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  1. That was the other problem. There were no fish around last night.
  2. I think you're talking about Sandy's friend Eddie. Eddie was quite a guy. Lied about his age and joined the Marines at 17, and ended up in the fierce Battle of Tarawa.
  3. I'm with you on this. I can't believe Ma F&W even allows such a practice. I seriously doubt anyone is eating these fish. A 30 pound carp is an ancient fish, and to just drive an arrow into one just for a photo op and some weird bragging rights, only to toss the fish afterwards seems wrong.
  4. Back in the day my buddy and I used to do some serious chunking in the canal. Beginning as soon as the fish arrived in May, right through Oct. Herring in the spring, pogies the rest of the year. We'd buy about 1200 fresh herring each spring from the town of Wareham, individually freeze them, then pack them 6 to a bag. Each morning we'd bring 2 bags of herring to be used as chum. Chopping them into fine pieces on our board then throwing them into the rip a few pieces at a time. We'd often get the fish feeding on the chum like trout at a hatchery. However, when we began incorporating pogy oil into our chum the results jumped dramatically. Chop up several herring then add couple teaspoons of oil to the gurry. There were times we had 20 pounders following the chum/oil slick right to our feet looking for the source.
  5. Impossible to fish. Wind is a solid 30-40. Tide isn't dropping. Bait's gone. Another hour and I'll be too.
  6. They've been around for decades. Very popular for surf fishing in Australia and Africa. Back in the 70s the Alvey rep demonstrated them on the canal along with one of their 15' rods.
  7. It's only been a few days. Someone may come forward yet.
  8. Not a soul.
  9. No 60-90 pounders for me last night. Hell, I couldn't even catch a 50.
  10. They do, but not as aggressively as mackerel or pogies. The other thing is Pollock are very soft and hard to keep on the hook.
  11. Congrats, and thank you for your service.
  12. Maybe, but on jigs? One more way for a fish to locate a jig at night in 35' of water?
  13. So you're saying forget the 50s, they're passé, I should be targeting 60-90 pounders.
  14. All kidding aside, over the years I've noticed on the nights I slather myself with bug spray, I seem to catch more fish.