sacred cloth, nor disrespect its meaning, its purpose, its intent. For intertwined within the threads of this exalted standard lay the souls of patriots Who held it high in battle and sacrificed their lives to perpetuate its glory.
  13. "Which one ?" LOL The bad one. Jim
  14. That also used to be an legitimate landfill farther out on the point. They found the body of one of the local owners of a carting company [Sano, I believe] on the site in the late 70's. Jim
  15. Sudsy. WOW. I worked in the old Aeromarine main building back in the early 1980's. It was then owned or leased by Infernotherm Corp. It was actually one of my first real jobs. I was hired as an insulator and took an interest in welding. After completing a course through the Keyport Adult vocational program I was hired by Kenco in Keyport as a welder. I had my Bike wreck leaving Infernotherm on my way home from work one day. Jim