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  1. Did see a fair amount of v wakes the last couple mornings. Was unable to identify. But nothing was on them.
  2. Hey, what can I say? His words not mine. His idea if a great vacation is to spend a week touring micro breweries all over NE. Personally, I have maybe one beer a year and I'm done with it.
  3. My nephew lives a mile from the Treehouse brewery. He also considers himself the consumate beer aficionado. He says that stuff is nothing but weasel pi$$.
  4. That would be a good name for a Treehouse beer.
  5. So many guys who got in on last year's month long blitz think they cracked the code.
  6. We don't ask dem kinda questions round here.
  7. I'm a big fan of original power pro. Never had issues with it. Last year I tried super slick. It sucked. Broke off a large fish the first night. I was pressuring the fish hard, but nothing I haven't done before. The line snapped with a resounding crack. I'm thinking, that's odd? Next night I inexplicably snap off 2 jigs. Ok, that's it. Next morning I went to a shop and replaced the 2 day old braid with my old fried power pro.
  8. If I were to guess, I'd say its a combination if cheap braid and your knot. 30lb braid is a little in the light side for tbe canal, and an improved clinch knot is not the best knot for braid. A polomar is the preferred knot. I'd examine the braid and look for wear. Does it seem fuzzy? If so, cut off 20'. But if it were me, I wouldn't play around with it at all. I'd just go and respool with a high quality braid and end the speculation.
  9. I like Bourdain, but I always felt there was a dark side we never saw. His drinking was off the charts. He never hid his heroin addiction. Actually quite the opposite, he almost embraced it like a badge of honor. He really aged the last couple years. I'm sure as time goes on we'll learn things about him that will surprise us.
  10. I still haven't made it there.
  11. The one on the left is one that Andy Mamaty designed.
  12. I heard he's also going to pardon bware.
  13. I'll guarantee you some do gooder will float the idea of feeding the seals contraceptive infused food as a form of seal birth control. Every time some cute animals overpopulates to the point it becomes a nuisance, this lame idea comes up.
  14. If you see someone fishing you don't know and decide to fish next to him, don't always expect a warm welcome, esp if there's ample room. One of the main reasons some guys fish the middle of the night is, they enjoy the solitude. Respect that. Also, should you decide to fish next to someone in spite of this, if the person says "you're going to cross my line and ruin my drift if you fish there", again pay attention. Chances are things will go downhill fast if you persist.
  15. You seem indifferent to the fact that what you suggest is highly illegal on many levels. If anyone is going to "zip it" my friend, it's going to be you.