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  1. The same thought occurred to me. Samuel Ball's outhouse.
  2. Bones are from two separate people. Imagine finding Jimmy Hoffa and Adolf Hitler in the same hole.
  3. Beginning on my first outings in May, all my jigs from the previous season begin to fall apart due to glue failure. Some on the first cast. Super glue, though very strong has a somewhat short lifespan. Most can be reglued and fixed with a zip tie.
  4. Not looking to belabor this Carl, but in this case you're wrong. I'll explain. After a 20 year hiatus Andy Mamaty returned to canal fishing in the summer of 1974. My junior year of college. I was introduced to him by my old friend Win Shaw on Bell Rd. Andy was using eel rigs from the late 1940s and 1950s. They were only 2oz and had steel hooks which rusted. Being a perfectionist, Andy said he would improve on this. Within 2 weeks he returned with a single hook prototype of an eel rigs, and the bucktail jig head shown in the photo. He made both molds from block aluminum and a Dremel. Both lures had z nickle hooks. The only person Andy consulted with was his brother Al, because Andy was essentially making these lures for he and his brother. Andy didn't even know Stan Kuzia at this time. Perhaps a couple years down the road they may have worked on jig designs. But those initial designs were Andy's and Andy's alone.
  5. Chuck, That group photo with Frank Wooler blew me away. Besides the fact he was an amazing fisherman, he was also an avid bird hunter. He wrote a couple books on the subject. When I was a kid I had the opportunity to work with Frank one weekend moving Paul Kukonen's shop on Green Street Worc after a fire. Paul gave me nothing for my efforts. However Frank gave me an autographed copy of his book on ruffed grouse for my efforts.
  6. In this case the rumors are true. I not only have the jig heads shown in the photo, but also the modified Upperman's. Both are highly effective and are used on a regular basis all season.
  7. The jig on the left was originally designed by Andy Mamaty in the mid 1970s.
  8. Yes, just below BJs.
  9. Rrbf, You'll appreciate this. The other morning Charlie and I got up early and got coffee and drove to the boat ramp at Eddy's Pond. We're sitting there in the pre Dawn and it a dead tree to the left of the ramp were 3 bald eagles. 2 juveniles and a mature male.
  10. Bernie's not kidding.
  11. Rrbf, I'd really enjoy that. Let's plan on it. I'm in Auburn, aren't you close by?
  12. Everything's fine and thanks for asking. Been bird hunting all fall. We'll be spending the next couple months in Worcester. My sil has some serious medical issues coming up my my wife and her other sisters will be taking turns helping her.
  13. I'll add my $.02. Both my favs are also on Shrewsbury Street. Mac's Diner, and the Wonder Bar Restaurant. Mac's has been around for over 60 years. Veal parm, veal pictata and shrimp puttanesca are standards. The bread is homemade. Mac's is BYOB. Fri and Saturday lines are often out the door. The Wonder Bar is just up the road. It's the closest thing to an old neighborhood Italian restaurant as you'll find in Worcester. Excellent red sauce. Veal and chicken parmesan are great, as are the mussels. Many consider their pizza the best in the city. I second Belsito's for subs. I bought some subs there the other day. The eggplant/meatball combo is worth the drive.
  14. You brought a smile to my face brother Joe. I haven't heard that term since business school.