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  1. Mixed reviews on the Ribb mini bull. Some guys use them and love them. I've tried one several times and thought the plain recreational rake did better. YMMV. Here's my Ribb custom rec rake.
  2. I miss the Brewster Sportsmen Club sea clam pie.
  3. They look ok to me.
  4. I smell a Christian Fauria joke.
  5. Brian, I always found a couple days either side of Mother's Day was kick off time for the first run of fish.
  6. Bernie, Thanks for the heads up on the grow bags. As for the hay bales, we've used them for several years and the results were excellent. We've done tomatoes, cukes and cantaloupe. It's best it you set the hay out and allow it to get wet and soften for a few weeks before planting. We did as you described, except in the hollow, we added a couple spades of loam and cow manure.
  7. Ah ha. Good to know, thank you. Now when you say fail, will they last a season, or breakdown during the summer?
  8. How about the Miller River? I think it's in Royalston. I've never fished it, but know guys who do. It has a trophy brown trout fishery. A while back I was in contact with the president of the Miller River fly fishing assoc, and he sent me a pamphlet he put together describing the entire fishery. This river was once the most polluted in the state. It's no longer the case, but it's recommended you not eat any fish from there. Google it, there's a lot of info.
  9. Has anyone tried 5 gallon poly bags for tomatoes? I grow my tomatoes in buckets, and have it down to a science. However, many of my buckets have seen better days and need to be replaced. I saw a gardening show a month back, and this guy from Jersey had amazing success with these 5 gallon poly bags. They're cheap, reusable. Anyone tried them?
  10. The plug in question is undoubtedly a pencil. Aside from the fact is was made from balsa with some sort of epoxy finish, it's design was that of a pencil. Originally designed by Stan Gibbs. IMO it matters not at all what a plug is made of, so long as it conforms to the basic configuration of a pencil popper. The same applies for jigs. Most are tied with bucktail. However, if the same jig was tied with synthetic hairs, it's still a jig. As for how different materials allow a plug to sit in the water. Speaking strictly for myself, the most important factor of any plug is that it cast well. Being able to consistently launch a plug 80-90 yards and accurately drop it right on a breaking fish is the most important thing. Many times I find a loaded Cordell fished several feet below the surface is more effective on breaking fish that a plug fished right on the surface.
  11. I won't add a piece of lead. I'd use a premeasured amount of birdshot. I'll bet 7/8-1oz would suffice.
  12. Didn't realize that. So the big discovery is still pending.
  13. They're still promoting it as the hottest reality show on tv. Wonder what that says about reality shows? Last night was the pits. I imagine ratings plummeted.
  14. Was polite to someone after they crossed my line for the third time.
  15. And now the Laginas are promoting their new series. The Curse of Civil War Gold.